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10 Straight-Out-Of-Fairytales Destinations Every Globetrotter Must Explore!

Who doesn’t love fairytales? They are some of the best memories of childhood. The ones where you must have desired to visit such places in real life. Well, believe it or not, but these magical places do exist in real! Like a hidden treasure, these bewitching destinations weren’t explored much by travelers and tourists. But thanks to the internet, wanderlusts today are trying to add as many places as possible to their travel list. After all, you’ve only got one life. Why not do everything you had ever wished?

Our earth has plenty of places that look like they are plucked straight out of children’s books. Without further ado, let’s get lost in the absolutely breathtaking (literally!) fairytales places on earth. Add these destinations to your new year’s bucket list and unfold a new beginning that is unlike anything you can ever imagine. These 10 postcard-perfect, insta-worthy magical places are going to rock your world!

Andorra- Barcelona

Andorra is a tiny independent nation sandwiched between the French and Spanish border with no army of its own whatsoever.  The place is swarmed with surreal natural beauty encompassing heroic mountains, snow-clad peaks, tumbling valleys, Romanesque churches, pretty mountain villages, bell towers, speckless streets and cemented wide roads that will take you back to the enchanted world of Disney movies.

Andorra is a place that is super-safe to travel and must be visited no matter what. The calm air, friendly people, nutella-loaded delicacies, and magical environment will make you fall hard for this place. There are so many things to do in this ethereal nation that you cannot possibly cover the best of Andorra in 1-2 days despite its small-size. From skating to shopping, skiing to sightseeing, hiking to devouring appetizing food, there won’t be a time you will be bored in this wee nation. 

Bavaria- Germany

An old town built around a large elliptical town square with gabled buildings, cobblestone streets, bodacious villages, dreamy castle, unique customs and traditions, cloud-shredding Alps, fertile Danube plain and hearty food describes the hypnotizing charm of Bavaria. The place justifies being known as one of the magical fairytale places in the world. Storybook castle poked right through the dark forest, flowery meadows and medieval buildings serve as a reminder of Grimm’s fairy tales. A walk through the forest and streets will make you lose yourself in the enchanting beauty of this eye-opening conjuring travel destination. Neuschwanstein Castle, Munich, Oktoberfest, Nuremberg, Bamberg are the key-attractions of the land which mustn’t be missed regardless of anything.

Mostar- Bosnia and Herzegovina

Infused with untranslatable feel-good air Mostar offers much more than being a chocolate-box idyll. Cobblestoned streets, stone buildings, enthralling landscape, gorgeous medieval arched bridge, tiny cafes, rolling river and pleasant weather make this place a truly straight out of fairytale land in the world. The key highlight of the land is iconic Stari Most, an old bridge that makes your imagination wild where you feel as if you are part of this beautiful fairytale that is going on and on. The compelling mysterious aura of the land is worth witnessing in this lifetime. Although you won’t catch any Rapunzel trapped in a tower but you can definitely catch kids and adults jumping from the bridge and enjoy swimming in the river, which is a perfect instagram-worthy shot.

Cesky Krumlov- Czech Republic

Loaded with Gothic castles, snow-covered rooftops, majestic gardens, gleaming coastlines, wide moorings, panoramic landscape, and fascinating renaissance architecture not to forget the incredible restaurants by the river, Cesky Krumlov is bisected by the Vltava River making it one of the most picturesque towns in Europe. Interestingly the place has earned the moniker of being ‘UNESCO world heritage site’. If you are on a road trip to Prague or traveling Prague, make sure to stop by this fairytale town and enjoy a few days here. The hypnotic charm of the land will make you visit this surreal town over and over again.

The Isle of Skye- Scotland

The Isle of Skye is one of the most charming and magical places on earth that will make you believe in fairytale towns (they aren’t an illusion but exist in real, of course with a different name with no prince and princess involved). One look at this place is enough to make you lose your senses such is the beauty of this Scottish land. The place is undoubtedly going to remind of you of ‘Merida’ – the Scottish Disney princess with a fiery attitude. Known for its rugged landscapes, cute fishing villages, medieval castles, glistening lakes, roaring waterfalls and enchanting feel-good vibes,  

Bled- Slovenia

When on a trip to Slovenia, it’s must to capture the enthralling beauty of Bled town otherwise you haven’t really seen the country. Adorned with Lake Bled (the centerpiece of Bled), the tiny island has all the perfect ingredients to satisfy your travel-hungry soul. You can rent a paddle boat and enjoy rowing in Lake Bled or swim in its warm water. Aside from Bled being the most captivating island in Slovenia, it also evokes images of Narnia. Bled is a perfect destination to cover when travelling abroad. The magical atmosphere of Bled will steal your heart. Don’t forget to taste the most amazing Bled cream cake when exploring this fairytale land!

Colmar- France

Colmar is one of the key France’s fairytale villages known for its half-timbered houses, romantic canals, cobblestone lanes, tiny cottages, mouthwatering food and everything in between that compel travelers and tourists from across the world to experience its charisma. This picture-perfect small town leaves nothing to imagination as you would be forced to pinch yourself to really believe that it does exist. Colmar is an inspiration behind ‘The beauty and the beast’ which you can understand only when you see the place yourself. From the phenomenal architecture, pretzels-filled menus, macaroon-filled bakeries and stylish window shutters, color-coded houses, flowery meadows will draw you to this place time and again. Walking through the streets in Colmar is like watching fairytales come to life. No matter if you wish to celebrate a fabulous vacation with your beloved or friends and family, Colmar is the most perfect place in the world to be.

Sintra- Portugal

Picture a gorgeous resort town located in the foothills of mountains near the capital city Lisbon with dewy thick forests, exotic gardens, beguiling palaces, candy-colored buildings and Moorish fortress atop the hills, that’s the apt description of Sintra. This fairytale destination deserves to be on your bucket list (if haven’t visited already) as it’s loaded with surprises and captivating beauty to satisfy the wanderlust inside you. The town will give you the feeling of being in ‘sleeping beauty’s land’ with mysterious aura infused in every nook and corner. Pamper yourself with the best travel experiences and explore Sintra to get bamboozled with what life has to offer.

Dingle- Ireland

If you are someone whose love for offbeat destinations knows no bounds, you’ll be delighted with Dingle. This small port town is one of the most underrated places in the world despite being surrounded by dramatic terrain, rugged mountains, ocean views, sandy beaches, tiny cottages and heartwarming Irish hospitality that is unlike anything you can ever imagine. One visit to this fairyland can transform your life. The simple lifestyle of villagers is something to get inspired by.

Echternach, Luxembourg

Despite being in the heart of Europe, Luxembourg is an underrated travel destination that is often skipped by travelers. But you aren’t aware of the fact that this enchanting place holds numerous surprises making it appear as if it’s pulled from the pages of fairytales.  Echternach is a small fantasy land infused with medieval buildings, scenic lake, cobblestone paths, and abbeys that simply pulls you towards it. Offbeat travel junkies would love this place owing to it being less crowded and more eye-catching. With its unique appeal, there is no doubt that Echternach is a magical place that is worth travelling once!