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Plan for Best Summer vacation in Dehradun. Must Read!

A wonderous city named from two words, Dera and Doon meaning Valley point has its own history linked to Ramayan & Mahabharat. Dehradun is one of the travellers stop which has hypnotic mountains and valleys. The place has charismatic locations and tourist attractions, fairs and festivals, Markets to buy and what not! Plan for Best Summer vacation in Dehradun city with pleasant weather anytime you visit and this article is going to take you to travel like a Doonite.

All About Dehradun : Best Summer vacation in Dehradun.

Dehradun Nearest Airport.

Dehradun has Jolly Grant Airport which is 20 km away from the city. People going to Mussoorie can also take flight to Dehradun.

When to visit Dehradun.

1. Dehradun has normal weather at day and cool evenings and has tourists although the year.
2. March to June is the pleasant summer time when people visit the most.
3. June to September is Monsoon time which is worth watching and much inviting.
4. October to January is autumn in Dehradun which means cold at day and colder at nights. Nearby places have snowfall at near by places.


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How to commute in Dehradun.

1. The best transport to commute is your personal one as you can take it anywhere and can stop wherever you want.
2. The second option is you can get taxi or cab which is not expensive and takes you to places.
3. You can also get auto rickshaws, single or shared ones which are fine and comfortable enough to reach destination.
4. The places nearby or in radius of 1 km can be walked through.


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Must watch places in Dehradun.

1. Rajaji National Park .

Rajaji National Parki. The National Park has been named before the First Governor General of India which has a wide area spread in Dehradun. The National park has 400 species of Birds and animals like Cheetah, Antelops, Elephants, Reptiles, Phytons which results in best spot for photography and birds lovers.
ii. Jungle Safari in Jeep is enjoyable whatever your age is. The wildlife in Dehradun is seen from closer view with such a little fee is amazing.


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2. Tapkeshwar Temple.

tapkeshwar i. The temple of Lord Shiva is most famous in the city of Dehradun where people are devoted towards God Shiva. The temple contains shivling inside natural cave.
ii. It is said that the temple has its belief from Mahabaharat time that Kauravs and Pandav’s Guru Dronacharya once resided in that cave form which the name is called ‘Drona Cave’ sometimes.

3. Robber’s cave.

Robber's cavei. Robber’s cave is best spot for picnic and trekking where a group can find perfect time for each other.
ii. It is said that Robbers, at the time of Britishers, used to hide in this cave.
iii. Guchhupani is also the name of Robber’s cave where the highest fall is of 10m and has wall structure and good 3-4 hours can be enjoyed here.
iv. The Robber’s cave is a natural one where the river flows and is maintained with Uttrakhand.
v. Enjoy trek at Anarwala village which is just a bus away to some kilometers.

4. Malsi Deer Park.

Malsi deer park i. The Deer Park is famous for its sight and views of young deer and herds can be seen which attracts tourists the most.
ii. The sight has so innumerable type of birds, peacock & rabbits and tourists can also feed them according to instructions.
iii. Kids enjoy this the most whereas adults also feel delighted touching the young deer and taking photographed with them.
iv. If you are on one day trip to Dehradun, Malsi deer park is must visit.

5. Tiger Falls.

tigerfalls i. Again a picnic spot which is away from crowd of the city is Tiger Falls.
ii. You can trek here and is a silent place away from any from the burstling Dehradun.
iii. There is no entry fee for anyone and you must visit Tiger falls which takes at least 2-3 hrs to roam around and enjoy.
iv. The constant water fall sound and the cold waterfall will make you stick to the place.


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6. Clock Tower.

Clock tower Dehraduni. Clock tower is the landmark of Dehradun which is also called ‘Ghanta Ghar’.
ii. The original name of the tower was Balbir Tower which was built in memory of India’s Independence.
iii. The clock is not in working condition from many years but it is being repaired in order to get working. Now, the charm of the clock will get back.
iv. The clock tower has markets nearby only where you can enjoy shopping.

7. Sahastradhara.

Sahastradharai. When tourists come Dehradun or Mussoorie, they definitely visit Sahastradhara.
ii. Sahastradhara is a natural sight view which means ‘Thousand fold springs’.
iii. It is 9m deep spring with running water which is believed to have sulphur in water which is beneficial and has medicinal value.
iv. Ropeway is also provided to relish the view from top which has Sai Temple and it is advised to visit Sahastradhara in afternoon and enjoy till evening.
v. This is a very cool and peaceful place which pleases the eye but the place is crowded in holidays. So it is recommended to visit here in off-season.

Buddha Temple8. Buddha Temple and localites also visit frequently and feel overjoyed. This a kind of fun park with man-made water pool where people come in group of friends or family to spend time together. It has a scenic beauty which is admired by everyone as it has lush green look. People coming from busy and big cities can have a sigh of relief in fresh air here.

9. Tapkeshwar Mela.

tapkeshwar i. Tapkeshwar is famous devotional destination where people visit the temple and pilgrims also visit here in ‘Maha Shivratri’ in groups.
ii. The Tapkeshwar mela is organized during devotional destination’ and innumerable stalls and shops are set up at the Tapkeshwar which stretches around 1.5km from the main road.

tapeshwar iii. There are different swings to enjoy and which take you to heights. The view from the heights is amazing and must see, the whole mela is visible from the point.

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Adventures in Dehradun.

Adventures in Dehradun 1. Trekking.

i. Tourists and travellers Plan for Best Summer vacation in Dehradun who are interested in trekking and testers of stamina must do trek in the mountains of Dehradun.
ii. Even if you start trekking towards Mussoorie, you can experience a great trek track and embracing views.

2. Cycling.

You can rent cycles and cover the challenging track which will boost your morale. The cycling task is challenging and tiring but you have a great experience watching the mountains and enjoy riding at your own pace.

3. Hot air balloon.

i. There are sites where you can experience ride in Hot air balloon. Hundreds of feet away from the surface and the vantage view of the mountains and wildlife of Dehradun is a memorable view to watch and remember.
ii. The best time for hot balloon is between October and March when the temperature is cooler.

4. Water Park.

i. ‘The Fun valley’ and Fun ‘n’ Food water park in Dehradun is a great place to visit and adore.
ii. The fun parks has good number of water rides to bring excitement and sense of adventure.
iii. You can also grab delicious food during the fun time and at the end of it.

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Best Markets in Dehradun.

Dehradun Markets 1. Paltan Bazaar.

There are Numerous markets in Dehradun for tourists to visit. Paltan bazaar is the main one near Clock tower. The Dehradun Paltan market is famous for rice, spice and garments. This market is specially known for woolen clothes which are made by the local tribes, be it shawls, cardigans, scarfs or carpets. This market also has handicrafts items made from wood. Although, it is a huddled and busy area with a lot of people
The market has everything one can require from food joints to confectionary, jewellery shops to clothes.

2. Tibetan Market.

You can have Tibetan markets in every hilly area like Manali, Shimla and also in cities like Delhi & Gurgaon. Saturday and Sundays are main days when people come to purchase items like jewelleries, clothes, paintings. You get first copy of branded clothes here. Even if nothing, they come to roam around and window shop which results in buying things as the market is so people are not able to resist themselves.

3. Indira Market.

Indira market is specially for men fashion wear with latest and trendy clothes. You get all of the men wear as T-shirt, shirts, lowers or belts. You can also haggle at your best ability.

4. Rajpur Road.

This has numerous shops which are very popular and tourists can buy anything they want from here from jewellery, souvenirs or footwear. Plan for Best Summer vacation in Dehradun and shop as much you want. The markets in Dehradun are great to roam.

5. Street markets in Dehradun.

This is one of the famous street markets in Dehradun which is must visit as it has everything from basic to premium needs, from gifts to souvenirs.

6. Malls in Dehradun.

i. Malls in Dehradun are Pacific mall, Shiv Gauri, The mall, Crossroads mall & Times square mall. You can find various big brands in the malls and and do shopping as much as you want.
ii. You have food court and entertainment sections where you can rejoice and enjoy with friends and family.


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Bollywood celebrities from Dehradun.

Dehradun Celebrities
1. Dehradun is a place of talented humans becoming famous and renowned celebrities.
2. Celebrities like Archana Puran Singh, Anirudh Aggarwal, Anju Mehendru, Deepa Sahi, Himani Shivpuri, Kulraj Kaur Randhawa, Udita Goswami, Vir Das and the list goes on.
3. The children in Dehradun have special talent where anyone can enter into limelight of the country.

Tips for Trip.

1. Must check the weather forecast beforehand and of places nearby like Mussoorie.
2. You must have thin woollen clothes to keep you safe from cold and enough pairs of them.
3. While trekking, carry comfortable shoes which are comfortable.
4. Carry proper First-Aid kit in case you get an emergency.

Dehradun is a city with peaceful and tranquil mountains and Plan for Best Summer vacation in Dehradun which gives you relaxed feeling through the serene landscapes. The place has a lot to offer and calls you in every vacation. You can also visit to other hill stations while taking a halt at Dehradun, some hill stations are Mussoorie, Manali, Shimla, Nainital, Ranikhet and many more. The place has good food, good staying facilities with helping natured people. The lush green environment and aura of the place is charming and energetic. This is the best vacation you can have with your family and friends.