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Exploring Top 10 Unusual and Offbeat Hill Stations In India- Trip to Mountains

If you are tired of visiting the same clichéd hill stations in India and want to explore the unchartered and hidden hill stations (less crowded, less popular) then this post is meant for you. Gone are the days when you’d have to take a break from your busy lifestyle and after a lot of confusion, a little bit of fight and sensible discussion, you end up visiting the same old hill stations (where’s fun in that?).

Exploring an unknown terrain has its own charm and thrill. If you are someone who is inclined to new places to spend a perfect weekend getaway, these unusual and offbeat hill stations in India will no doubt help you in having a relaxed “me” time. But, that simply doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun time with your friends here. These offbeat hill stations of India are not everyone’s cup of tea (blame the lack of activities when compared with popular hill stations) but it’s a dream come true to wanderlusts and travel freaks who love digging out places to chill and admire the beauty of nature.


Chail, a teeny-tiny hill station (in Himachal Pradesh) tucked in the lap of the colossal Himalayas that is a testament to the saying “a picture is worth a 1000 words” is a place where imagination runs wild. This quiet town is an ideal destination for travel enthusiasts where they can get infinite inspiration be it related to-life, family, personal problems, and professional dilemma etc. The virgin forest, tiny houses scattered across the hills, lush greenery and birds flying high in the sky paint an indescribable picture of nature. 

A walk down to the Chail palace (former abode of Maharaja of Patiala) will take you back to the British era when this architectural beauty was built as a summer retreat for the King. Chail is a special place where bookworms can lose themselves in books, adventure junkies can challenge themselves, and tired souls can rejuvenate their body and mind. One visit to Chail is going to leave you with profound memories that will bring a smile to your face whenever you think about it.

Wilson Hills

The state of Gujarat has always been taken for granted when it comes to exploring offbeat destinations especially hill stations. Wilson hills are one of the many mind-boggling hill stations in Gujarat that has been neglected by all. It’s a densely forested region located near Dharampur and adjacent to Valsad with a ‘wow’ factor that can cure your soul. What makes Wilson hills unique is that it is among the few hill stations in the world that provides a glimpse of the sea. Interesting right? You can easily connect with Wilson hills if you love and value journeys more than the destination. Green hills, curvy roads, spectacular view from atop the hills, farms and villages will make you fall in love with this one of the best offbeat and unusual hill stations in India.


Doodhpathri is a quaint hill station situated in Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir where you can spend some quality time with yourself and your loved ones away from the crowd and noise of the cities. There is an interesting story behind the name of this ethereal hilly region of J&K. According to which, once a famous saint Noor Din Noorani was searching for water to offer prayers but there wasn’t any available. The saint then picked a brick and threw it on the ground from where milk started pouring out. The saint then requested milk to be only used for drinking not for other purposes. Then the milk miraculously turned into water and since then the meadows earned the name “Doodhpathri” i.e Valley of Milk.

Doodhpathri is an ideal place for you if you are seeking holidays in solitude. The glittering streams of water flowing through the meadow give a milky appearance which is a sight to behold.  Gentle breeze, flowing flowers, green meadow, pristine streams, and pleasant weather will lighten up your mood. Doodhpathri is worth a visit if you are drawn to unusual and captivating places hidden in the mountains.


Concealed by the Western Ghats, Sakleshpur is one of the best yet less travelled hill stations in the country. An intriguingly overwhelming place surrounded by tea, coffee and spice plantations. For those who fancy mountains view, greenery and stillness, Sakleshpur is a dream turning to reality. The serene environment and tranquil air are enough to warm your heart and soothe your soul.

Not only this, you can visit manjarabad fort nearby (literally a treat to the eyes!) with one-of-a-kind view of the Western Ghats. There is also an ancient temple you can pay a visit to connect with almighty. Railway bridge trekking is probably the most thrilling thing you can do on a weekend getaway to Sakleshpur. Gushing streams, cascading waterfalls, wildlife, picturesque landscapes, and distinct architecture are only a few of the many things you can enjoy on your trip to this hill station.


Don’t let the sleepy town image of Binsar fade away your enthusiasm when travelling this offbeat hilly terrain in Uttarakhand. This small hill station has gained popularity recently thanks to the travellers who dared to venture less known parts of the state. Binsar is known as one of the best offbeat destinations for hikers and wanderlusts. It gives jaw-dropping views of the Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, panchachuli, and kedarnath among others. Nature lovers can bask in the beauty of nature with misty meadows, blooming orchards, mumbling streams, playful birds chirping non-stop to gain your attention and pleasant weather among others.  


Mandu is an unusual hill station whose air is the testament of unconditional love between Rani Roopmati and Prince Baz Bahadur. Known for amazing architectural marvels, Mandu is shockingly one of the less travelled hilly places in India. There are plenty of places to visit and things to do to keep you engaged. But if you cherish a laid-back vacation, then you can simply spend your time in nature walk, sightseeing and other soul-soothing activities. Mandu is unlike any place you’ll ever visit. With a remarkable history, abundant natural beauty and architectural marvel, Mandu is a mystical place begging to be explored.


The list of top 10 hill stations in India is incomplete without mentioning Ponmudi. Situated in ‘god’s own country- Kerala’, Ponmudi is a visual feast to the eyes. Also known as ‘Kashmir of Kerala’, Ponmudi is an ideal weekend getaway to have some ‘me’ time or quality time with your beloved. A place whose every nook and cranny inspire you to be the best version of yourself, soothe your soul and bring you one step closer to nature. Ponmudi is indeed a place that can transform your soul big-time and take you back in a wonderland where everything is possible. No matter if you are tired of your hectic schedule or going through a rough patch, Ponmudi will warm your heart and lift your depressed soul.

Kottancheri Malom

Carpeted by a lush canopy of a rain forest, Kottancheri is not your usual hill station. The hills located in Kasaragod district of Kerala take pride in housing rich fauna and flora. The cold and foggy climate of Kottancheri will make you forget all worries of life and you’d simply want to experience bliss amidst nature. The scenic beauty from atop the hills can take your breath away. Although the peak falls under reserved forest category, with proper permission, you can easily enjoy the beauty of this too-good-to-be-true hill station.  The hill station of Kottancheri will not stop surprising you. So enough with the excuses, pack your bags and go to this amazing place for a relaxing weekend.


The hilly town of Madikeri is an epitome of nature’s beauty. Surrounded with lush coffee plantations, dense forest and misty hills, Madikeri is a paradise in disguise and one of the most underrated hill stations in India. When you look for places to visit in Madikeri (formerly Mercara), you are presented with options of wildlife reserves, temples, gardens, waterfalls, ancient architectures, monuments dating back to the Chola empire. The serene environment of Madikeri is bound to leave you with a feeling of nostalgia. What makes it unusual is that you are far away from the crowd and more closer to nature unlike clichéd hilly regions of the country. The peace you get here cannot be felt anywhere else. Madikeri definitely deserves to be on your bucket list.


Kerala is a bag full of surprises when it comes to exploring offbeat tracks. Chikmagalur is one of the prettiest yet less-crowded hill stations in the country the beauty of which cannot be described in words. This coffee land of Karnataka is wrapped in the arms of nature like a child and blooms throughout the year. Enhancing its beauty is the green forest adorned like a jewel on the hills of Mullayangiri, water streams shining like silver passing through the meadows, and small settlements accentuating unspeakable and mesmerising beauty of the hill station. Chikmagalur is an ideal place for wanderlusts to draw inspiration and gain uncountable wisdom in a short time. The hill station of Chikmagalur has a calming effect on a person and plays a big role in changing his/her perspective on life.