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Visa Free Countries for Indians: Live, Love and Explore

Are you the type of person who wants to explore different places on the planet but worries about budget, accommodation and other aspects of travelling? One question that pops up in the mind of travel enthusiasts is how they can visit a country without a visa. Obtaining a visa is quite a tricky and cumbersome process that can drain the energy out of you. But who says that you can visit different countries only when you’ve got a visa? 

There are plenty of visa-free countries for Indians where they can travel, explore and unleash the wanderlust inside them. These visa-free travels for Indians are not only budget-friendly destinations but also can be explored in a short time. So no more of those classic excuses (you know what we are talking about!). It’s high time to take risks in life and prepare for the things it has to offer. Chase your dreams and start planning for these visa-free destinations.


The first place where you can start your adventurous journey from India is Bhutan. Shrouded in mystery, this Himalayan kingdom is going to leave you shocked and surprised. Rich in Buddhist culture and traditions and blessed with abundant natural marvels, this tiny country is a classic reminder of timeless and ageless beauty. No wonder the Buddhist monasteries, diverse wildlife, exotic flora, ancient temples, and stupas pull tourists towards it. The intoxicated charm of Bhutan is something not to be missed in this lifetime. Indians need no visa for exploring the nook and corner of this enchanting land of the thunder dragon.


The island country of Dominica allows Indians to travel this Caribbean nation visa-free for six months.  Surrounded by tropical rainforest and natural hot spring, this teeny tiny country is a Pandora’s Box waiting to be opened. Thriving coral gardens, colorful timber houses, volcanic activity, inspiring landscapes will make you go ga-ga over the place. On your trip to this astonishing destination, do not forget to experience world-class water sports activities like scuba diving, sea walking, snorkeling to name a few.

El Salvador

The republic of El Salvador is one of the most unusual and underrated countries in the world. Thankfully, Indians need not obtain a visa to travel it (at least not for 90 days).  Even though the country is infamous for its crime rate, this doesn’t deter wanderlusts to take a risk and jump into this roller coaster ride of a country. Do remember to capture volcanoes, lakes, craters, Mayan pyramid, the ancient town buried in volcanic ash, and pristine beaches on your camera.


This archipelago of more than 300 islands is a dream destination for many travelers. If you have enlisted Fiji in your bucket list, then you should know that you can explore the best of Fiji without a visa for at least four months. It is among the visa-free countries where Indians can travel without any worries. Fiji has a unique charm that attracts tourists from all across the world. The place is famous for its rugged landscapes, palm-lined beaches, coral reefs with clear lagoons, pleasant weather, British colonial architecture, and lush vegetation.  


Indians can travel to Grenada visa-free for three months, after that they must obtain the visa for further stay. Grenada is an offbeat travel destination that is surrounded by islands and adorned with colorful homes, ethereal natural beauty, spice plantations, and Georgian buildings. If you are seeking solitude between nature, Grenada is one of the many places begging to be explored.


Jamaica is another Caribbean island nation that allows Indians to explore the nook and crannies of it without any visa what so ever. From the reef-line beaches to lush rainforest, grand mountains to tiny houses, Jamaica is a perfect destination for those looking for laid-back holidays. However, precautions are advised before travelling certain areas of the place owing to the violent crimes crippling this tiny nation. Nonetheless, Jamaica can be explored safely. Don’t forget to sip blue mountain coffee when touring this island nation.


Macau is a culturally rich independent region with a vibrant nightlife, gambling, glamour, coastal strip, clean beaches, ample vegetation, and consists of everything there is in wanderlust’s checklist. Indians can enjoy a visa-free vacation in Macau for a month, after that they are required to get Visa if they wish to extend their holidays. Rightly named ‘the Las Vegas of Asia’, Macau is a wonderland full of casinos, skyscrapers, world-class luxury cruises, mouthwatering cuisines and what not.  No wonder it is one of the most famous places to chill and enjoy life.


If your heart desires a Himalayan getaway, then Nepal is the closest destination you can travel from India and that too without a visa. It doesn’t matter if you want to spend your holidays amidst nature or go on an adventurous trip, or simply explore the hidden gems of Nepal, this breathtaking country will put its spell on you and you’d want to visit it again and again. Some of the chief places you mustn’t miss while touring this mysterious land are- Annapurna circuit, Pashupatinath temple, Nagarkot, Pokhara, and Chitwan national park  among others.