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Travel God’s own city : Kerela ! Best vacation in Kerala!

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Kerela is the God’s own city is best for its greenery, elephants and powerful deep Massage for peaceful mind. Whenever someone talks of soulful places, Kerela is one of the main preferences everyone wants to go. This place has hill stations, backwaters, beaches, heritages and its history. Enjoy your Best vacation in Kerala!

Kerela has perfect and maintained hills and lawns with fresh air and beauty all over the place. The green view & an exotic feel attracts the eyes of the people. Every place in Kerela is worth watching but here are some must visit places which are you should not ditch at all and here is all about Kerela which you should actually know.


Kerala Travel Guide | Best Food to Eat in Kerala

How to reach Kerela.

1. Reach Kerela by air conveniently and the place has airports in Kochi, Calicut & Trivandrum. This is the best medium to reach as it saves time specially if you go from north India.

2. Reach Kerela by road as it has NH 17, 47, 49 connected routed to every place.

3. Kerela has the best connection of trains after ‘by air’ option.

4. Ships are also a good option as there are regular ships from Lakshwadeep to Kochi.


When to visit Kerela.

The place has two tourist seasons which are best time to visit Kerela.

i. September to March which has cool weather and is the best time to visit.

ii. June to August is also best time to visit which is a time of rains.


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Stay in Kerela

Where to stay in Kerela.

1. Kerela is all about luxury and relaxation and so the hotels and resorts are available everywhere.

2. You can opt for Homestay if you are visiting alone or with friend.

3. House boat is also a good option where you get the whole boat to stay in the backwaters, this is perfect for a honeymoon couples.

4. Every place you visit at the place is beautiful and scenic, but there are some cities which you have to go due to its delightful aura.

5. In case of any confusion, you can always ask local people who would help happily as to where to stay in kerala backwaters or where to stay in Kerala beaches.


What to eat in Kerala.

1. When we go to some place we have never been, especially if the place is Kerala, we ought to have the same delicacies that the people there have. What food to eat in Kerela? Well, that is not a confusion here. Nothing is more exciting than to get the flavors of the place and the taste buds take you on a roller coaster ride.

2. Main delicacies in Kerala include Puttu & Kadala Curry. It is a cylindrical steamed rice cake cooked with coconut which is the regular breakfast there. The prices are reasonable and local people love this food.

Puttu with Kadala3. Ela Sadya is a heaven food for all the vegetarians out there. It is a banana leaf platter which has so many dishes on it like payasam, aviyal, thoran, varavu, sambar, olan, pulissery, kichadi, pachadi. These dishes are made on special occasions.

Ela Sadya
4. Dosa Ghee Roast with Sambhar is must have. North Indians will pour their heart out for this as we have always had Dosa North style and in an improvised way. South people make this special delicacy their own and original way which is literally finger licking good.


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Kerela dosa
5. People in South India like to have a good breakfast which is not too light and of course not too heavy. So, this is a traditional dish which local people love to have in breakfast which is Idiyappam. This is a dish with steamed rice in shape of noodles which you should try.

6. Kerela Biryani is specially made in weddings which is short and thin rice with spices, chicken and eggs. Vegetables are put in the biryani and is taken with curd or mint chutney.

Kerela Biryani
7. No doubt, Kerela is heaven for non-vegetarian lovers. Nadan-Kozhi-Varuthathu is must for them which is spicy chicken dish which is healthy, delicious and very popular at the place.

Nadan Kozhi Varuthat
8. Kaalan is a side dish made from banana, yougurt, coconut and green chillies. It is a mixture of sweet and spicy with coconut softness. It is a bit difficult to imagine but hard to say no.

Kerela foodThese are the must try food in Kerela which are not to be missed. The dishes in Kerela are hard to resist as these have all the nutrients that are needed with keeping the taste buds in excitement. Have all the delicacies and you will be a fan of South Indian food, that a bet!

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Which cities to visit in Kerela.

Here are all the vacation spots in kerala which are best to spend summer vacation in God’s own city.

  1. Kerala tourist places starts with Munnar, which is a  is the hill station in Kerela which has tea farming with the aroma all around.
    i. Some places which this place carries TATA Tea museum, Blossom Park, Anamudi, Cheeyapara Dolmens, Life of Pi church.

Munnar Hills Kerela

ii. The place appease the eyes and the weather in October to March is cool and good.

iii.The weather is so pleasant that the hotels does not even have ACs and umbrellas are needed in monsoon season.


2. Thekkady is an important tourist attraction, everyone visits Kerela definitely goes to this location where Periyar wildlife sanctuary which has tigers, sambars, gaurs, elephants and lions.

Thekaddy Kerelai. The main watchable thing at the place is sanctuary and thick evergreen forest.
ii. The place is natural heaven for spices and coffee.


3. Alleppey is known as the Venice of India and a tourist place with backwaters and beautiful houseboats. This is the best place for a vacation where you can experience lovely view. The houseboats are as good as any 5 star hotel with scenic landscapes. Houseboat vacation in Kerala is tremendously amazing with the romantic views.

Aleppey Kerelai. Alleppey has some beaches which you can relax and enjoy, which are Alappuzha Beach, Krishnapuram Palace, Marari Beach alongwith Revi Karunakaran Museum, Punnamada Lake, Pathiramanal, and Sri Krishna Temple in Ambalappuzha.

ii. The city also carry Snake boat race which is Kerela’s most popular sporting event on second Saturday of August. A friendly competition is held for which people start preparing days before it has to happen.

iii. Alleppey is 53km away from Cochin Airport and also have railway station in the city.


4. Thissur is also known as the ‘Cultural capital of Kerela’. You can observe and witness the history by just taking some glances of the city.


i. The city has cultural centres to offers which includes temples, churches. The


5. People also call Kovalam, Kerela’s Beach Paradise which has the best beaches in Kerela which is full of beaches which attracts the tourists the most. It has pleasant weather with sweet and cold breeze with the golden-ish sand and beautiful sky touching coconut trees.


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kovalam beachi. The beach has inviting and scrumptious sea food and Ayurvedic massages are famous along with sun bathing.

ii. Kovalam has light house beach, Hawah beach, Samudra beach which offers beautiful and relaxing views.

iii. There are more places in the city which are Rock cut caves, Vellayani lake, Fishing harbour.


6. Thiruvananthapuram which has now turned to Trivandrum is one of the touristy place with the obvious backwaters and beaches as the state in near coastline. The beautiful long shoreline is what the city features.


i. The Padmanabhaswamy Temple is must see at this place. It manifests the Kerela & Tamil style architecture with shiny golden walls.

ii. Trivandrum International Airport is nearest and the place has Railway station facility also.


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Things to do in Kerela.

1. When you visit some place, the main aim is to have the feel of the city as a tourist at some extent but also want to feel like a localite. Wear lungi which is ‘Mundu’ and Kerela saree to get the local feel.

2. Watch Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Theyyam & Thiruvathira which are the main dance and art forms of Kerela. You will definitely love the culture and enjoy the music.


3. Monsoon is the best time to have ayurvedic massage in Kerela. People come specially to enjoy the lush green view and relax by treating themselves with ayurvedic treatment. This is best done and is effective in June, July & August.

kerela_ayurvedic4. Eat the delicacies that the natives prefer and you will feel the real taste of Kerela.

5. If you are visiting Kerela and coconut water is must have. You can see this everywhere and if you go near beaches and coconut trees, you can see the way men climb up and get the coconuts. Watching this is interesting!


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coconut_water6. Also, watch snake boat racing if you reach in August. You can also rent a boat and participate which is exciting thing to do in Kerela.

7. You can see Elephants everywhere you go, so riding on them is necessary. It is a better option than any bike or car and it gives royal feel as well.

Elephant water shower8. Feel the monsoon rain, take the natural shower & be the kid you still are from inside. Enjoy the fragrance of earth when the rain falls on it. Enjoy the freshness in the nature’s mood.

9. Visit the markets which are like every place, crowded and stallers & shopkeepers are calling you from every corner.

10. Visit Lulu mall in Kochi. It is the largest shopping mall in India which has every entertainment and fun tasks like skating rink, bowling alley, multiplex, food court and a lot more.

Lulu Mall

Kerela is all known for its greenery, leisure and panoramic views with fresh air. This is a perfect honeymoon destination as well as place to visit with family. Those tea gardens, backwater, exploring villages, crossing coconut trunk bridges, monsoon rains and tender coconut water will take you to the place every now and then. The place is an epitome of best destination in India. This would be the best trip you can imagine taking best visuals and memories from the God’s city.