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FIFA World Cup Russia Travel 2018

FIFA WC Travel 2018The ancient old city, Russia, which is not only known for its Vodka but all beautiful women. This time it is going to be bigger than that. For all the fans of football, cheer up! It’s time for FIFA World Cup Russia Travel 2018 to to take place. FIFA believes that football is more than a game which can unite people, inspire & transfigure entire communities.

Russia is all friendly & spell bind. The fans would be watching live matches and enjoying the vacation. The amazing time begins on 14th June 2018 to 15th July 2018. One full month of entertainment & supporting the teams with full vigour will be experienced in 2018 FIFA World Cup. Here are some facts the fans needs to know about FIFA Football 2018 in Russia.


All about 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

About FIFA matches in Russia 2018.

  1. FIFA includes 32 teams which take part in competition.
  2. Russia is automatically qualified for championship as the host country. Benefits of being a host!
  3. There are around 15, 500 volunteers across the 11 host countries for the FIFA World Cup 2018. The volunteers will help in media relations, letting follow protocols, transportation, assisting visitors & much more.
  4. If the fans are not in the stadium to watch the match, they can attend FIFA Fan Fest 2018. Spectators can have the same celebration feel at areas to watch Confederations Cup which includes performances by famous musicians, works of various interactive stands, and great activities, prepared by the 2018 World Cup partners and sponsors. The ambience will be leave you relaxed, comfortable & luxuriated.

About FIFA World cup Stadiums 2018.

The FIFA Cup matches is to take place in 11 cities and World Cup Stadium 2018.

  1. Moscow (this city will host the finals of the cup) : Luzhniki Stadium.
  2. Moscow : Spartak Stadium.
  3. Saint Petersburg : Saint Petersburg Stadium.
  4. Ekaterinburg : Ekaterinburg Arena
  5. Kazan : Kazan Arena.
  6. Samara : Samara Arena.
  7. Volgograd : Volgograd Stadium.
  8. Nizhny Novgorod : Nizhny Novgorod Stadium.
  9. Saransk : Mordovia Arena.
  10. Rostov-on-Don : Rostov Arena.
  11. Kaliningrad : Kaliningrad stadium.
  12. Sochi : Fisht Stadium.


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Capacity of FIFA WC 2018 Stadiums.

Capacity for FIFA World Cup stadiums 2018 details.

  1. Luzhniki Stadium : 80, 000 seats.
  2. Saint Petersburg Stadium : 67, 000 seats.
  3. Fisht Stadium : 48, 000 seats.
  4. Ekaterinburg Arena : 45, 000 seats.
  5. Kazan Arena : 45, 000 seats.
  6. Nizhny Novgorod Stadium : 45, 000 seats.
  7. Rostov Arena : 45, 000 seats.
  8. Samara Arena : 45, 000 seats.
  9. Mordovia Arena : 45, 000 seats.
  10. Volgograd Stadium : 45, 000 seats.
  11. Spartak Stadium : 42, 000 seats.
  12. Kaliningrad stadium : 35, 212 seats.

 Passport to FIFA 2018

Coming to Russia and all about Passport & Visas.

  1. Although, the preparations for visa-free entry to Russia is done five months prior to the FIFA world cup.
  2. The fans that want to go for FIFA matches in Russia can get tourist visa or can also have Visa-free entry.
  3. Original passport should have at least 2 empty pages, it should be valid for at least 6 months before the Visa ends.
  4. YOuhave  in Russian or English language. The type of visa is in accordance of the country.
  5. The easy or the better way is to get private visa if you have friends or relatives in Russia. Submit the documents to territorial department of the Federal Migrating service of Russia Federation.
  6. If the whole family is coming, the children’s application will be included in parent’s passport & visa. If the child has his own passport, then all documents have to be submitted and a separate visa will be made.
  7. We love our pets and cannot leave them at home alone. Well, good news is that you can bring maximum two along with you by just bringing the Veterinary prescription of pets and by paying for the extra carrier and by fulfilling other requirements.
  8. Keep yourself insured which is necessary to get visa. The insurance will cover all medical transport & dental aid.
  9. The fans attending the competition will get the FIFA World Cup 2018 FAN ID and one can get its benefits which we are going to let you know.


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FIFA Ticket

FIFA 2018 Fan ID & Football tickets in 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

Football tickets in 2018 FIFA World Cup has four classes where the first is the most expensive and for the best seats, the second & third are for outside the first zone and fourth are at affordable price which can only be purchase by the residents or people staying in the country for a long time.


Benefits of FIFA World Cup 2018 FAN ID.

  1. The fans have all the perks of being a spectator at the FIFA.
  2. Roam around to the host city for free, you just have to register for the train on official website.
  3. You can visit the host cities by air, by rail, by bus and by sea at some places for free.
  4. If you like to drive through the host cities, that is also an option by renting a car but knowing all the Russian traffic regulations must be read thoroughly. It includes the type of roads, toll roads, pay parking at host cities and what the lights signify.

Stay in russia

Stay in Russia for FIFA World Cup 2018.

  1. The fans should book the accommodation as soon as possible.
  2. The options to stay are at Hotels, Mini-Hotels, Hostels & Apartments.
  3. Major Hotels chains in Russia are Radisson, Hilton, Accor Group, Marriott, Sheraton, Kempinski, and others with high standards.
  4. If it’s not a family but friends group going to enjoy, the hostels are the most budget friendly stay option. There are separate rooms for males & females with multi-berth rooms. Most of the hostels have fully furnished kitchen & complimentary water, tea, shared restroom & shower, room with TV, lockable safe box & washing machine.
  5. Apartments are a good idea if you are travelling in a large group or with family. You get your own kitchen, room and space. You get to look at the city as a local resident.


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Travel Russia for FIFA

Travel in Russia for FIFA WC 2018.

  1. Travelling and roaming to experience the city is fun and easy. The country has metro throughout, bus, trolleybus, trams & taxis for convenience.
  2. If you are renting a car, you ought to have knowledge of the rental terms, insurance policies and details regarding your license.

FIFA Stadium Russia

Attending FIFA World Cup matches in Russia.

  1. The FIFA world cup 2018 schedule is set in different cities of the country.
  2. The stadiums will leave you amazed and on the top of the world. This is such an important & large event that you will be able to realize it by getting into the stadium. The full flashing lighting, the ambience with all FIFA Fans crowd will leave the best mark on your mind.
  3. The FIFA stadium is a place of euphoric experience and hence with a large amount of crowd needs to follow the instruction so that everything goes right. The instructions including not to bring any weapon, spraying material, food or beverages, work tools, pets etc.

Apart from watching World Cup in Russia.

  1. If you have gone to Russia just for World Cup, traveled too much, read the instructions thoroughly as not to make mistakes, taken the luggage and has done all the hefty and ponderous work. It is the time to feel feathery & light.
  2. Get ready to feel the essence of Russia and enjoy the places you can see when you are free from matches. After all, this might be your one and the last chance to visit the country.
  3. There are some places you can visit in Moscow which are worth watching.

Moscow Metro

  1.   Mosco Metro.

If you think to travel by taxi, rather take metro in Moscow. The metro is so beautiful & vibrant that it totally looks like a museum due to its fascinating decorations and rich looks.


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Russia Eternal Flame

2. Eternal Flame.

The Eternal Flame, also known as Tomb of the unknown soldier, is a Russian honor guard as one can experience in India gate. Ring any bells? Yes, we are talking about ‘Amar Jyoti Jawaan’. Have a free walking tour to get to know all about the attraction.


Saint Basil Cathedral Russia

3. Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

This is the most famous Church because of the colourful onion domes which are brightly painted which attracts people alot. It is said that the Ivan the Terrible had cut out the eyes of the architects who made this church in 16th century. Again, similar to the incident which matches Taj Mahal in India where Shah Jahan had cut out hands of the architects so that no monument is made thereafter.


Zaryadye Park Russia

4. Zaryadye Park.

Zaryadye Park is an urban park which has a good and watchable landscape. It is located near Red square locality only.It also has a floating bridge which has Ice Cave and 4D attraction called “Flight over Russia”.


Bolshoi Theater Russia

5. Bolshoi Theatre.

The Bolshoi Theatre is the iconic and the most important theatre which hosts ballets & operas performances. The Russian ballets are known for their highest standards in the world. Just get the tickets months before the performance where chances of getting inexpensive tickets are high. There are plethora of places to watch here. Prioritize and enjoy!


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Souvenirs Russia

Souveniers from Russia.

  1. Memories are the best souveniers, they say, but some things are to keep as a reminder of the time you spent cherishing.
  2. The gifts, handmade, carved & painted wooden items, crystals, gemsor or FIFA Russia world cup mascot are taken as mementos should be established to the authorities in advance.
  3. You have to show a copy of the document for proving the right of ownership over the treasures and that the mementos are yours.
  4. FIFA WC 2018 official Gifts shops opens at the host cities which will include World cup 2018 official mascot Zabivaka, the wolf with themed clothes, key chains, fridge magnets & much more for the interest of fans.



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Russia 2018

Trivia for FIFA World Cup.

  1. The tournament in FIFA Russia World Cup takesplace every four years, except in 1942 and 1946, when the competition was cancelled due to World War II.
  2. South American and European countries have won the World Cup 9 times and 10 times respectively. There has been no other continent which has produced a World Cup Champion.
  3. Out of all 20 matches, 6 are won by the host country, which is called home advantage, we guess!


FIFA Audience

The love and craze of FIFA World cup has crossed the boundaries and those people who love football are fond of the biggest global competition. The fans wait for the world cup for four years and the patience pays-off when they watch the matches passionately. The game is quick, entertaining, full of energy and full of team spirit that spectators enjoy it whole-heartedly.

Years have passed and the fans have made this sport as their passion and source of inspiration & FIFA World Cup will go on attracting people into it and when it ends, people celebrate for the winning team and look forward to the next FIFA World Cup. So, Good luck to the fans attending the matches in Russia and also to the fans who decide to enjoy watching at home by feeling relaxed. All the best and may the best team wins the FIFA world cup trophy!