You are currently viewing Mussoorie Trip guide : All about Mussoorie !

Mussoorie Trip guide : All about Mussoorie !

Queen of the hills Mussoorie

Let’s just believe that the best places to visit during summers in India are the places in Mountains. Every person looks for a better place to chill and enjoy a mini-break. But we are always in a quandary as where to go for vacation or which is the best place for holiday! As nick named ‘Queen of Hills’ i.e. Mussoorie makes your heart melt to go for a chilling break with you loved ones. Here is the article carrying Mussoorie Trip guide.

As someone has said, Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.

Mussoorie Travel Guide | Things to do in Mussoorie

Once you visit the ‘city of love’, there is no falling out of it! Mussoorie has a mystic air with serene view of mountains and exhilarated atmosphere. Mussoorie tourism supports the undulating and tree covered hills which is at 1, 880m average altitude which is a heaven in terms to sight-seeing, adventure activities to do, saunter & stroll, relax and chill. Let’s take a mini-tour as to what, where, how & why Mussoorie is a perfect spot to enjoy holidays.

Mussoorie history

History of Mussoorie.

1. Mussoorie was founded by Lt. Fredrick Young of East India Company, also founder of Sirmoor Battalion which is the first Gurkha regiment to fight for the British.

2. He came Mussoorie for shooting game and built hunting lounge on Camel back’s road.

3. He also planted first potatoes in the valley.

4. His tenure in Mussoorie was till 1844 and retired as a General, then he went back to Ireland.

travel budget Mussoorie

Mussoorie trip budget.

1. Mussoorie trip does not cost too much but depends on the number of day stay and luxury you want.

2.If you stay Mussoorie for 3 days, Musoorie budget for two people should go Rs. 8,000/- to Rs. 10, 000/-.


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When to visit Mussoorie.

1. April to June are the months of Summers in Mussoorie.
i. This is favourable time to visit Mussoorie.

ii. The temperature stays between maximum 30 degrees to minimum 10 degrees which is quite relaxing.

2. October to mid-February are the months of winters in Mussoorie.

i. This time in Mussoorie is too much freezing and spine chilling.

ii. The temperature can also drop down to 1 degree during nights.

How to reach Mussoorie

How to reach Mussoorie.

Mussoorie is located at the foothills of Himalayas and there are ways to reach to this special destination. Here are 10 cities to Mussoorie distance from road.
1. Delhi to Mussoorie – 267 kms.

2. Dehradun to Mussoorie- 195 kms.

3. Chandigarh to Mussoorie- 33 kms.
4. Kolkata to Mussoorie- 1583 kms.

5. Jaipur to Mussoorie- 534 kms.

6. Gurgaon to Mussoorie- 306 kms.

7. Bangalore to Mussoorie- 2332 kms.

8. Amritsar to Mussoorie- 421 kms.

9. Mumbai to Mussoorie- 1658 kms.

10. Pune to Mussoorie-1736 kms.


Nearest Airport from Mussoorie.

1. Mussoorie has easy accessibility from Dehradun and airport is located in Dehradun.

2. Mussoorie has a good connectivity from different cities of the country.Railway station in Mussoorie.

3.  Mussoorie does not have a railway station but Dehradun has trains connected to different cities.

Stay in Mussoorie

Where to stay in Mussoorie.

You would choose the Best stay in Mussoorie as per your requirement.
1. If you are travelling solo to Mussoorie or with friends, you can book Youth Hostel Association of India which will give you accommodation as good as free stay in Mussoorie.

2. If you are travelling to Mussoorie with family, choose best hotels in Mussoorie. Budget Hotels in Mussoorie can be booked which will fit your pocket too.

3. Bunk beds to stay in Mussoorie are also common which is considered for cheap stay in Mussoorie. They are more like zostels where people get single beds and they share a dorm with another tourists.

4. Tourists can also opt for Home stays in Mussoorie. This may get out of budget if you are looking for an economical stay but a good option if it is okay to spend on luxurious stay.


Things to see in Mussoorie.

Mall road Mussoorie1. The Mall road.

i. Mall road in Mussoorie is the busiest in the hill station.

ii. The Mall road is the main focal point of tourists. They might leave and not choose to go at some other place, but this road is a great place to shop or window shop.

iii. The place has so many stalls of clothes, eateries specially ‘Maggie’ & omelete along with restaurants on the way.

iv. The mall road stretch keeps you taking a long walk which does not come to an end.

2. Kempty Falls.

Kempty falls Mussoorie i. As the name suggests, Kempty falls is a water fall in Ramgaon in Tehri Garhwal.

ii. Kempty falls is 13 kms from Mussoorie & 45 kms from Dehradun.

iii. The Kempty falls area is surrounded by mountains at 4500 feet altitude.

iv. It is an interesting fact that the inflow of tourists at the place is around 10 lakh.

v. Kempty falls has a beautiful view of water cascading down to the rocks giving beautiful music, it becomes quieter when there are not much tourists to visit.

3. Santura Devi Temple.

Santura devi Mussooriei. Santura Devi temple is 12 kms away from Kempty falls which has to be covered through a trek of 1 km.

ii. This holy shrine holds a special place in the hearts of local people which is a must visit place in Mussoorie.

4. Company Garden.

Company Garden Mussooriei. Company garden is famous for its open place, beautiful cascades, charming fountains and great lawns.

ii. The place has a artificial lake for boating and is a mesmerizing place to take a stroll.

iii. This is a perfect spot to spend family time in Mussoorie.

5. Happy Valley.

Happy Valley Mussooriei. Happy valley is another place to be happy in the peaceful environment.

ii. The place has an enchanting landscape view which gives a good time spending hours to sit there and enjoy the weather.

iii. The valley offers Mussoorie and Doon valley view.

6. George Everest’s.

George Everest’s Mussooriei. George Everest is about 0.5 km from Sir George Everest house.

ii. It can be seen in every season to understand the beauty of the peak.

iii. It is must seen with the sunrise which is at its best.

iv. Photographers feel rich to visit the place as they can take beautiful pictures.

7. Clouds End.

cloud end Mussooriei. Cloud’s end is the geographical end of Mussoorie.

ii. The place can be enjoyed seeing the pleasant views and enjoyable climate.

8. Nag Devta Temple.

Nag devta temple mussooriei. Nag Devta temple is said to be an ancient temple.

ii. It is a holy shrine of Nag Devta which is the most busy on Nag panchmi when people offers milk to snakes which are considered ‘Devtas’ i.e. God.

9. Mussoorie Lake.

Mussoorie lake i. The Mussoorie lake has creaky boats and man-made boating area which can be enjoyed with family and friends.

ii. Mussoorie lake is the perfect picnic spot in Mussoorie which can be adored fully.

10. Ikya island.

Ikya Mussooriei. Ikya island is an adventure park in Mussoorie which 12 adventure activities.

ii. The timing for Ikya island is 9:30 am to 7:30 pm.

iii. Ikya island activities include Ziploine, Rope couse, Cycling on wire, Wall climbing, Water sports, Kidzy castle & Zorb wrestling.

iv. The tickets are to be taken which has different packages under silver, gold & diamond.

11. Lal tibba.

laal tibba Mussooriei. A place for great view which has its own sitting area and eateries around.

ii. The place is a heaven when the clouds are coming towards you and you can feel the winds coming directly at a beautiful pace.

12. Jabarkhet wildlife reserve.

Janarkhet wildlife reserve i. A private forest reserve where wildlife view is seen along with hiking trails and natural views.

ii. Walking in Jabarkhet wildlife reserve in Mussoorie is truly splendid.

iii. Visitors have a great spot to enjoy the vacation in Mussoorie.

13. Eco park (Dhanaulti).

Eco park Mussooriei. Dhanaulti Eco Park is developed by Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) which is very efficiently maintained.

ii. Eco park is main attraction of ‘Dhanaulti’ and greatly liked by visitors.

14. Gun hill.

Gun hill Mussoorie i. Gun hill point is where a history is set. It is said that a gun was mounted on this top which is fired at mid-day for people to adjust their watches. And this all happened during pre-independence.

15. Camle’s back road.

Camel's back Mussooriei. A great place to stroll and is less crowded than Mall road.

ii. Camel’s back road is for 3 kms and is long enough to cover.

iii. It has a mountain which seems like Camel’s back at the end of the road which is famous.

Mussoorie Adentures.

Any trip is void without adventures in life. Mussoorie adventure has some highlights which can be experienced and enjoyed on vacation.

1. Camping and Bonfire at Mussoorie.

Bonfire Mussooriei. Book a camp and undertake a bonfire.

ii. It gives you a chance to strengthen bond among your office colleagues, family members or gang of friends.

iii. Dance, sing, play guitar and relax is what camping all about.

2. Trek and camp in Dhanaulti.

Mussoorie treki. Dhanaulti is 2.5 hours away from Mussoorie.

ii. The place has great camping and trekking in the lush green forests.

iii. It is an amazing experience which is must for the trek and nature lovers.

3. Rent a cycle in Mussoorie.

i. You can rent a cycle in Mussoorie and experience rugged terrains.

ii. Explore the roads of Mussoorie by yourself.

4. Naag Tibba Trek.

Nagg tibba Mussooriei. Laal Tibba trek is at 9915 ft and is best for beginners.

ii. The place has great view of Himalayan range which also has some telescopes on the roof.

5. Paragliding.

Paraglide Mussooriei. Mountains is all about its views and if you want to mix both views and adventure, paragliding in Mussoorie is best for you.

ii. This can be your most unforgettable and exhilarated ride with the ideal wind.

How to commute in Mussoorie.

commute in MussoorieThe post-card pretty place is a small hill station and commuting is not a problem in Mussoorie.
1. If you want to explore Mussoorie, it is best to do by foot. Take hotels which are nearby and places can be visited by foot.

2. If you have your own conveyance in Mussoorie, it is difficult to take it out as the roads are narrow and there are chances of vehicles jammed. Better take rickshaws for that matter or you can simply rent a cycle or scooty.

shopping Mussoorie

Mussoorie famous things for shopping.

No place is travelled if no souvenir is taken. Mussoorie gives you good amount of good to buy from clothes to books and electronics items to antique pieces.

1. Tibetan Market.

i. Market for cloth shopping in Mussoorie is Tibetan market which is cheap and under budget, you have to be good at bargaining and the clothes are your at a budgeted price.

ii. It offers you with electronic items as whatever is required in a reasonable price.

2. Mall road market.

i. The Mall road market is on Mall road which is the busiest in Mussoorie. It is a shopping hub where you get eateries stalls, clothes stalls, different games stall and all buzzing activities which covers the long Mall road.

ii. You can wander on the Mall road street taking your friends and family shopping different shawls, wooden boxes, handicrafts, ceramic vases and what not.

3. Kulri Bazaar.

i. After Mall road, the most renowned shopping place in Mussoorie is Kulri bazaar which is famous for eateries stops, restaurants, hotels.

ii. It is a busy spot which is popular among locals as well.

4. Library market.

i. The oldest literary landmark established in 1843, is Mussoorie Library which is famously known as ‘Library chowk’.

ii. The Library market is arranged in a circular path with shops and stalls.

iii. The market provides all kinds of requirements and an interesting place to hang out.

mussoorie tips

Tips for the Trip to Mussoorie.

It is said that, it takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance. So, we are providing some knowledge to make you aware which are the things to keep in mind while travelling to Mussoorie.
1. The Queen of Hills has a pleasant weather but there is no surety of the weather and so it is mandatory to take light winter clothes there and take an umbrella with you.

2. If you feel sick at such altitude or is prone to motion sickness, it is better to take medicine along with you. It can happen to anyone due to curves the roads take in mountains.

3. Plan your trip and reach Mussoorie at time when there is not much rush and the parking on Mall road has an entry ticket which has to be paid.

4. While shopping, do the best bargaining you can do to get the worth of the thing you like to buy. Generally, tourist places are expensive and rates are increased. But, you stick to your place and give what is worth the value.

Mussoorie mountains

Do you still have question as why Mussoorie is famous? Well, as Mussoorie images say, it is a hill station and who doesn’t love those. Mussoorie has places to visit, good restaurants to have food, things for shopping from clothes, jewellery and antiques. Mussoorie is not only lured by group of friends or family but honeymooners, foreigners and corporate trip also. You can enjoy your quality time at Christmas and New Year in Mussoorie. The place gives you leisure and best for weekend gateways.