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Benefits of Travelling Solo: Why it must be on your bucket list?

You might have travelled to different places with your family and/or friends. But have you ever given a thought to solo travel? Some of you probably might have considered it and could be planning your very first solo travel, while others still might be struggling with “convince the parents” part. If you are someone whose family is not convinced with travelling solo and are worried about the safety aspect, then you are not alone. Contrary to what people think solo travelling is not that boring or dangerous as they make out of it.

Travelling without a companion is not as uninteresting as it might appear to some people. It rather opens up a number of opportunities for you and unleashes the wanderer inside you. Here are some pretty straightforward and solid reasons why solo travel is beneficial for you. If you are someone who wants to discover yourself in the literal sense, then solo travelling is definitely worth a mention in your bucket list.

  • Flexibility of plans: One of the best parts of travelling solo is that you can change your plan anytime you want. You don’t particularly have to stick to a schedule and then follow it religiously. That’s the great thing about solo travelling. You can simply pack your bag and go anywhere you like.
  • Full control over finances: Another great thing about solo travel is that you will learn how to manage your finances. When you take a trip with your family, then you simply do not invest much time in thinking about finances. However, on a solo trip, you are all you’ve got and you have to figure out how to manage your money efficiently. This way you’ll learn the practice of money management that will help you in your future endeavors too.
  • Boost confidence: Travelling solo acts as a confidence booster as you get to experience things that are not possible with travelling with family or friends. Every experience you gain will pump up your confidence as there would be no one to guide you. You will be your own guide and handling the logistic problems and other issues all by yourself. You can figure out your weaknesses and work towards it. Solo travel gives you the strength to deal with the messes in your life. Moreover, you’ll be ready to deal with the unknown.
  • Self-discovery: Solo travel is a great option for you if you want to come out of your shell i.e. comfort zone and figure out the life you want to lead. The journey you’ll make will lead you to self-awareness and independence that can’t be achieved anywhere else. Self-discovery comes with the sense of achievement, through which you can make better choices for you and become a problem-solver.
  • Improve mental health: Solo travel not only gives you a sense of achievement but also improves your overall mental health. Our city life is pretty hectic and we as a human usually pour out our frustrations on others leading to distress. Travelling solo is a great escape from the hustle and bustle of cities and a way through which you can well manage the stress. By travelling solo, you can realize your self-worth and inner strength that comes with it.
  • Break from technology: Solo travelling can actually be a rewarding experience in terms of detox from technology. Excessive reliance on technology has drifted people apart and made the communication gap larger than it was before. Solo travelling is one way to fix the addiction of technology or technical gadgets.  Losing yourself in the arms of nature and the feeling of ultimate bliss will definitely shape your personality even better than before. If you are someone who wants to be the best version of yourself, then there is no better way to do that apart from solo travelling.
  • Learn foreign language: Solo travel opens up the door of endless opportunities. This is true in the sense that when you embark upon a solo trip, you get to meet new people. There are times when you land into a situation where the locals don’t understand your language. This is one of the situations which can restrict your travel. The situation can be averted as you can easily learn the language from the local people and make the most of your trip. It will also enable you to get an insight into their culture and traditions.
  • Meet new people: Travelling solo, the thought can be frightening to people who are shy, and introvert in nature. However, one experience of a solo trip can change the entire outlook and personality of such people. Solo travel is all the more important for you if you are such a personality. With solo travelling, you can go beyond your limits and chisel out the best version of yourself. You will learn to know how to make friends, how to communicate with the locals and other aspect of travelling. In general, solo travelling can be one of the greatest experiences of your life and there are no doubts about it. Still need more reasons? Don’t make excuses and pack your bags today for a life-altering experience.