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All about Kolkata and its culture! Must Read!

India has innumerable varieties of amazing cities which has altogether different vibes and has its own pace of life. You can visit ‘Techie city’ which is Bangalore, ‘Clean city’ which is Delhi, ‘rich city’ which is Mumbai but the ‘soul city’ is Kolkata. The city of soul and people with heart of gold are found here. If you are new to this place and ask someone way to go, don’t get surprised if they change their way for you and help you reach there. Scroll and know all about Kolkata and its culture !

Introduction Kolkata

Kolkata has been a place of great culture and full of artists. Not only this, you can find at least one artist in a family who can either sing, dance, writes proficiently. The kids start to show their inner talent from a tender age and parents help them get best out of them. This is the reason girls in Kolkata sings while taking all ‘murkis’ and ‘taals’  even without any effort.

The sweetness in the voice of people is related to the sweets popular here. If not other shops, you can definitely have sweet shops in every society and lane. Here are points which cover All about Kolkata and its culture which differentiates it from other cities of India. You can also go visit cities of India like Kolkata solo for which you should read our post Solo Travel India! Things to keep in mind while travelling solo.

Important things in Kolkata : From History to best places and food!


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Kolkata History and Districts.

Let’s start with the geographic location and districts of West Bengal where the district ‘Kolkata’ falls. Kolkata is in West Bengal state which is in eastern India. Kolkata has been the most important city from Britishers time which was the called ‘Calcutta’. This place was the capital of British Empire until 1911 and then the capital relocated in Delhi.

So many revolutionaries and fighters from Kolkata joined Indian struggle for Independence. So many famous people and artists like Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Rabindra Nath Tagore, Jagdish Chandra Bose, Swami Vivekanand, Sri Aurobindo, Satyajit Ray, mother Teresa, Pandit Ravi Shankar and many more are from this beautiful place which offers inherent intellectual and talent.


Places to visit in Kolkata.

Victoria Memorial1. Victoria Memorial.

i. As you can judge from the name. This is from British era since Queen Victoria’s time.
ii. This is a museum with lawns outside and which is allowed to see by taking tour.
iii. This is the best place to enjoy picnic with friends and family.
iv. You can also visit the ‘Maidaan’ opposite the Victoria Memorial where you can play football, jog, stroll and can see alot of greenery.
v. The timing for Victoria Memorial is 10:00am to 6:00pm. It is closed on Monday and national holidays are closed.
vi. The ticket cost for Victoria Memorial in Kolkata is.
a. Rs. 10/- for an Indian National.
b. Rs. 150/- for Foreigners.

2. Howrah Bridge.

Howrah Bridge i. Also known as ‘Rabindra Setu’. This is not only famous in India, but world.
ii. This is the bridge connecting between Howrah and Kolkata.
iii. This was made in British era which is seen without any support, lakhs of vehicles pass throughout the day and it is still standing as rough and tough.
iv. You can watch river standing on the bridge and also click picture. It has a breeze which will create its own memory in your mind.
v. It is not just limited to Hindi Film industry but also to Hollywood. Many films has been shot here.


You are reading : All about Kolkata and its culture !

3. Indian Museum.

Indian Museumi. The Indian Museum is as old as the preserved things here.
ii. You can have a look at ‘Mummy’ which is the dead preserved body wrapped in bandages.
iii. You can also watch Dinosaurs skeleton.
iv. The ticket cost for Indian Museum in Kolkata is
a. Rs. 20/- for Indian citizens.
b. Rs. 500/- for foreigners.

4. Kalighat Kali Temple.

Kalighat Kali Templei. Kalighat Kali Temple in Kolkata is the sacred temple. Kolkata is also derived from the name of the Kali ghat.
ii. The temple is on the banks of Adi Ganga which connects to the Hoogly.
iii. The temple holds a special place in the hearts of the devotees and is a must visit place when you find the actual Kolkata.

5. Belur Math.

Belur Math i. Belur Math in Kolkata was founded by Swami Vivekananda situated in the banks of Hoogly river.
ii. The math has its own history and has a great architecture with fusion of Hindu, Christian & Islamic motifs.
iii. This temple conducts medical sevice, education, work for women, rural uplift and work for backward classes.
iv. This is a must visit temple if you are looking for actual Kolkata places to visit.

6. Nicco Park and New town Eco Park.

i. If you are visiting Kolkata with your family, Nicco Park and New Town Eco Park is must visit.
ii. Nicco park is the fun park where you can enjoy the water and normal rides while going to restaurants inside only. Different types of rides will take to another level of adventure and would result a great fun trip.
iii. New Town Eco Park is a park which has so many activities to do which requires at least whole day to cover most of it and still would end up with not some of them.
iv. New Town Eco Park has boats and private boats ride, toy trains, speed boats, cycling and what not. It has a place which has all the wonders of the world mini statues, wax museum.
v. The timings for New Town Eco Park is 2:00pm to 9:00pm everyday.
vi. Ticket fee for New Town Eco Park is Rs. 30/- each.


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7. Eden Gardens.

Eden Gardeni. Made in 1864, Eden Garden is famous for its large crowd during matches. The fans are passionate about the stadium and the cricket game.
ii. This is the second largest stadium in world which is also a home to Bengal cricket team and venue for Test, ODIs, T20 matched in India.
iii. Many great matches has been played in this stadium which is a ‘must visit and feel the vibes’ stadium.

8. Mother house.

Mother house i. It is said, when Mother Teresa came to India, this is the place she stayed in and helped people getting recover.
ii. This is a very special place and considered as holy place of pilgrimage and a must visit place in Kolkata.
iii. You can also look at the room where Mother Teresa stayed which is so small that you will wonder how the wise women stayed in such tiny room that also without fan.
iv. The timings for the house is 8am to 12pm, 3pm to 6pm. Thursday off.

9. Indian Coffee House.

Indian Coffee House Kolkatai. The cafes which we visit now in everyday lives were not present earlier and there was only one name i.e. Indian Coffee House.
ii. Indian Coffee House has been a famous one, started from Bangalore and gradually dispersed in other major cities.
iii. The aura that Indian Coffee House gives is just as when it was earlier in olden days.
iv. It is used as ‘Adda’ where people gather in group and discuss different social issues, philosophies and various debates.
v. You can easily see that the coffee house does not purely work for profit but rather the things are cheaper here.

10. Visit new market.

Market Kolkatai. Kolkata’s biggest market is the new market in Kolkata which is the cheapest and you can bargain with all your breath.
ii. This is a great shopping destination with decent price be it footwear, clothes, jewellery or any accessory, you can get anything to everything here.


You are reading : All about Kolkata and its culture !

Things to eat in Kolkata.

The people of Kolkata has hearts of gold, maybe it is true that the way to heart goes from stomach. Meaning that they are true food lover and loves to eat sweets. If you are a combination of traveler and food lover, this place is must visit. All about Kolkata and its culture includes dishes which are must to have in Kolkata and your journey is incomplete without them. This is all about Kolkata and its culture where people are fond of food, specially sweets! At the time of festivals like Durga Puja, have the most delicious food. Know more about Durga Puja Festival in Kolkata and West Bengal!

1. Roshogullas at Chittaranjan Mistanna Bhandar.

rosogullai. Rasgullas are the round white sweets dipped in sugar water available everywhere in India. But the ‘Rosogulla’ of Kolkata gives you a special treat as they are different and delicious from anywhere else you have eaten. Roshogullas are the speciality of Bengal.

2. Sondesh.

Sondeshi. Sondesh is made from milk and sugar and a very famous sweet of Bengal.
ii. The making of Sondesh started when unsold milk became sour and avoiding its wastage, mixed with jaggery or sugar, a paste is formed called ‘Makha’.
iii. Sondesh holds an important place in Bengal among the food lovers where meal is not complete without sweets.

3. Kosha Mangsho.

Kosha Mangsho

i. Kolkata street food is a spicy Bengali Mutton which has a great velvety gravy.
ii. This is made with great love by the grandmothers and mothers and the meat is juicy, biting into it wants you to eat more and more until you are well fed.

4. Pitha.

Pitha Kolkatai. Pitha is a famous dish made from wheat or rice flour. It can be salty as well as sweet.
ii. Pitha is a whole meal snack which people of Kolkata eat with full heart till their stomach is full.


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5. Mishti Doi.

Mishti Doii. The sweet yogurt made with sugar or jaggery originated in Bengal is very common in Bengal and Bangladesh.
ii. ‘Mishti doi’ meaning ‘Meethi Dahi’ is a sweet dish which tastes creamy and contains a pinch of cardamom.
iii. When you travel to Kolkata, Misti doi is must, it is available everywhere in packed packets but must be eaten fresh in Bengal, you will definitely be a fan of it.

6. Puchkas.

Puchka Kolkata Golgappei. The ‘Golgappas’ are also called ‘Puchkas’ and every place has a different name for it.
ii. Bengalis are fond of eating and puchkas are their favourite. Some places have innumerable varieties of Puchka water which is must have.
iii. The Kolkatas street food is amazing and unique because of its spicyness and sweetness in food.

7. Kathi Rolls.

Kathi Rollsi. Another street food is Kathi roll which originated in Kolkata. The kebab wrapped in Parantha rolled is what a Kathi roll is. It is scrumptious with all the sauses and egg or chicken in between.
ii. You can find different varieties of Kathi rolls in the market which will let you eat more and more but your heart will want more of it.

8. Doodh cola.

Kolkata doodhcola i. You will be surprised to have doodh cola drink which is a mix of milk and cola.
ii. It is just milk and cola and shaken well from blender.
iii. The drink seems somewhat odd but tastes really well and very famous in Kolkata.
iv. Doodh cola is a must have drink when you travel to Kolkata.

9. Fish Fry.

Fishfry i. Bengalis have a great love for fish which is also made in special occasions and festivals.
ii. Bengalis are really fond of fish with bhaat i.e. rice.

10. Bengali meal.

Bengali Thalii. When you visit Kolkata, Bengali meal will give you all the answer of the questions why Bengali people loves food. The answer is actually in the meal that you will have when you travel there.
ii. The Bengali thali has all the culture in one thaali contacting all the delicacies.


You are reading : All about Kolkata and its culture !

Kolkata is also a cultural capital of India as it has still preserved the culture of old India. You will see the loud streets, people buzzing on the roads like swarms and feel yourself in a different era. This place is the only one with Trams now which are also called ‘light rail’. In 1960s, Trams were an important mode of transport in India. After coming of different vehicles, they were stopped in other parts of India but still exist in Kolkata.

Kolkata Image

The people of this city needs no excuse to be happy and Joyous, they are happy within themselves and know how to celebrate each new day. When you get All about Kolkata and its culture, you feel delighted to know about the city. They are carefree and would be seem not to take any stress or pressure of anything. Visit Kolkata, feel the olden days and live and eat like a Bengali. They believe in living life to the full and people from other places envy them for the airy and blitheful life.