You are currently viewing 7 Wonderful Rail Journeys in India to Experience in 2020: Best Train Routes in India

7 Wonderful Rail Journeys in India to Experience in 2020: Best Train Routes in India

Are you tired of exploring clichéd places in India? If you’ve had your fill of tourist places in India that now sounds boring to you, it’s time to explore India from a different perspective and gain new experiences. Make this new year 2020 count and embark upon journeys that are not only exciting but life-transforming as well. Here are the best train routes in India to cover this year that are likely to give you amazing life-lessons. These fascinating rail journeys cover topographies from tall mountains to glowing deserts and dense thickets of the east to coastal delights of the south. So pack your bags and head to these destinations and enjoy the experience of travelling by train.

Qazikund to Baramullah

Imagine traversing through mountains swathed with snow, dreamy landscapes boasting of rivers flowing with glass-like transparency, animals grazing on fields, people chatting and laughing over a bonfire in cusp winters. That’s just a trailer of what the route from Qazikund to Baramulla entails, you can get a vague picture of what the entire rail journey to this route will be like. Although Jammu and Kashmir are well connected with railway network, now reaching the core of Kashmir has become easier and hassle-free.

Ever since this route is unveiled, it has become convenient and cheap for travelers (on a budget) to explore the region.  Kashmir is already labeled as ‘heaven on earth’ that keeps on attracting people from across the world. If you have not got a chance to explore this ethereal land, do it with a twist. Book your train tickets and enjoy everything the enchanting land has to offer.

Kalka to Shimla

Who hasn’t heard of the famous toy train of Shimla? If you haven’t heard of it or experienced the journey from Kalka to Shimla, it’s high time to ditch a bus or private cab to explore Shimla. Today, Shimla has become a clichéd destination among travelers who hop on a bus every other weekend to refresh their minds. But there a few who think that the charm of Shimla has disappeared with passing time. If you also feel like that, then you need to capture real Shimla through new lenses. Explore Shimla via toy train and you’d know the difference. This 5 hour of journey gives you scenic views of lofty mountains, dense rhododendron forest, lush valleys, apple orchards and river running down the ledges that are no less than a treat to the eyes. Devouring tea and hot pakoras en route is a simple pleasure of life that shouldn’t be missed anyway.

Jaipur to Jaisalmer

You might have travelled to Jaipur or Jaisalmer via a private cab/bus or your car, but experiencing the culture and true facets of Rajasthan via a train journey is different altogether. Rajasthan, the land with colorful traditions, culture, rich-history and regal aura is worth exploring once in this lifetime. The rail route from Jaipur to Jaisalmer undoubtedly provides you insights into the lives of people of Rajasthan. The journey gives you glimpses of haunting dessert, dramatic landscapes offering glimpses of wildlife and scattered settlements. If you haven’t seen Jaisalmer before, make sure to add this destination to your bucket list. Do not forget to relish hot break pakodas with mint chutney served by the tiny shops at railway stations en route to Jaisalmer.

Siliguri to Alipurduar

Doars Voyage train is considered to be one of the best rail routes in India that takes you through scenic routes covered with dense thickets, gurgling streams, foggy meadows, wildlife and rain-swept valleys. The train takes 4 hours to reach Alipurduar which is the perfect offbeat travel destination for nature lovers and wanderlusts. Travelling to this route is likely to remind you of ‘Jurassic park’ movie as you witness diverse wildlife roaming in their natural habitat.

Mandapam to Rameshwaram

Passing through Pamban Bridge, dubbed as the ‘second-longest bridge in India’, the train route from Mandapam to Rameshwaram is one of the most exhilarating ones in the country. The railway route takes you through a beautiful journey running over the flat blue sea on the Palk Strait.  It’s an experience of a lifetime where you can escape the monotony of city life. The route connects Mandapam in Tamil Nadu to the island of Rameshwaram. Though Rameshwaram is counted among top religious places in India, it’s the journey to the place that will make you fall in love with it. If you’re up for a serene and calming journey, plan your trip to Rameshwaram as it won’t disappoint you.

Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling

Exploring Darjeeling through a toy train speaks of unlimited fun and adventure. The toy train is also a UNESCO world heritage site that provides you glimpses of rich vegetation of jalpaiguri, Darjeeling and places in between. Toy train takes 7-8 hours to reach the destination i.e. Darjeeling. Passing through green meadows, tranquil water bodies, steep valleys, scattered villages and thick forests, experiencing nature at its peak is something you’d not want to miss in life. The train stops for 10 minutes at Batasia loops where you can soak up the beauty of snow-clad Kanchenjunga. So next time you plan a vacation for Darjeeling, make sure to travel by the toy train. It will be a rewarding experience both in terms of adventure and life-transforming vacation.

Mumbai to Goa

Capturing the panoramic vistas of nature while travelling from Mumbai to Goa is something you will never forget in life. The train route to Goa passes through tropical forests, long tunnels, bridges, ghat sections and cascading waterfalls. The precarious curves of western ghat mountains and lush green villages scattered all over the hills are a complete contrast to the serene beaches of Goa. The route is extremely gorgeous to travel by train. It’s a perfect rail route in India to start a sojourn. It wouldn’t be hard to ditch the busy roads after experiencing a train journey of this route.