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Eccentric Deserts Safaris in the World You Are Missing| Best Destinations to Travel

If you are an adventurous soul who idolizes Bear Grylls, you are in for a treat. Since winters are almost ready to engulf the land, you might be thinking of postponing your travel plans. Why do that when you can embark upon a journey of a lifetime that is twice as much fun as your usual adventurous holidays. Now is the right time to ditch those clichéd hill stations and travel the unusual and offbeat paths that are equally enlightening and challenging. We bring you the best destinations for a desert safari around the world to make your winters all more exciting and interesting.  Come out of your cocoon and be the butterfly you’ve always wanted to be! Travelling these hot destinations will no doubt transform your personality and perspective on life.

Arabian Desert: Dubai (UAE)

The Arabian Desert might remind you of fabled Arabian Nights when you head for desert safari on it. It is one of the iconic places in Dubai swarmed with tourists throughout the year who come to relive their childhood and capture the surreal beauty of the desert. The glittering golden sand will take you back to the fictional Arabian city of Agrabah. However, you might not spot Aladdin over there but there are plenty of things to enjoy on your trip to this fantastic desert on the earth.

Hop on a camel and ride it like a nomad or take a jeep safari to soak the beauty of the desert. You can bash the dunes of Dubai, try out traditional Arabic costumes, sandboard, drive a quad bike, watch the sunset over the vast expanses of red sands, and enjoy a barbeque dinner at the desert camp and so much more that you won’t want to leave the place ever. The Arabian Desert is loved by tourists across the world for providing unlimited options packed with entertainment.

Thar Desert: Rajasthan (India)

The Thar Desert in Jaisalmer is undoubtedly one of the most glorious and best places to go for desert safari in the world. If you are on a trip to Rajasthan, desert safari in Thar is a must thing to do to beat the heat of the land. The place has a romantic aura attached to it that compel couples to give a serious thought about exploring the dunes and vast expanses of golden sand of the desert.

Moonlight dinner on the astounding patchwork of dunes, hills and gravel plains forms a romantic setting to spend quality time with your loved ones. Aside from that, you can also indulge in adventure sports activities including dune bashing, quad biking, parasailing etc to unleash adrenaline junkie inside you or simply ride a camel and enjoy the thrill. No matter what, you won’t have time to get bored on your vacation to this majestic place.

Sahara Desert: Africa

Exploring the largest desert in the world is no joke. But it is without a doubt one of the most challenging desert safaris that fit perfect for adventure freaks. Exploring the ethereal beauty of Sahara desert is as demanding as climbing Mt. Everest.  You have to be physically and mentally prepared for it or else don’t be surprised to see yourself faint in the burning heat.  Stretched across seven countries of South Africa, Sahara desert is a dream destination of many offbeat travelers who love taking risks and uncover less-travelled places on the earth.

Golden mummies, hot and cold springs, saltwater lake, breathtaking oasis are some of the natural treasures of the desert that shouldn’t be missed at any cost. Basking in the view of the sky at night with a million stars is an insta-worthy moment to capture in the popular Sahara desert. Desert safari in Sahara is not for the faint-hearted but is surely a trip worth taking.

Namib Desert: Namibia

The coastal desert of Namib is a favorite travel destination of wanderlusts who love desert safari more than anything else. Graveled plains, barren mountains, apricot-colored dunes, exotic species of plants and animals (ostriches, antelopes, desert elephants, gazelles etc) are breathtaking beauties of this attractive desert forcing you to simply bask in it all day long. Camping in the desert adds spice to your trip to Namibia. With plenty of things for entertainment from bonfire to camel riding, romantic dinner beneath the starlit sky to interesting conversations with the locals, a trip of Namib Desert is something you will cherish all your life.

Wahiba Sands: Muscat (Oman)

Wahiba sands are another impressive desert safari around the world that must be taken by every traveler for an enriching travel experience. Camping in the desert is a next-level of fun in Wahiba especially when luxurious camps are there to cater to all your needs. Outstanding bonfire, drool-worthy food, music and pulsating dance performances add excitement in the air. Despite being a desert, Wahiba sands have a thriving Bedouin community along with gorgeous flora and fauna.  No wonder it is flooded with tourists round the year.

Erg Chebbi: Morocco

The highest sand dunes of Morocco can be found in Erg Chebbi which is one of the best destinations for desert safari. Popular due to its high sands formed with the deposits of wind-blown sand, Erg Chebbi unfolds an ocean for adventures and thrills for wanderlusts. The desert can best be explored riding a camel rather than a jeep or an SUV. On your voyage to this sublime landscape, don’t be shocked to catch animals in action, rare plants and starry night fueling your passion.  Shutterbugs will find Erg Chebbi a promising place to capture the magnificent wildlife and desert.

Gobi: Mongolia

The great Gobi desert needs no introduction when it comes to a place where dinosaur species are frequently discovered. Popular for its singing sand dunes, barren mountains, rare animals (Bactrian camel and snow leopards), Gobi desert continues to attract travelers from every nook and corner of the world.  This vast desert is rich in natural resources like copper, coal deposits and gold to name a few. Due to its vastness, travelling around the area and seeing all the cool attractions can be quite challenging. But don’t let the word of caution change your travel plans. If you think that climbing a mountain is tough, you’d be in for a surprise when you try to climb the sand dunes of Gobi. The feeling of accomplishment when you finally climb it speaks volume about the daredevilness you might have thought Gobi desert tour requires. Witnessing sunset and sunrise from the Khongoryn Els Sand Dunes is something you will never forget in life.

Atacama: South America

If you often think of escaping the conundrum of cities and explore other-worldly landscapes, Atacama Desert is a promising destination that will give you the ultimate thrill you need to spice up your life. Witnessing the lunar landscapes of Moon Valley, sunrise and sunset over the glittering salt flats, natural pools of boiling water, mesmerizing lagoons, salt lakes with flamingoes, traces of ancient tribes etc are the things that cannot be experienced anywhere else. A desert tour of Atacama will steal your heart with its too-good-to-be-true marvels. Don’t forget stargazing in the darkest sky of Atacama desert, which is an absolute treat to the eyes.