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Reasons Why You Should Invest Your Time in Palampur This Year

You might have heard references to ‘Palampur’ in plenty of bollywood movies, but have you ever seized an opportunity to explore it? Being one of the highly underrated and offbeat tourist destinations, this tiny hamlet in Himachal Pradesh is no less than paradise. The raw and rustic beauty of this hill station cannot be explained in words alone. Adorned with pine and deodar forest, lush tea plantations enveloping the town and gushing streams passing by enhances the celestial charm of the place leaving your imagination run wild.  

We make plans to travel places to escape boredom and rejuvenate our soul, but seldom visit a place that in a true sense gives peace and relaxation. Palampur in this way is a destination that not only calm your soul but also makes you feel more connected to yourself, others and nature. Here are some reasons why you should drop everything and invest your precious time in this wonderland.

Strengthen your bond by planning a date at Neugal Khad

Palampur is a place where you can plan a surprise date for your partner amidst nature. After all, who doesn’t want to drink fine wine and spend magical moments embracing each other’s company in the lap of nature? No more clichéd dinner dates or movie dates, take your beloved to Palampur and feel the romantic air of the land bringing out the Romeo and Juliet inside the two of you. A sweet and simple picnic at Neugal Khad will also work like a spell. Get ready to be showered with profound love and kisses in this talismanic place.

Let good luck and fortune enter your life with the blessing of Lord Baijnath

One of the reasons why you should be thinking of travelling Palampur this year is to seek the blessing of Lord Baijnath (Lord Shiva) who is known to fulfill everyone’s wishes. Legend has it that Baijnath temple is the one where Ravana worshipped Lord Shiva day and night to gain immortality. The architecture of Baijnath temple resembles Jagannath temple in Puri. The serene ambiance of temple is bound to heal your wounds.

Indulge in pottery-making and relive the good old days of simplicity

Have you ever taken time off your busy schedule to enjoy simple things in life? We know how hard it can be to make time for things that are not even our priority. No matter the smart inventions we humans create, the modern we behave or keep connected to the world through electronic gadgets, the feeling and fun you get in enjoying cheap thrills of life is something out-of-the-world. This remarkable feeling can be explored in Andretta (a small town 19 km away from Palampur) where you can try out pottery-making and create your own masterpieces. Believe it or not, Palampur is not just another travel destination.

Head the call of Tea plantations – A Treat to Your Eyes!

The chief reason why people love travelling offbeat destinations is that they get to explore and unearth things that were hidden from the world. Palampur is famous for its lush tea plantations which soothe one’s eyes and the greenery cast its spell on you.  Lose yourself in the pleasant aroma of tea leaves and sip as much as cup of hot tea you want. You can also capture the fine process of tea making and brewing. The magnetic charm of Palampur will keep calling you.

Cure yourself of any disease with the herbal medicines in Saurabh Van Vihar

If you are tired of visiting hospitals that not only fail to cure your illness but present a long bill, the Palampur is the place where you should be heading right now! Saurabh Van Vihar in Palampur is home to some of the unique medical herbs that are known to cure the most stubborn disease. Intrigued much? Try it out and let us know if the rumors are true or not?

Set your adventurous soul free in Palampur

The stories about Palampur being a hotspot for adventure junkies are not a myth. With the perfect landscape and promising hills, Palampur is a dreamland for all paragliders and trekkers. The hilly slopes of Palampur are ideal for mountain biking, and there are plenty of things one can do in this tiny jewel of a place. You can go for a nature walk, watch birds chirping, explore the café’s, gorge upon drool-worthy food and so much more. Even if you don’t fancy these things and want a laid-back holiday, then you can simply spend your day reading a book or two.

Devour finger-licking food to enhance your taste buds

Another reason to travel to Palampur is to challenge your taste buds and gorge upon the appetizing food served by the teeny-tiny cafés. Not many people know this but in Palampur, you can actually eat some of the amazing food and snacks in the whole country. Patroda, braha flower chutney, lungru pakodas are the must-to-eat food when in Palampur. Do not be shocked to find yourself licking your fingers when gobbling these yummy dishes!

Aside from these reasons, there are many luxurious hotels there where you can get spoiled by the hospitality of the staff. Some of the high-end resorts and hotels are owned by the royals of Jammu and Kashmir. If by any chance you spot one, seize the opportunity to click a picture or have a casual conversation about their history. Palampur is indeed an unusual place to think about life in the calm of nature. No wonder you might get inspired and stumble upon good luck!