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Where to travel and what to eat like a Mumbaikar! Must Read.

Mumbai is a dream city and everyone in their dreams or day dreams, consciously or sub consciously have at least once felt to go to Mumbai and feel the aura of the city. The city has not only given us hundreds of films but an ability to imagine, think out of the box and feel the emotions we have never experienced. This article contains Places to Visit in Mumbai and most attractive you want to visit with friends and family.


Mumbai is called the ‘Maya Nagri’, ‘The city never sleeps’ & ‘City of Dreams’ which is true in every form and bit. This city has largest number of strugglers coming from different parts of the country to try their luck.


The city has given employment to Lakhs and roof to 1.84 crore people. Not only it has provided fast running life but a different sense to live and survive. It takes your smallest dream to heights, heard about ‘Dabbawalas’? They have their own tales to tell.

People say , ‘Once a person starts loving the city, cannot leave the place at all’. Be it the high humidity or the heavy monsoon, the flooded streets when no one can step outside their homes to the season it is shiny bright sun. Mumbaikars love each and every season it gives. Here are some places which you must visit when you travel to Mumbai which proves this is the best city for vacations.


Top 10 Incredible Places to Visit in Mumbai : Best Dishes Of Street Food In Mumbai.

When to visit Mumbai- The best time to visit Mumbai.

1. The climate of Mumbai in November to February is perfect for sightseeing. The temperature also goes to 10 degree Celsius in winters. These months also have many cultural events including music , arts or literature so it is beneficial for travelers or tourists to enjoy in these particular months.

2. The Summers in Mumbai are harsh in March to May which people do not recommend at all but if you have small budget, this time is the best to get best deals.

3. The Monsoon time in Mumbai is not appropriate in June to September as the amount of rain falls creates a turmoil for the local people too and would be a disaster for tourists, better go to nearby hill stations at this time which includes Lonavla, Khandala, Matheran. Although, if you attend Ganpati festival, you will get the exact essence of Mumbai.


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Place to visit in Mumbai.

Gate way of india1. Gateway of India.

Gateway of India is the hot-spot of the tourists ehich comes under places to Visit in Mumbai where people come and share moments to click pictures to remind themselves watching them that they have to travel and visit the place again to have an amazing experience again and explore more as the more you explore, it is still much more to see places in Mumbai.

i. Gate way of India in Mumbai was built by Jamshedji Tata and people honour this for its rich culture and cultural heritage.

ii. Gate way of India has steps behind the arch which leads to the Arabian sea.

iii. There is no specific visiting time restriction in Gateway of India with no entry fee.

iv. Taj Hotel is also visible from Gateway of India, the hotel has coming of notable guests and famous for its history.


2. CST Railway station.

CST mumbaii. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is an extravagant Gothic Building of colonial-era which is amazingly maintained and is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

ii. Earlier known as ‘Victoria Terminus’, Chhatarpati Shivaji Terminus has overflowing crowd around the clock.

iii. This is Mumbai’s iconic building where people at least once stop and watch the glory of the historic building.

iv. CST is must visit place as it holds a profound past in the city which would make you know the city better.

3. Marine Drive.

Marine Drive is also called Victoria’s Necklace which is 3.6 km long concrete road along the coast.

Marine drive i. It looks like a necklace from the aerial view and so is called ‘Queen’s Necklace’ which is comes under places to Visit in Mumbai.

ii. If viewed at night, lights are seen which resembles like a beautiful necklace.

iii. People visit here at high rate and specially at the time of monsoon. Sometimes when there is high tide in Mumbai, the water splashes at high rate and rejoice the people sitting on the rock area but it is dangerous at the same time as high alert is issued.

iv. You can sit here and watch the water tiding away making sweet music sound and having a conversation.

v. This can be your favourite place you would want to hang out with friends in Mumbai and feel relaxed.


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4. Haji Ali Dargah.

Haji Ali Dargah is a place of spirituality and is a very popular place to visit.

Haji Alii. The Dargah is a pilgrimage site for Muslims where non-muslims are also permitted.
ii. Haji Ali is 500 yards from Mumbai shoreline in Arabian sea.
iii. Lakhs of devotees visit the Dargah walking through the long passage which is built on the ocean.

iv. This comes under must see places to Visit in Mumbai.

5. Essel world.

Essel world is not only a sheer fun for kids but for all other ages. It is India’s largest amusement park with brimful of adventure and fun Essel world is the best place to go for family vacation.


i. It has different rides for Adults, different ones for children and others for family.

ii. Be it Tunnel twister, Shot-n-Drop, Kangaroo Hop or Top spin and many others.

iii. Essel world rides are so many that you would need the whole day to cover each and every ride.

iv. After rides, you have restaurants to have delicious food including Dominoz Pizza, Ohh! Mumbai, Taipan Chinese restaurant, Kwality wall’s, Happy singh ka Dhaba, South treat.

v. Essel world has lush green parks to relax after the amazing rides.

6. Siddhivinayak & Maha Laxmi Temples.

Siddhivinayak & Maha Laxmi Templesare must visit temples in Mumbai. They say, you are granted everything you ask in these temples.

Temples in Mumbai

i. Siddhivinayak is the oldest Lord Ganesha’s temple in Mumbai and Aarti timings are 7:00am & 7:30am, 6:30pm & 10:00pm.

ii. Mahalaxmi Temple is shrine dedicated to Goddess Mahalaxmi which has a great celebration at Navratris.

iii. You can see flower shops and Puja accessories outside the temple and when you enter the temple, do the ‘Darshan’, you can see the ocean beside the temple. You can sit and watch the view and experience serenity.

iv. These are two must visit temples which has a great significance for the Mumbaikars and people visiting Mumbai.

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7. Colaba Causeway, Linking road & Hill road.

Colaba Causeway, Linking road & Hill road are the best street shopping areas in Mumbai where find heaven and does not come back with empty hands.

Markets in Mumbai

i. Like Sarojini market, Lajpat nagar market in Delhi, Mumbai has these three interesting and amazing markets which has all the latest fashion clothes in cheaper rates if you know haggling a bit. You can try bargaining if you haven’t done till now, it is very fun to look the vendors negotiating.

8. Bandra worli sea-link.

Bandra worli sea-link is a famous bridge in Mumbai which has been the dream project of Mumbai. Its original name is ‘Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link’ but everyone calls it ‘Bandra-Worli Sea link as it connects Bandra and worli.

Bandra-Worli Sea-Link

i. Bandra Worli Sea link is and engineering wonder as it can take weight of around 50, 000/- elephants.

ii. Bandra-Worli Sea link in Mumbai holds an important role in the lives of Mumbaikars as it reduces the 60min-90min stretch to 20min-30min stretch.

iii. The view and the feel from the amazing link is breathtaking.

9. Best Beaches Mumbai.

Aksa Beach, Juhu Beach, Girgaum Chowpatty are must visit beaches in Mumbai.

Film City Mumbai

i. You visit Mumbai and doesn’t watch beaches is impossible. Beaches are the main attractions of the places near shores and coasts.

ii. You must have heard the song inspired by Aksa beach! ‘Tujhe Aksa Beach ghumaadu, aa chlti kya!, this song shows the fondness of this beach among people. Being a good traveler, this is a must do thing in Mumbai.

iii. Sit and relax, watch the sunset and look for the best views you can grab.

10. Film city.

Beaches Mumbai


i. What about all the films and daily soap operas you watch come from? Where are they shot? Did you ever thought that you can also watch those spots where your favourite actors and actresses spend most of their time.

ii. Film city is the place where your film shooting locations in Mumbai are done. These are the most beautiful film locations which catches attention of the people.

iii. Film city is nearly 350 acres in area located in Goregaon which has 20 indoor studios and outdoor shooting setting as well. Film city tour can also be taken

iv. Some other shooting locations which you would be able to feel acquainted with are Dharavi, Juhu Beach, Gateway of India & Marine drive.


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What to eat in Mumbai.

The famous and must eat things to try in Mumbai and the dream city cannot just live without are.

Akuri Toast1. You can find Irani café and restaurants which has Akuri toast, scrambled eggs which every Parsi family loves and make often. The eggs has chopped onions, tomatoes, chilly and coriander which is just the right thing to treat your taste buds.


Brun Pav 2. Brun pav which is perfect snack with tea which people have it in the evening. You must have this because local people love brun pav, if you are looking for foods that will make you local in Mumbai as well, so Brun Pav is one of that thing to have in Mumbai.


Batata Vada 3. Batata vada is the cheapest in Mumbai to fill your stomach and people are obsessed with the batata vada which is potato stuffed and ‘besan’ covering, eaten by putting in between the pav bread. It is served with green chutney and green chilley. Batata vada is in veins of the Mumbaikars and must eat in Mumbai. This is a must try things in mumbai.


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bhelpuri 4. Bhel puri in Mumbai is famous in Mumbai which is great as a snack. It has puffed rice, papdi, onions, tomatoes, sour chutney. It has a different taste in Mumbai than any other place.


South indian dish5. South Indian Dishes include Dosa, idlis & medu vada with sambhar, rasam and filter coffee. There are South Indian restaurants in abundance which serve great food and you will become fan of it.

Puranpoli 6. Puran poli is a Maharastrian & Gujarati dish made of ‘Chana Dal’ with sugar or jaggery, cardamom powder is also used. It is more like a sweet chapatti which steals the heart away with the softness sue to ‘ghee’. It is must eat in Mumbai which give a glance of its culture.

Dhokla 7. Dhokla is something very famous everywhere and when you come to Mumbai, this food is in your must have list. People also call it  ‘Khummun Dhokla’ in Mumbai.

Franki 8. Frankie in Mumbai holds an important place which is in almost every restaurants specially near every college. The frankies are spicy and of so many flavours which will bring water in your mouth and you will force to have more of them.

Gujrati thali

9. Gujarati Thaali is full of tongue twister mouth watering dishes which takes you on a taste buds ride.

i. The Gujarati thaali includes Gujarati Khatta Dhokla, Dhaniya chutney, Mix vegetable, Sev tamatar ki sabzi, Gujarati kadhi recipe, Masala chhas.

ii. Desserts include Aam ras, Shrikhand Shhera (halwa) which are scrumptious and you would miss and want to have them again.

10. Modak is a Maharashtrian dish mainly made during Ganesh festival in Mumbai.
i. It is an offering to lord Ganesha which people make with wheat flour and contains sugar, coconut and milk.
ii. The taste of coconut will melt in the mouth and the feel of flavours comes direct to feed your heart and soul.

Mumbai is the 10th largest city in the world. Even, people born and grew in Mumbai does not know all the places in Mumbai. Be it any circumstances or mishappenings, the dream city once stop for a bit but again takes no time to run at the same pace. The city never sleeps and the people have no limits. People come from every part of India to fulfill their dreams as it is hub of every big industry possible. The city gives bountiful of opportunities and dreams to fulfill.