7 Offbeat Places in India to Visit in March

offbeat places to visit in march

March brings a wave of freshness in the environment, a time when most of us wish to embark upon an adventurous journey that not only soothes our soul but reenergize us. If your hunger for offbeat adventures is not satiated yet, here are the best places to visit in March this is bound to work … Read more

Why These Offbeat Tourist Places in India Are Dominating Major Ones|Explore 30 Best Places to Visit in India

India is called ‘Incredible India’ all for the right reasons. It has a vast potential for tourism as tourists get to explore every topography possible whether it’s mighty yet challenging mountains, deserts that make you sweat like anything, coastal areas to give you tranquility, and tropical rainforests that reminds you of landing in Amazon. No … Read more

Hidden Diamonds amidst Nature: The Best of Offbeat Places in India

You might have Googled for hidden destinations and end up getting the same old clichéd places that have now become crowded and spoiled. Why stop at Kullu, Manali, Munnar, Kodaikanal etc when you can travel new destinations i.e. ones that have not been travelled much and are as lovely as a newborn child? India has … Read more

Discovering 15 Best Hill Stations in South India for a Laid-Back Vacation

South India is bejewelled with uncanny hill stations that give neck-to-neck competition to the ones in the lap of the Himalayas. With misty hills, breathtaking sunset, cool breeze, lush green forests, bickering brooks, scented air and shimmering lakes, these hill stations gives travellers peace of mind and relaxation they need from the humdrum of cities. … Read more

Reasons Why You Should Invest Your Time in Palampur This Year

You might have heard references to ‘Palampur’ in plenty of bollywood movies, but have you ever seized an opportunity to explore it? Being one of the highly underrated and offbeat tourist destinations, this tiny hamlet in Himachal Pradesh is no less than paradise. The raw and rustic beauty of this hill station cannot be explained … Read more

Exploring Top 10 Unusual and Offbeat Hill Stations In India- Trip to Mountains

If you are tired of visiting the same clichéd hill stations in India and want to explore the unchartered and hidden hill stations (less crowded, less popular) then this post is meant for you. Gone are the days when you’d have to take a break from your busy lifestyle and after a lot of confusion, … Read more