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Solo Travel India! Things to keep in mind while travelling solo.

When you travel, you tend to explore the best of the places and do all the research where you can see the best of the another world. You plan, prioritize and execute the best, be it in groups or if you hit a solo travel India. You have to always think of all the corners and work all assumptions that might happen and be ready for future discrepancies. When you make plan in groups, you can always take help of others and get solution. But when travelling solo? Getting all things ready before time is a task you should not forget. So, here are some essentials which has to be taken along with you while starting a solo travel. Make sure to ‘check’ these important points.

Thinking to go on a solo trip? Must remember these things! 

  1. Start the trip on a good note!

Solo travel

Firstly, start on a good note when going to start a travel. You must have been planning for months and you are finally on a step to look forward to it. Travel can be on mountains, deserts, plains but when you start your journey plan and prioritize your places to visit, you must give it a proper time to go. Start your journey keeping the plan but also open for all things that might come in between. Get ready for all the adventure and enjoy to the full!

2. Carry your essentials.

Travel essentials

Your essentials are the most important things which you ought to take along with you. Essentials like keys, camera, phones, IDs, bag lock which you forget sometimes. You must read an article ‘’ 20 Basic things to take while travelling. Check the list!’ where you get all the essentials to take while you travel to places. These list make your travel easier and more convenient. Essentials are those you cannot travel without, take care specially when you are travelling just solo!


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3. Get the Hotel’s visiting card.

Hotel's visiting card

When you are out in a city for the first time, you might get lost in the unacquainted streets. What do you want to do then? How would you call for help? The easy pre-requisite thing is to take your hotel’s visiting card so that you can always ask local people for the hotel or the landmark nearby. Gradually, you can learn the streets by walking around but initially, you should better take the card and all requirements to reach back to hotel.


4. GPS the places.

GPS the places

When you go to new places, you must know about the streets you might come across. You might forget the roads on a solo trip but GPS the places and note the distance between them so you don’t forget the path. Make a note where to go first and make an order of places to visit.


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5. Talk to the receptionist.

Talk to receptionist

Talk to the people working there. Have a conversation with the receptionist which place has best to offer and how can get the essence of the place and which place is best to visit. Sometimes, we do not get to the places to visit but the locals know the best. Don’t hesitate to ask for extra knowledge one can give for the place. After all, you have come to see the place from a local point of view too. Know the place better.


5. Establish connection make friends.

Meet locals

Going solo and observing each little thing is a great task. It has many benefits and one of the benefit is that you can meet the locals and establish connections with them. You might get a lunch or inner invite from their house or if they can take you to the best place you didn’t know that exists. Try to be frank with local people and make friends which might prove to be helpful and you might get an extra points or advantages for that.


6. Keep searching for the best deals.

best deals

While travelling and touring the place, you must watch out for the best deals offers going on on cafes, pubs or restaurants. The enjoyment is when you get the expensive offer in low or moderate price. Sometimes, you get discounts or first time offers. You must see the famous places in lower cost which can be relaxing budget-wise and you get to see the best of the place. So, it is a win-win situation.


7. Take map.

Take map

You can always take a map on your phone, but why to use phone all the time and overuse the battery. Rather, you can always have a hard copy of the map and mark on it the places you have to travel. Keep circling the places you can visit and keep ‘check’ on the place you have done visiting.


8. Get a local number.

Get a local number

When you visit some place, you must roam like a local and have a feel of the place as much as you can. You must be in contact of the people you are in touch with, so get local sim to be in touch with them. Local number are available on the airports also. You can easily get them from shops by showing your ID. Get the sim and enjoy the time sharing with the loved ones.


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9. Fake a conversation, if need be.

Fake a conversation

This is a great trick to let any stranger know that one can get into danger if he shows any sign of mischief or misbehavior, he will pay for it. For instance, if you take a cab, you must fake a conversation to your home saying that you have got the taxi from that place along with the number of the taxi. Get trouble free and enjoy the  vacation!


10. Don’t flaunt expensive items.

Expensive items

You must be aware of the items you must take care of and those are the expensive items that are of great use. Take it your camera, phone, portable charger and any of your essentials. You must look after the things you own in solo travel India and don’t over show it to people who might be in search of grabbing good opportunity of stealing your possessions.


11. Don’t run out of cash.

save money

You must have heard the saying,‘God help those who help themselves’ (specially on solo trips). This is true in every aspect here which means you are the only one there for yourself in case of any mishappening. You must look after what is right and what is not. Otherwise, you might end up in any serious issue. Try to save money as much as you can, be it by staying in a less budgeted place. The main thing to do is spend after thinking twice!


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12. Stay in touch with family members or friends, they should know your trip plans.


When you are travelling alone, there must be somebody who knows your whereabouts as to where you are staying and your basic plans. This is in case, any mishappening happens, one must be able to search you and get you out of the situation. This would not happen but you always have to make sure of everything including of your own safety. Traveling and exploring is great but sometimes you want someone to help and get you out of any problem. Just in case!


13. Protect your IDs.

Identity cards

Your IDs are the utmost important thing that you should not start your journey without. You must carry a waist bag which have your essentials papers which includes your ID and important things. When you go to foreign country, you ought to have your identification to show that you are a genuine person and just a tourist.


14. Avoid dark streets.

dark streets

Try to avoid dark streets which has less or no people going through. You might be a victim of theft and mistreatment. Don’t compromise your security and go through the road crowded rather than spooky and empty road.


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15. Don’t be drunk, don’t get intoxicated.

Dont be drunk

Last but not a least point. This point has a great advantage in your travel. You must not be drunk at any time you are travelling and specially when you are on your own. Some notorious people can get to know that you are a tourist and take advantage of you by stealing your expensive and precious thing and might hurt you. So , it is better to be aware and be sober.

Enjoy the solo travel India and get the best out of the new places ! Happy Journey, keep exploring!