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Travelling In Thailand Can Be Disastrous If You Don’t Know These Social Etiquettes and Rules!

Home to the extravagant royal palaces, spotless beaches, electrifying nightlife, ancient ruins, and ornate temples, Thailand is a place that charm tourists from across the world. There is nothing in Thailand which cannot be enjoyed. Thailand is among the few places in the world that is worth every dime and time you have invested in. However, travelling to Thailand might be challenging for first-time travelers as you might get culture-shock when you step in the soil of this enchanting place. So here’s everything you need to know before planning your fabulous holiday in Thailand. Here are some mind-numbing facts and social etiquette (you should possess) before you think of travelling to Thailand.

  1. Not a rule but more like an advice, for instagrammable pictures, Thailand should be visited during the rainy season i.e. from July till October.

2. Talk about manners, speaking ill about Thai King or speaking anything about him at all is a big no-no. After all, you’d not want to wave a red flag to a bull. Thai people are very sentimental about their king and think of the King as their God.

3. Before going to Thailand, make sure to register yourself in your country’s embassy just in case they might have to rescue you from a mishap or disaster.

4. When someone greets you holding hand in “Namaste” position and bow their head, you are expected to respond in the same gesture. Thai people call this greeting position “Wai” which is same as Indian “Namaste”.

5. When visiting temples, do cover your elbows and knees by dressing appropriately. Also, don’t forget to take off your shoes when you see other people doing the same. Thailand is a religious country and Thai people can easily get offended if you don’t pay respect to their beliefs, customs and traditions. 

6. Since most of the accommodations in Thailand have their fair share of squat toilets, you might want to pack extra tissues or hand-sanitizer (only if you’re a cleanliness freak!) for your peace of mind.

7. When in Thailand, don’t hesitate to pamper yourself with body massages that are extremely cheap as they come. You can enjoy Thai massage three or four times a day and still not fall short of cash. That’s the beauty of Thailand and the perks of visiting the place.

8. Do not visit massage parlors with boards stating “nice girls!”, “friendly-girls” or any girl with an adjective as you might be inviting trouble especially if you are travelling solo. These so-called parlors are nothing but brothels in disguise. So beware of their cheap tactics unless you’re interested.

9. Don’t ogle people especially women whenever travelling in public transport. This is a universal rule (unspoken and not restricted to Thailand alone!) which you should follow in every place you visit. Gawking at others is considered rude and you’d hate to be tagged as an ill-mannered person.

10. Be wary of the tuk tuk drivers as they might mislead you and take you to a place where they earn a handsome commission. Don’t buy anything from a store suggested by these drivers without checking the authenticity of the items.

11. While talking to a monk is a great way to understand the spiritual side of Thailand, but you’d not want to catch people’s eyes by touching them. Even though these monks are friendly and won’t mind it, but then again you must respect their culture and traditions.

12. It’s not okay doing drugs in Thailand. Contrary to the popular belief that getting into drugs is legit in Thailand, the country has strict laws against drugs and substance abuse. You might want to refrain from drugs when exploring Thailand. Sometimes, to catch people red-handed, cops go undercover as a dealer. Don’t take a risk and simply enjoy your holiday in Thailand without inviting trouble.  

13. Before renting a vehicle, make sure to click a few snaps so that you’d have proof in case the owner accuses you of damaging the vehicle.

14. While Thailand is popular for almost everything, it’s also infamous for ping-pong shows, go-go clubs and other nefarious activities that you’d want to skip to have a good first impression of the country. To avoid an unpleasant experience, refrain from visiting shady and notorious parts of Thailand. Although you can book a ticket to ladyboy’s show that is absolute fun to watch on your first tour of Thailand.

15. Mangoes! Mangoes! Everywhere! – You cannot end your Thailand trip without indulging in the delicious and sweetest mangoes here.

While the country itself is full of surprises, you’d not want to spoil your first trip to it anyhow. These important tips on Thailand will help you in avoiding embarrassing encounters and situations. You should keep these things in mind before venturing the enchanting south-Asian country and the people of Thailand will welcome you with an open heart and warm smiles!