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Goa Travel Guide! From Hidden Places to Hidden Beaches!

Goa beach finalGoa and Beaches ! What a relaxing imagination goes through mind while sipping on some cocktail or mocktail and the sweet sound of water with the best company. Well, where there is Goa, beach comes complimentary. We are going to guide you with the best beaches in Goa but first you will be escorted with the places which define Goa more. Here is all about Goa and Goa Travel Guide which will help specially if you are going to have ‘Goa fun’ for the first time!

As someone has said, ‘Medical ki dawa aur Goa ki hawa, tabiyat badal deti hai’ meaning ‘Fresh air of Goa is like medicine, it restores your health’.


Top Tourist Places to Visit in Goa | Goa best Beaches to Visit

This post is going to break the clichéd relationship between the two (Goa & Beaches), we are not saying it is untrue but Beaches are just a part of Goa. Goa tour is for Honeymooners, friends, solo travelers and these people just not visit beaches and churches but experience thrill and adventure by going to other places also which we are going to share further.

Goa is the India’s party capital and now the number of tourists has increased rapidly, beaches and places to visit in Goa are crowded as never before. We are going to put forward the places which are still calm and peaceful and not stuffed with noisy people, drunk men and beer bottles thrown around. If you are a traveller and loves to explore, this post is definitely for you. Here are places you must visit to trip to Goa.


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Where to stay in Goa?

You would like to stay in proximity of beaches and the best markets in Goa. So, you would want some place nearby and in walking distance.
1. You can easily get budget hotels near beaches in Goa. When you ask for a room, make sure you get a balcony to enjoy the view.

2. You can also go with resorts in Goa which provide swimming pools and more luxurious facilities.

3. For the Bachelor’s who have come to roam and enjoy can also stay in Zoostel in Goa where everyone stays in a dormentary and this is a good option if you are going with a relatively low budget.


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Here are some place which are more offbeat things to do in Goa. If you want to see real Goa, these places are must.

Braganza House Goa 1. Heritage Houses.

Almost everyone has gone and experienced a trip to Goa at least once till now. They have done the same as others did, sat near beaches with beer bottle and gone to its markets.
i. Looking at the old houses in Goa lanes feels different, we are talking of the Braganza House in Chandor Village which is a must see attraction.

ii. The house has two parts where one section is all museum and Braganza family lives in the other.

iii. This house was built in 17th century by reputed journalist Luis de Menezes Braganza. It is must to see the Goan’s history and rich heritage of the people.

iv. You would have to exert a bit to get the transport right but it is a place worth watching.

v. It has artefacts preserved, mirrors with golden corners, marble seats, pottery, ceramics and portraits of generations of the Braganza family.

vi. The place has shooting holes on walls which is a testimony to the war.

vii. You will definitely get transported back in time.


casino in Goa

2. Casino Gambling.

How about if we talk of some gambling here. You would love to spend time in casinos which have world cuisine buffet and drinks on-the-house along with various performances.
i. You can enjoy whole night at the bar which is a different kind of experience.

ii. The casinos include stand up comedy, floor shows and an ambience you would love.

iii. The casinos will give you a feel of high life and would prove to be a great hang out place with friends.

iv. Some top Casinos in Goa are Casino Pride, Deltin Royale, Casino Paradise which will give you offers you can avail.


Goa Saturday market3. Visit Arpora Saturday Market.

If you are willing to have a local feel, you must try markets of any place. The place gives the right idea of the culture of the place.

i. Goans visit to Arpora Saturday market from December to February which has best of shops with great collections of accessories, footwear, clothes and everything you want. The stalls have cultural influences from across the globe.

ii. You will listen to live music in this huge place with the best of the ambience.

iii. You can take souvenirs from the market and enjoy the evening with cocktails and DJs.


Forts in Goa

4. Fort Aguada and Fort Chapora.

If you have seen the 2001 film ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ starring Amir khan, Akshay khanna & Saif Ali khan, you must have seen the Fort Aguada.
i. This fort got so famous from the film that it is also called the ‘Dil chahta hai fort’. This is Interesting !

ii. The timings for the forts are 9:30am to 6:00pm meaning you can see sunset from the place. Now that’s so romantic, isn’t it!

iii. Watching the sunset is really peaceful and exciting at this fort.

iv. These are highly recommended if you are looking for some places tourists go less. It is still an offbeat place which will increase your fans if seen on your timeline for sure.

v. It is a great place to click pictures and take walks around.


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Go Kart in Goa5. Go-Kart.

Have fun on Go-Karting tracks in Goa which is in Verna & Arpora. They also provide you paintball so you enjoy the time spent.
i. If you are planning to go with your kids, they will definitely enjoy this.

ii. Even if you fall in any age category, you will love this adventure and adrenaline rush.


Santa Monika Cruise Goa6. Take a Cruise to Mandovi river.

Exploring offbeat islands in Goa by taking cruise on Mandovi river through ferry is cool thing to do.
i. Goa tourism Development Tourism arranges this cruise which is an hour long on Santa Monika cruise.

ii. It has a minimal fee which is worth taking a tour for an hour.

iii. This leisure trip to Goa take you to River Mandovi in Panaji where you are provided with hard beverages, soft beverages, energizers and a lot more whatever suits you.

iv. Folk dances are presented by the local boys and girls to treat you the best, musicians give performances, DJ is played  and singing and dancing takes place. If you come Goa with family, this cruise will give you a good time.

Dolphins goa

7. Dolphin sighting in Goa.

i. Watching Dolphins are the least known exciting and thrilling thing to do in Goa.

ii. There are beaches which take you to Dolphin spotting where you can have glimpses of Dolphins and who knows you are touching and playing with them in water in another moment, of course with proper safety.

iii. Dolphin spotting is done in Arabian sea which has a spot where Dolphins are found.

iv. Watching Dolphins are offbeat things to do in Goa.

v. The cruise starts from Fort Aguada, Sinquerim or Panaji Jetty.


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Goa elephant shower8. Elephant ride and tusk shower.

i. Take elephant ride in Thekaddy by reaching early till 9:00 am where you can take ride in less crowd.

ii. You would be watching elephant taking bath and the mahot will ask you to spray water on elephant and  give them bath by rubbing brush on its body.

iii. It might take some time for you to get friendly with an elephant but they are the sweetest and give you butterflies in stomach.


Surfing Goa

9. Surf in Goa.

i. Surfing gives the stimulation to get friendly with water, you are given proper equipments and instructions before taking you to water.

ii. You will be given proper lessons as how to surf and you get to learn new activity.

iii. The surfing is for 1 hour and 30 minutes which will give you chills and the adventure and enjoyment you are looking in Goa.


Water sports in Goa10. Kite surf in Goa.

i. Do you like flying above water and feel the winds passing through simultaneously? If yes, i am happy to say Kite surfing is a thing just for you to fulfill your adventure quest.

ii. This is an adventure sport trending in India which makes you more confident and daring.

iii. You are taught proper lessons, given required equipments and will be guided by a kite surfer professional.


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Goa beach guide

Goa beach Guide.

1. The tingling stimulation of various adventures in Goa, going to places not known to people and doing activities in Goa which are least known among tourists. This is all you have done till now. It is time to relax now.

2. We are taking you to the famous beaches in Goa which will take you to chill and ease around while slacking around like a sloth bear.

3. Do you know how many beaches are there in Goa? This is a difficult query as Goa touches the Arabian sea and so it has so many beautiful beaches in Goa.

4. Here are some seaside places which are considered as the best beaches in Goa.


Baga beach 1.  Baga beach.

Baga beachcomes in best North Goa beaches which is a popular beach and stretches to Sinquerim & Candolim beaches in North Goa.
i. Baga beach is among beaches near airport in Goa which is one of the positive point of this beach.

ii. You can enjoy cool breeze in the morning, fritter away time while enjoying the view and sunsets at the Baga beach.

iii. You will be seeing leaves swaying, blue sea and the waves and a besotting scenery.

iv. Baga beach is famous for its nightlife and have some clubs such as Mambos, Britto’s & Tito’s.

v. If you are travelling and going to beaches from north Goa to South Goa, you ought to start from Baga beach which comes in the north of Goa.

vi. It has various shops giving facilities of tattoo making, tarot card reading, palmistry reading and what not.


Anjuna beach 2.  Anjuna beach.

Anjuna beach is among top beach in Goa which is great to laze around.
i. If you decide to stay near hotel, you can come early morning and watch sunrise which is its best thing to feel rejuvenated.
ii. You can eat, drink and listen music at the cafes and restaurants nearby.
iii. Apply sunscreen and take shacks to the beach, have a great time luxuriating yourself.
iv. In evening, you can enjoy shopping in the market in Goa buying colourful jewellery, dresses and decorating items.
v. This beach is a bit crowded in December & January due to new year’s time


Dona Paula beach3. Dona Paula beach- The lover’s paradise.

i. Dona Paula beach is 7Km away from Panaji centre and is among most happening beaches in Goa.

ii. It is said that Viceroy’s daughter Dona Paula de Menezes Jumped off the cliff and committed suicide due to objection from his family for the boy he loved.

iii. You can wander and take strolls on this beautiful beach in Goa.

iv. Take sunbath while having straw hats as not to get skin burn.

v. It also has great nightlife which can be enjoyed among people at the beach.


Palolem sunset4. Beaches in South Goa.

This includes Palolem beach which comes under most beautiful beaches in Goa. This is a paradise for beach lovers.
i. This is near Madgaon and can be commuted through bus.

ii. The beach is clean and local fishermen can be seen at a one mile stretch of the beach.

iii. The Palolem beach has stone sculpture called ‘Money Stone’ made by an American artist Jacek Tylicki. People can leave or take money willingly.


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Agonda beach5. Agonda beach.

i. Agonda beach is in South Goa which is an ideal place for swimming and give rest to body.

ii. Mobile connections do not work here except Vodafone.

iii. This is a more quite and hushed beach in Goa as compared to other ones which are crowded.

iv. Rooms and bunglows can be taken on rent so the beach is at a walking distance.

v. The beach has church, markets across the road which can be seen with a walk.


Colva beach6. Colva beach.

i. Colva beach in Goa is a beautiful beach and a very popular among tourists.

ii. It has a Portugal significance which starts appearing from outer look itself.

iii. Colva church is must watch near the beach which was built in 1630.

iv. You have the beach for evening strolls, shopping at the market, have knick-knacks and food from restaurants and bars. Enjoy all the time in Goa and make it worth coming here.


Goa sand

These were some famous beaches in Goa but what if you don’t want any crowd and just a real time with yourself and your partner, we have brought some hidden beaches in Goa like Kakolem beach, Butterfly beach, Galgibaga beach, Betul beach, Cola beach, Velsao beach and many more. The common quality in these beaches is that they are un-spoilt and clean with less crowd and memorable sunrise & sunsets to make. Goa is the said to be the most enjoyable and relaxing place which has increased number of tourists now but you can choose the less crowded ones and adore the real place as someone has said, ‘ Every place has their own way of tapping into realness’. Good luck and enjoy your Goa tour!