You are currently viewing Fasten your Seatbelts for Airplane Theme Restaurant in Delhi!

Fasten your Seatbelts for Airplane Theme Restaurant in Delhi!

Airplane RestaurantTravelling can be very intriguing and riveting but waiting for check-ins in airports can be really frustrating and grimming, those ID check and luggage settlements, that too with costly flights are dreadful. But what if someone says that you can have dining at an airplane and not really ‘fly’ in the sky. This is the Airplane Theme Restaurant.

Well, someone has really made this true as an amazing restaurant in Delhi has opened its doors for people who want great staff service alongwith delicious food. This is in Rohini, taxied on Metro Walk which is visible at an instant. You can also experience this if you stay near Ambala-Kurukshetra highway.

Get fine dine in ‘Runway 1’, feel more comfortable than ever Airplane Themed Restaurant !

Airplane Restaurant

You must have seen different themes of the restaurants like jungle theme, bike theme, train theme, music theme and lot more but this one will blow you away.

Airplane Restaurant is a must try experience which leads to inquisitiveness for how would it be really like. Well, we are here to give you some insights and reviews of the restaurant.

The restaurant serves food in real, 15 years old, plane which is its uniqueness. As many as 100 people can enjoy dining at the same time here. Amazing thing is you can also sit on the wing and eat food while looking at the surroundings. This is surrounded with water on all sides, green & manicured lawns and those incandescent lights will take you to another level. The renovation inside the plane is such, which seems truly mesmerizing and real. You can see all the plane-like windows and staff serving in a really hospitable manner.

While parents can have good time talking, children can enter the cockpit and enjoy 3D games. This will entertain kids and they would want to come once and again.

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‘Runway 1’ Restaurant Rohini Menu.

Airplane Restaurant inside

‘Runway 1’ restaurant Rohini menu give you multi-cuisine food like Cheesy chicken burgers, Sandwiches, Fries, Pizza, Daal Makhni &Paneer, proper Indian food to Chinese one and amazing shakes and a lot more.

This is not just for dining but you can also make reservation for Corporate parties to Birthday and Kitty parties. If you are searching for  place for your loved one to go on a  date, airplane wing is the best place you can take her/him.

Runway ‘Take-Off’ Details.

Where | Runway 1- Metro Walk, Sector 10, Rohini.

Timings | 10:30am to 11pm.

Call them | +91 9306410512.

Meal for Two | Rs. 1000/-.

FB Page |

Airplane Restaurant

Keep Reading : Fasten your Seatbelts for Airplane Theme Restaurant in Delhi!

Runway1 Charges (added to the food bill).

Adult- Rs. 200/-.

Child- Rs. 100/- (5 to 10 years)

Children up to 5 years- Free

This is going to be everyone’s favorite themed restaurant where you can come with family and can also plan date with special one. This is cheaper than the flight services and has amazing things to offer. Must try out this unique restaurant and have fun!