You are currently viewing 20 Basic things to take while travelling. Check the list!

20 Basic things to take while travelling. Check the list!

Travelling is a part of everyone’s life when one goes on a break allowing all the stress to remain back. The article has 20 Basic things to take while travelling. Check the list! These based on, when one thinks of travelling, the excitement that rushes through the veins and the thoughts of green mountains and pristine water goes all through thumping the rocks like in Mussoorie, beaches with stacks and beer like Goa is an ultimate imagination, or be it the trips in Kerela with ayurvedic treatments. Wherever you go, you need to keep things that are necessary in trips while travelling which you often forget. Forgetting some basic things are quite obvious as the list of things are big, here we have made a list you must acknowledge and take when you go to the dream destination.

Important things to carry while travelling : Basic things to take while travelling. 


1. Travel documents- IDs, cash credit card.

Travel Documents

Basic things to take while travelling

i. When you travel, it is mandatory to put documents which includes you ID. This can be your life saver when you travel to out of country of cross certain borders.

ii. Keep in mind to take proper amount of cash as your online payment might not work in other areas.

iii. Carry your Credit Card which can be used if you are out of cash and of course, no travel takes place without money.

iv. When you are not in your own country or city, it becomes difficult to make people believe about your genuineness, this can be made sure if you carry proper IDs along with you.


2. Travel apps for directions and language.

Travel apps

i . You go to places you have never been, the important thing is to read all about it and know places distance and time to go by the schedule.

ii. Even if you are not able to remember the areas, the travel apps with directions or GPS is of much need.

iii. If you go to some place and are not aware of the language, you always have a phone application with the language conversions.

iv. Certain more mobile applications which are must in your cell if you are travelling are Redbus, JustDial, Uber, Ola, Trip Advisor, Google map etc.



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3. Multitool.

Multi tool

Basic things to take while travelling

ii. Be it bottle opener, screw diver, small knife, nail cutter and much more, this is a gadget once for all work.

iii. Try to find more multitool which can make your travel easier and comfortable.


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4. Bag lock. Basic things to take while travelling.

Bag lock

i. When you travel, you might need to put your bags somewhere not in your vision, bag lock are much needed that time and comes under Basic things to take while travelling.

ii. Be it your hostel or sharing rooms, lock your bag and travel without any sense of insecurity.

iii. Bag locks can be of real importance when you need it, so it is must to take it with you, also take extra ones.

5. Rain jacket or windbreaker.

Travel clothes

i. If you are travelling on bike specially, it is important to safeguard yourself from the cool winds and scorching rays of sun, wind breaker help you keep safe from getting bad skin and rough patches.

ii. Sometimes you plan for trip in rainy place, the raincoat will help you not getting wet and so not to get you sick and also saves another pair of clothes.


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6. Travel pillow.

Travel pillow

i. The very  Basic things to take while travelling includes Pillow that we forget. For the people with shoulder pain or migraine, it is better to take travel pillow which gives comfort to your spinal cord and gives you relief.

ii. They can be used during bus or car travel when you are tired and take naps, otherwise neck can be in stress.

iii. Travel pillows does not cost too much and comes in sophisticated colors also. Get one for you now and enjoy the journey.


7. Travel wifi. 


i. Are you planning to travel to any area less populated and in low network? well, probability is your connection might not get proper connection there.

ii. The travel Wifi keeps you going till the last signal bar and helps you connecting to the location and lets you away from diverting from the way.

iii. It can be used anywhere and at anytime is what is its benefit. Do not forget to take the travel wifi next time you travel to places.


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8. Camera.

Travel Camera

i. You are going to beautiful places and do not capture them? Your memory will fade away in some time and you will forget the images you mind had took that time.

ii. You must carry camera along with you so as to click the kodak moments and the landscapes which leads you to internal happiness. You might find something unusually interesting which you want to remember always, camera is the best equipment you can take.

iii. You can carry water friendly camera like ‘Go Pro’ which goes into the water and captures you clearly.


9. Earphones/headphone. Basic things to take while travelling.

Travel headphone

i. The long hours of journey can make you feel like a lazy sloth and you might get tired or bored. It is essential to take headphones so as to keep yourself entertained.

ii. The headphones can give you the perfect songs for the scenery and views and work as the background songs in your life. Take earphones and enjoy the views.


10. Solar Power Bank.

Solar Power Bank

i. Thinking to travel places where network does not work and can not find much electricity? You might get lost nowhere if you do not have the battery to charge.

ii. The best idea is to charge your phone or camera through solar power bank which is natural and keeps you independent and not dependable on electricity.


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11. Sunglasses.


i. You want to look cool and smart when you travel, for that you must not forget the essential sunglasses.

ii. Apart from looking good, this will keep your eyes better and not strained in harsh sunny areas.

12. Extra pair of shoes. Basic things to take while travelling.

Travel shoes

i. When you move out to track or hike or walk much, there is a chance you might get hurt from the same shoes, it is always better to give a change to your shoe which might give a different feel to the feet.

ii. Take trek shoes, floaters or comfy slippers for better time at the vacation.


13. Extra supply of food.

Travel food

i. You might be taking a family trip or a solo one, you need an extra supply of food which includes fruits or dry fruits, chips or something healthier like sprouts.

ii. You can also take foods that lessen your appetite like dark chocolate, ginger or protein rich food.

iii. The extra supply is for the places that take longer time to reach and you will be sitting idle in bus or car continuously for longer hours. You might not get better food or food at all at any place. So, keep a backup!


14. Torch.

Travel Torch

i. You might get lost on a dark road or find yourself stuck while trekking, torch can be your life savior.

ii. You can have torch in your phones these days but if your battery is exhausted, a torch can help you in many ways.


15. Energy Food.

Energy Food

i. Travelling to places gives you full of energy to go on a break but sometimes you might not get proper nutrition and energy.

ii. You can not always have a good and proper food at places and keeping you in bad health, have protein bars for energy and stay in the pink of the health.


16. Essential Toiletries. Basic things to take while travelling.

Essential Travel Toiletries

i. The smallest things are being forgotten which includes toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash, shampoo,deodorant, hair brush, comb, lip balm etc.

ii. These things are small but holds a great value as you can choose to have which you like and of your choice.

iii. Be it facial tissues, cologne, mini mirror, mosquito repellant etc.


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17. Water Bottle.

Water Bottle

i. You keep the bigger things and almost forget the basic things that just does not come to your mind.

ii. Keep a thermos bottle or just glass bottle with you so you never are in shortage of water, as you get to refill the bottle, you can.

iii. Keeping a water bottle is also a convenient as well as hygienic thing to keep.


18. Towel.

Travel Towel

i. Keep a towel which does not consume much space like towel made out of cotton.

ii. The cotton towel can also dry in short time and is easy to handle.

iii. Keep hand towel or medium sized which can be used for multi purposes.

19. Gloves, hat or scarf/ bandanna- head cover.

bandanna for travel

i. You might go to bike ride travel or bus travel, thing that is must is bandanna or face wrapping cloth to avoid dust on your face.

ii. Going to a place like Goa in beaches? must take a hat which protects you from scorching heat.

iii. Even if there is no ‘need’ of bandanna, you can use it for how it looks on you. You can take photographs with them which looks cool.


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20. Snacks.

Travel snacks

i. Last reminder, but not the least one. You must carry snacks along with you to satisfy your hunger in unknown places.

ii. Sometimes, you do not like the snack of the place and are very choosy, store things like Khakhra or Namkeen bhujia, biscuits.


The reminder of taking along all the basic needs is must and whenever you are going on any trip, be it domestic or foreign, these are the ‘must take’ essentials. You might stuck in any situation which does not allow you to move further, but these essentials things help you with all their work. Travel can be a hectic if you do not take certain travelling essentials, so it is a reminder through this article for you to follow.