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Travel to Gangtok : ‘The Window of Himalayas’ !

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As someone has said, ‘Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb’. We are not climbing any mountain as of now but travelling and exploring some place new every time you plan any trip. You must plan a trip somewhere you have never been every month or two which gives you a reason to work back with full motivation and follow your passion having a break from your job. Travel to Gangtok and you can have something different here which you will love!

North has Himachal and Leh Ladakh while south has Kerela, Sri Lanka and many more. We plan to take you in east now which is as beautiful and clean as it can be. You will forget everything and would want to stay there forever. We take you to Gangtok in Sikkim which comes under seven sisters of India. It is also called as ‘window of Himalayas’ and is a peaceful place with mountains, glacial water with a fact that is the 1st litter free and spit free zone. This is the Gangtok Travel Guide which you would need to know to plan your trip to Gangtok.

All about Gangtok Sight Seeing : Must Visit Places in Gangtok.


Gangtok imageAbout Gangtok geographically & culturally.

1. Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim which is a state in East of India.
2. This place is amidst Himalayas. It has bordered Bhutan, Nepal, West Bengal & Tibet.
3. The place has 11 official languages which includes Nepali, Sikkimese, Lepcha, Tamang, Limbu, Newari, Rai, Gurung, Magar, Sunwar & English.
4. Sikkim has Hinduism & Vajrayana Buddhism in the state.

Gangtok Snowfall time.

  1. Snowfall in Gangtok is quite rare along with freezing in the region.
  2. Temperature reaches minimum at 4°C in winters. It is considered as the best time to visit Gangtok in September or October.

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History of Gangtok.

1. Gangtok had no identity of its own and no one knew this place until the construction of Enchey Monastery in 1840 when this place became the centre of Buddha teachings.
2. The Britishers defeated Tibetans and the roads were built at that time and called silk route.
3. The borders were sealed after Sino-Indian war in 1962 and again opened in 2006.

How to reach GangtokHow to reach Gangtok.

1. We recommend you to travel Gangtok by Air or train which is the easiest and most comfortable means. You can get both at Rs. 3, 000/- to Rs. 4, 000/-. The nearest airport from Gangtok is 124 kms away in Bagdogra, West Bengal. The road trip from Bagdogra to Gangtok is 4.30 hrs.
2. If you plan to travel from train, Travel from Delhi to New Jalpaiguri in Siliuri which is 148 kms away from Gangtok. Take a taxi or bus which takes 5-6 hrs to Gangtok.

Gangtok FoodWhat to eat in Gangtok.

1. Momos: You have to try beef momos and beef noodle soup in Thalung on MG Marg.
2. Also try Tibetan and Nepalese food which includes Chilly chicken, meat pie, chicken thukpa, Chhurpi, Sel roti, Gundruk and Sinki, Kinema and much more.
3. Talk to local people what they best recommend to have. It is always better to have the delicacies of the place.
4. Gangtok gives Nepalese & sikkimese cuisine which is worth a try and some Nepalese dishes are mentioned in Our article ‘Nepal Best Travel guide’


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Places to visit in Gangtok.

1.Local view points.

You must visit Local view points including Tashi view point, Ganesh tok view point, Hanuman, Namnang view points. These are the points which give fabulous views to the visitors to enjoy and stupefying views.

MG Marg Gangtok2. MG Marg.

MG Marg is a great place to have a walk and stroll with your partner. It doesn’t have any traffic and honking, it rarely seems like India. The street has shops of various items, be it handicrafts, gift items, souvenirs, restaurants and much more. You can also enjoy concerts and events along the street.

Ropeway Gangtok3. Gangtok Ropeway.

Gangtok has a ropeway which goes to hill top near Dro-dul Chorten Buddhist stupa. The cable car takes approx 7 minutes and stops for a while in between so that people can cherish the mountain view. The height of the mountains and you going up is amazing and tickling feeling which is worth a try.

Dro-dul Chorten Buddhist stupa final

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4. Dro-dul Chorten Buddhist stupa.

The ropeway takes you to Dro-dul Chorten Buddhist stupa which has a glimpse of Tibetan Buddhist monastery. You can have a look at hundreds of candles lit which makes you awestruck for a while.

Lake Gangtok5. Tsomogo Lake.

The lake take approx 2 hours from Gangtok which is must see. It is an oval shaped lake having 50-feet depth. Migratory ducks are also seen in the lake.You can ride on yaks and ponies near lake. They also provide snow boots, jackets and gum boots for you. This is an amazing experience which is must when you come to Gangtok.

Nathu-la pass6. Nathula Pass Indo China Border.

Nathula pass is 54 kms from Gangtok which is famous for silk route and used for trading between India & Tibet. You can also look at India-China border which is few meters away and guards can be seen guarding it.


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Adventures in Gangtok

Riverraft Gangtok1. River rafting in Teesta.

The waves giving the adreline rush in Teesta river ask you to challenge her. The Gangtok city offers you for the most enthralling river rafting destinations. Teesta treats you with series of rapids and intensity of flow which has small roller coaster rapids. Some have large rapids which is must and worth a try for the adventure lovers.

2. Yak ride.

Yak GangtokYak ride in Changu lake which is also called Tsomgo lake is must when you come to Sikkim. It is enjoyed by people of every age and the safari is taken by exploring the views surrounded by you. The yak with woollen knits and colourful clothes is a treat to the eyes.

3. Paragliding.

Paraglide GangtokWhat could be better than seeing mountains from the same level as they are. You can paraglide and enjoy the mountains scenery and have the most fresh air. Look at the birds and people seen so small like ants. It is so much fun and an excellent experience.

4. Ropeway ride.

The ropeway ride will take you to Dro-dul Chorten Buddhist stupa which is described above in the article. The main thing worth watching is the view which is seen to 7-8 minutes and they give a halt in between so the tourists can have a look more at the landscape.


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How to commute.

When it comes to commuting and transportation in Gangtok, the most preferred is the cab service. If you are going on a budget basis, get a shared cab which takes less and other things depends on your bargaining as there is no specific rates set.

Markets in Gangtok.

Market Gangtok

  1. This is a market where you can get everything you require as it is a Tibetan market with clothes, handicrafts, jewellery, gifts, prayer flags and all things required.
  2. Closing days for MG Road market is Tuesdays and the best market to roam around, window shop and get what you want. The place is smoking free and has all the facilities like restaurants, cafes and the best hang-out place in Gangtok for friends and families.
  3. If we talk of Lal Market which is as famous as MG Road market but for different products and that is vegetables. You get different fruits and vegetables which are good quality, hygienic and fresh. You can find high quality cheese or organic vegetables or kitchen items here.
  4. The best thing between both these markets is that they are not distant to each other and one can shop clothes first and also take vegetables after. With that 1 km distance, your heart will pop out to shop more and will experience an insatiable need to keep shopping.

Tips for trip.

1.  Plan your route before visiting the place.
2. Get weather updates thoroughly and then book tickets.
3. Keep sturdy shoes so that you can do adventures being comfortable.
4. Always carry something to eat & drink, you never know when you dont get enough food.
5. Wear properly with all woolen clothes so you dont catch cold.


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Facts about Gangtok.

1. Gangtok has the 3rd highest mountain which is Kanchenjunga, people also call it Dzonka in the local language.
2. Gurudongmar Lake in North Sikkim is also very famous for its own sacredness.
3. Tabacco, smoking, littering & spitting is banned in Sikkim and so in Gangtok.
4. You get wi-fi facility all over the town and cyber cafes across the place.
5. Tsomgo lake needs a permit which is compulsory for the visitors and it is the cleanest area with no litter as it is a sacred lake by the locals.

Gangtok is heavily dependent on tourism and this industry is taken very seriously as tourists do not get cheated and they are not forced to pay higher than set rates. The place rarely looks like other parts of India. Gangtok is the heart of Sikkim and the most visited place in Sikkim.
Gangtok give you chance to trek, mountaineering, river rafting and other nature oriented adventures which will boost your energy. It will give you more reasons to love mountains, nature and let you feel yourself as Gangtok has dense forests and you can see flowers like sunflower, marigold, and poinsettia in full bloom. It is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places you can find in whole of India.