You are currently viewing Luxury Cruise ships in India ! All new Mumbai to Goa Cruise : ‘Angriya’ !

Luxury Cruise ships in India ! All new Mumbai to Goa Cruise : ‘Angriya’ !

The travel lovers who had gone Goa from train or by road or flight, get ready to have a different experience now. India has Cruise ships in India which includes Luxury cruise from Mumbai to Goa, named ‘Angria’, is going to get started and launch on 3rd October 2018. This would take the travelers on a different experience by taking them through water ride. You get every facility on the cruise and you can have a break from the monotonous routine wherever you live.

All about Mumbai to Goa Cruise ‘Angriya’- One way, Booking, time duration & images.


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Whether you stay in Mumbai or you have come to travel to the ‘Maya Nagri’, one of the best things after watching Marine beach, Bandra worli sea-link and having those street foods will be this cruise to Goa. You can set your itinerary according to the Cruise which goes on alternate days. The fare and services of Mumbai-Goa Cruise takes you on an ecstatic imagination as it is affordable and full of exciting things to do. All the information regarding the Mumbai to Goa is shared and it is sure to have an amazing time. This is your dream break which is much required in these busy lives.


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Mumbai to Goa luxury cruise.

The Mumbai to Goa first  passenger cruise has started from Mumbai port which is a joint venture between Mumbai port Trust and Angriya Sea Eagle Private limited. The name of the cruise is under the name of first Maratha Navy Admiral, Kanhoji Angre and Angriya bank coral reef near Vijaydurg, Maharashtra.


Mumbai to Goa luxury cruise online booking.

The cruise has starting fare from Rs. 7, 000/- which is quite fair in sense to have marvelous time at cruise. The people thinking to go on this fabulous cruise can book online for the trip which is on the move in Indian Ocean. The trials are taking place so everyone gets to have a  wonderful time without any inconvenience. People are curious to know about the fare categories.

If you are looking for wedding parties or official meetings, you can always look for the booking as it can take around 350 persons. This is a good leisure trip available for everyone on board which will be without any hassles of traffic, potholes etc but a smooth journey is waiting ahead for you. You can have Mumbai to Goa cruise booking contact number on the website after the launch.

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Mumbai to Goa luxury cruise 2018.

You must have seen in movies or if gone on the cruise before, you get every type of entertainment in any cruise, this one will be the same offering the ditto luxurious services. Be it swimming pools, live performances,  Spa centres, Restaurants, pool tables and what not! You will have more facilities of games and much more. The jist is to excitedly wait for the cruise and the good time you are going to have. The thing to keep in mind is to book online for Mumbai to Goa cruise which is going to result in an achievement.


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Mumbai to Goa luxury cruise price.

The cruise fare starts from 7, 000/- to 15, 000/- which will be according to the category you choose. The fare of the cruise depends on the service you opt to take. The most luxurious will cost the most and even the basic will have great fun services. The Mumbai to Goa cruise fare will be out soon from which the travelers can have the best time. This would result in a great break from the usual ways to reach Goa.


Mumbai to Goa via cruise.

The cruise has certain stops which includes  Dighi in Raigad, Dabhol and Jaigad in Ratnagiri district, Vijaydurg and Malvan before finally docking at Panji.


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Mumbai to Goa cruise time duration.

The Mumbai-Goa cruise will be on its beautiful and fulfilling journey on alternate days. The timings for cruise are from 5:00pm to 9:00am. The whole journey of 16 hours will take you to another level which is going to be memorable. The cruise will run throughout the year except the four months of monsoon. The best thing about the cruise is the alternate days it is going which means there would be not much waiting list. More and good number of people are cruise booking from Mumbai to Goa. The Mumbai to Goa cruise distance is 611 Kms which means you are going to have good amount of time on cruise, look forward to a fun destination which is Goa.

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Mumbai to Goa cruise images

You can look at the cruise images which will take you on a carefree and extravagant journey. You can just imagine how the first cruise is a real hit. More people are willing to opt for ‘Mumbai to Goa by water’ option.


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Top Indian Luxury Cruises.

The Mumbai-Goa Cruise is becoming common among travelers and people are experiencing and comparing it by by the other luxury cruises runs in different places. Some of the best cruises in India are:

1.Sunderbans Luxury Cruise.

Sunderbans Luxury Cruise

Sunderbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the waters of Meghna, Padma & Brahmaputra. The cruise has theatre performances, games section, swimming pools, amazing views of crocodile or tiger or just local fish market and people of village. This cruise has every facility as you can think of and innumerable people opt for the beautiful and life changing experiences.

2. The Oberoi M.Vrinda Cruise.

The Oberoi M.Vrinda Cruise

Popularly known as ‘Venice of the east’ in the Allepey waters in Kerela, the Oberoi M.Vrinda Cruise. These goes through the date palm trees and rice paddy fields. You can see the quiet villages at waters in the Arabian Sea through the Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise. The guests boost up with cultural performances and the people get the best deluxe rooms. The backwaters scenery gives a peace of mind and you will definitely visit again. The terrace dining & bar includes approx. 80 guests and alcohol  & non-alcohol beverages are also served.

3. Lakshwadeep Cruise.

Lakshwadeep Cruise

The Lakshadweep island is one of the much visited honeymoon destination. Family and friends can also make plan and enjoy the place. The best thing to do in Lakshadweep is to plan a trip on Cruise. The cruise gives you all the amenities with luxurious services. They provide best rooms and the enjoyment to watch the landscapes has its own fun. Lakshadweep cruise is must visit cruise. The place itself is worth watching and the trip would totally pay-off.

4. Kerela backwater cruise.

Kerela backwater cruise

Who does not like to go kerela and watch the backwaters? what if you get to see the backwaters from cruise? well, that’s a sight well-made and people die to go to see such places. The kerela luxury cruise give you all types of categories. Categories decide the fare of the Kerela cruise. Kerela is fun, you will know when you reach there and also read our article,’Travel God’s own city : Kerela ! All the things you need to know.’ Backwater is one of the best things to do in Kerela.

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5. Andaman Islands Cruise.

Andaman Islands Cruise

One of the famous Cruise ships in India, The Andaman Islands Cruise which is recommended having a wonderful time spend. The feedback of people traveled on the cruise are faboulous. They  are more than happy how the cruise staff make their time special. The cruise to Chennai, Vishakapatnam and Kolkata are sent back an forth and people love the experience had here. You must travel through cruise which gives you different experience. It is other type of journey which gives you a break from hectic routine.