You are currently viewing Why These Offbeat Tourist Places in India Are Dominating Major Ones|Explore 30 Best Places to Visit in India

Why These Offbeat Tourist Places in India Are Dominating Major Ones|Explore 30 Best Places to Visit in India

India is called ‘Incredible India’ all for the right reasons. It has a vast potential for tourism as tourists get to explore every topography possible whether it’s mighty yet challenging mountains, deserts that make you sweat like anything, coastal areas to give you tranquility, and tropical rainforests that reminds you of landing in Amazon. No matter what type of vacation you are wishing for, India has the best places to visit that are less-crowded and less-affected with commercialization. So backpackers, what are you waiting for? These offbeat tourist places in India are awaiting your arrival. 


Even though Manali is a major tourist place in the country, some parts of it are preserved by nature. One such hidden paradise is ‘Naggar’ that boasts of unspoiled essence of nature, vibrant and vivid culture, ancient traditions and is bestowed with surreal experiences that you cannot get anywhere else. Ditch your regular travel plan and head out to Naggar to experience the marvels of nature and enjoy your vacations away from the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitans. Whether you are seeking privacy, or downtime, or travel the off beaten paths, Naggar is the place to be.  


Jibhi is one of the unexplored gems of Himachal Pradesh that yearns for your attention. This tiny village is set amidst lush green forests surrounded by imposing mountains. The clustered wooden houses with intricate carvings and cantilevered balconies complement the landscape. Pine and cedar trees act as a jewel to the mountains. Jibhi is a quintessential place for hiking, trekking, fishing and enjoying the outdoors. The iconic watchtower covered by apple orchards is something not to be missed while exploring this mystical land.


Solo travelling can be exciting and fun. Pulga is heaven for solo travelers where they get inspiration from nature and its indescribable beauty. If you feel the need to cut off from the hustle and bustle of big cities and left undisturbed amidst nature, pack your bags to Pulga in Himachal Pradesh and you’d be in for a surprise. Pulga is a tiny quaint hamlet in Parvati valley offering amazing views of lofty mountains, tea plantations, dense forests, small wooden houses thereby creating a magical ambience. It’s a perfect place to visit in India to spend quite time in nature connecting with oneself in peace and tranquility.


If you seek meditative silence to calm the storm in your mind, Shoja welcomes you with its open arms. Situated in Himachal Pradesh, the scattered wilderness, snow-capped peaks, sheer naked beauty of nature and therapeutic silence of Shoja is so enchanting that you will easily lose yourself in it. Apple orchards, aesthetically-built houses, panoramic views enhance the overall beauty of Shoja. You can travel to this place through Shimla or Kullu. You can also visit the place with your beloved to rekindle romance against the marvelous natural backdrop.


Pangi valley is an unexplored region tucked safely by the Himalayas in the lap of Himachal Pradesh. The valley boasts of ethereal scenic beauty that is absolutely blinding and soul-soothing. The tribals living nearby offer their hospitality to whoever visits the valley. You might catch shepherds controlling their sheep, meadows that remind you of fairy tales, tiny huts welcoming you for a tea in the chilling weather etc. To reach this place, you have to cross one of the deadliest passes in the country i.e. Sach pass which is a nightmare to drivers. But once you cover the path, you can be sure of receiving rewards in terms of nature’s extreme beauty, tranquility, adventure and solitude all rolled into one.


Thickly forested Barot valley in Himachal Pradesh is an ideal place to spend quiet time amidst nature. You can even spot meadows adorned with large camps, people enjoying a bonfire and singing songs, hear the sound of gushing river Uhl, light breeze blowing your hair and tingling your skin etc. Then there is Nagru wildlife sanctuary nearby which is great to visit if you are feeling bored and watch animals and birds in action. The wildlife sanctuary is home to thousands of rare flora and fauna and is no less than a pleasant sight for any nature lover.


The tiny hill station of Kalimpong deserves as much attention as other places get and all for the right reasons. Nestled amidst the snow-clad Himalaya, Kalimpong has an aura filled with positivity that recharges your body, mind and soul. The demanding life of cities can drain your energy and peace of mind. If you feel you need to escape the chaos of a busy lifestyle, Kalimpong is not going to disappoint you. You can walk through the misty mountains and enjoy scenic beauties of the land or talk to the locals about their customs and traditions or simply sit back in your hotel and read a good novel. No matter what you do, Kalimpong can make even the simplest task an interesting one.


Buldana is the place you should be visiting on your next trip especially if you are a science freak and nature lover. Lonar crater in Buldana, Maharashtra is bound to cast its magical spell on you. The crater was formed by a meteorite strike and now has taken the form of an absolutely break taking lake surrounded by green jungles. Hiking to the top of the mountain and overlooking the lake is an experience worth taking a risk. The gorgeous landscapes and untouched nature are going to make you fall in love with the place.


Assam has always been fascinating travelers who yearn to explore unspoiled and raw regions in the country. If it has not been on your list, it’s the right to add it to the same. Haflong in Assam is an unusual and offbeat destination that is packed with splendid landscapes, valleys, mountains, pristine rivers, glittering streams, lakes, lush forests and what not. Nature lover will find Haflong an amazing retreat to recharge themselves.


Sandakphu is a trekker’s paradise offering the ideal settings needed for a perfect vacation involving adventurous activities. Located a few miles away from the romantic town of Darjeeling, Sandakphu is the quintessential place for water sports lover. The enticing land of Sandakphu receives fewer tourists than it deserves which makes it ideal for those who wish to stay away from the humdrum of cities and rejuvenate themselves. Anyone who is looking for trekking, paragliding, sightseeing, photography will find the place loaded with it.


Orchha is one of the forgotten cities in the country that has a glorious past attached to it. Home to several ancient temples, domes, forts and palaces, the place is less-explored and less-crowded. If you seek a weekend getaway where you just wish to enjoy time exploring our ancient past, heading to Orccha is not a bad idea. The serenity and tranquility in Orccha’s atmosphere will calm your inner self and refresh your mind.


If you are a person who finds solace in visiting ancient places, halebidu is the ancient temple town waiting for you. The town was once the capital of Hoysala dynasty which later was blown off by the army of Malik Kafur. What lies today are the remnants of the dynasty that once prospered peacefully. Halebidu is an offbeat tourist place in India that is loaded with ruins, history, culture, marvelous architecture involving ancient temples.  


Bundi is an offbeat tourist destination that is known for its colossal palaces with admiring architecture, centuries-old forts and truckloads of history. If you enjoy art and culture of Rajasthan, Bundi is the quintessential place for that. The narrow-lanes of blue houses, ancient temples, faded parchment cupolas, and vast desert enhances its beauty and takes you to a wonderland. Being a non-touristy destination, Bundi is a less-crowded place to enjoy laid-back holidays with family and friends.


Patan is a UNESCO world heritage site that was once the capital of Chandva rulers and is the most perfect place for history lovers. It is undoubtedly an unusual place to visit but you won’t know its importance unless you visit it. From stupendous architecture to inverted temples, noisy chatters in day to the hauntingly calm night, Patan is a place that contradicts clichéd places that are often flooded by tourists. It is a place for you if you seek peace and tranquility.  

 Thachi Valley

There is so much more to Himachal Pradesh than Shimla. If you’re tired of exploring clichéd destinations, Thachi in Himachal is where you need to go next. The valley is as beautiful as you can imagine with all the essential elements adorning it- shiny river, smoky weather, lush meadows, huge rocks, soaring snow-capped mountain, Tibetan culture, and fascinating places to see. Thachi is one of the best places to visit in India that will not leave you disappointed. 

 Sangla Valley

Who says you’d have to tour Europe for a postcard-perfect destination with meadows and town blanketed by a thick layer of snow? Sangla valley in Himachal Pradesh begs to differ. Close to Tibet border, reaching this tiny hamlet is no joke either as you have to cross one of the deadliest roads of the country and overcome challenging weather conditions. But once you reach there, you’ll be in for a surprise and would never regret visiting Sangla. With zero percent commercialization, the valley is an offbeat paradise for trekkers and adventure junkies where they can stay in the true form of nature indefinitely.


Uttarakhand is a gemstone mine that houses tons of hidden gems in its lap that are yearning for your attention. Landour is one such gem that takes you back to good old days when commercialization didn’t hit Mussoorie. This British-raj era hill station is a twin of mussoorie and is indeed a beautiful sight for you if you’re on a lookout for a calm atmosphere and wishes to stay in solitude for ‘me’ time that if often snatched by your sedentary life in the city. Walking past the alluring forests on misty weather and hearing the sounds of the birds is a hearth-soothing experience that can overwhelm anyone. When the first rays of the sun fall on Landour, the sight simply bewitches one’s mind and leaves a footprint in heart.


Drass is the gateway to Ladakh and most often used as a pit stop place to have some refreshments on the way to Ladakh. The place is meant for daredevils who can tolerate spine-chilling and mind-numbing intense cold that the place gets in winters. Imagine sitting in a tiny lodge surrounded with barren mountains and sipping hot tea in extremely cold weather, that’s how Drass is. The challenging terrain of Drass makes it one of the most exciting and offbeat places in the country.

 Rann of Kutch

The white land of Rann of Kutch is an unusual yet fascination tourist place to visit in India that is both offbeat and adventurous. The wild wild west corner of Kutch is also home to the Asiatic wild ass and other endangered species of birds and animals who can be seen playing in their natural habitat. The salt marsh of kutch is a wonderful place to spend memorable ‘me’ time away from the chaos of the city. Then there is the annual festival that brings colors to this white stretch of land and is the most happening time of the year dripped in festivity, culture and traditions of the land.


Talk about unconventional tourist destinations in India, we have Mattur to show-off. Don’t confuse Mattur for Mathura as they both are quite opposites. Located on the outskirts of Shimoga town, Mattur is a charming village known for using ancient Sanskrit for everyday communication. Exploring the ancient temples, soaking the centuries-old customs and traditions will cast a magical spell on you that you’d never want to leave the place.

 Araku Valley

Looking for solitude in the teeny tiny village, then Araku is the place calling out your name. The town is popular for its coffee plantations, despite that it attracts only a handful of tourists. However, those seeking a peaceful getaway will find Araku a fresh breath of air. With hillocks, steep valleys, romantic weather, light breeze and tons of picturesque views, the town will unleash nature lover inside you. Would you want to miss out on living in a tree house or hanging cottages here?  Araku has got all the ingredients for a perfect vacation.

 Warwan Valley

Warwan is the unexplored and unspoiled hidden gem of nature that is sandwiched between Kashmir and Ladakh regions of J & K. If trekking offbeat Himalayan peaks have always been your dream, then Warwan is the place that can fulfill it. The valley is completely cut off from the world most time of the year except May to October and that’s the time when wanderlust squeezes time to embark upon an adventurous journey of their life. Green pastures, tall pine trees, tingling river and bone-chilling cold embraces you as you step into the valley. Want to know what it feels like? Plan your trip for this year well in advance.


Located a few miles away from Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh is the birthplace of Maharana Pratap, the greatest warrior of Mewar. It is home to the second-largest continuous wall after the Great Wall of China and a perfect place to experience the vibrant culture of colorful Rajasthan. The place is adorned with magnificent forts, gardens, light shows and finger-licking delicious cuisine. If you wish to trap the essence of Rajasthan by visiting a single destination, then Kumbhalgarh is the place to be.


Want to explore the best of Western Ghats? Head to Ponmudi and you will not regret coming. Starting from a tour of spice plantations to hiking through the steep valleys of Kerala, Ponmudi has got everything covered. Be sure to pamper yourself with the famous Ayurvedic treatment to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul. The hill station with misty valleys, glittering streams and jaw-dropping views has the power to make you forget all the stress of your busy life in the city and heal your mind completely.


The eeriness of Dhanushkodi rivals even the scariest places on the earth. Once a prosperous fishing town, the place turned to dust over time owing to a destructive cyclone and is now known as a ghost town seeped with history, tragedies and death of innocents. It is without a doubt a place where you won’t want to go alone. But despite the haunting image of this spooky but ruined town, travelers from across the country come to experience the unexplainable silence of the land. You can lounge by the sand beach and sip a drink while gazing at the sky and pleasing your eyes with the splendid views of the sea. It’s one of the best places for curious minds and mystery lovers.


Vihigaon in Maharashtra is attracting crowds from all the corners of the country for its fascinating waterfalls and breathtaking landscapes. When we talk about places to visit in India that are less-crowded but equally enchanting, we cannot leave Vihigaon from this list.  The eye-grabbing beauty of unspoiled Vihigaon is sure to increase your dopamine and oxytoxin levels (happy hormones). Away from touristy trappings, Vihigaon is a heart-warming place that fits perfect for a laid-back vacation. If you are Acrophobic, Vihigaon has plenty of adventure sports to overcome your fear. Are you daring enough?

 Ziro Valley

Ziro is a small town nestled in the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh and known to be one of the best tourist places in India that must be toured once. From shopping funkiest jewellery to testing the tattooing skills of the local artists, capturing the mesmerizing beauty of raw land of arunachal in camera lens to indulging in lip-smacking delicacies, the experiences that Ziro gives you are not only memorable one but rewarding too. Besides that, music lovers must join the Ziro music festival held in October to have a phenomenal time here.


Popularly called ‘Paris of Malabar’, Thalassery is a hidden gem that is not-so-hidden anymore. Situated in Kerala, Tellicherry (other name of Thalassery) is immersed in rich culture, religion and traditions. Colossal architectural structure, breathtaking coastlines, and a myriad of ancient temples welcome you as you step into its soil. The place is a welcoming change for those seeking solitude in nature away from the noise of the cities. Whether it’s watching sunset, running along the coast, gazing at the endless stretch of Arabian Sea or watching kids playing cricket, the simple joys of life in Thalassery are going to make you fall hard for it.


The beachside town of Tharangambadi is an absolute treat to one’s eyes with picturesque landscapes, lush greenery, pristine sandy beaches, views of sunset and sunrise and a handful of other things. Located on the east coastal lines of the Bay of Bengal, Tharangambadi has deep ties to the modern Indian history owing to the fact that it was once a thriving and peaceful Danish settlement. The remnants of Danish architecture and artifacts can still be seen today to remind you of what’s left of the colonial past.  Visiting this not-so-popular tourist places in India is a gorgeous experience you can ever take.

 Devbagh Island

Devbagh Island in Karnataka is the only destination for quintessential beach lovers who typically love lying under the sun and seek to spend a lazy afternoon doing absolutely nothing but rest. It is among the many tourist places in India that deserve to be explored once. With plenty of water sports and warm embracement of nature, the place screams to be taken seriously. Luckily, Devbagh’s call has been heard by wanderlusts who have started showing their inclination for offbeat adventures and are exploring the place whole-heartedly. Go take endless selfies amidst the beautiful backdrop of Devbagh and its pristine beaches, or snorkel your way to the island or watch dolphins play and making funny sounds, nothing could beat the fun of spending time in this place.