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The Ultimate Cycling Destinations in the World: A Peek into Cycling Heaven

Someone has pointed out correctly that “Travelling is not a hobby; it’s a way of life”. It shapes our perspective and views about the world and about ourselves. It is not necessary for you to travel by plane to experience and discover the world. There are plenty of options to enjoy travelling yet there cannot be a better way to explore a place than by a bicycle.

Cycling is one of the most rigorous sports activities that demand high stamina, strong physique, and most importantly, strong mental health. It paves a way of exploring amazing and untouched places differently. Terrain and location play a vital role in deciding where you should travel next for your cycling venture. Doesn’t matter if you are a novice or an experienced cyclist, here are some of the ultimate cycling destinations in the world that are bound to give you chills and the much-needed escape from reality.


  • Corsica: Corsica has become one of the leading cyclist destinations in the world ever since Tour de France came to it.  The trail passes through pine forests, granite rocks and radiant sea waters that are a sight to behold. The island is sparsely populated which is ideal for every cyclist.  A perfect trail for cyclists, the trails personifies adventure and thrill.
  • Mont Ventoux: If you enjoy vineyards and great weather, Mont Ventoux is the perfect route for you. A part of the world’s famous “Tour de France” route, the trail can only be accessed in spring and summer.
  • Route des Grand Crus: Situated in France’s wine countryside of Burgundy, Route des Grand Crus flaunts the luxuriant vineyards that are a treat to the eyes for cyclists passing through it. One can also savor the taste of some of the exquisite vines from these vineyards. The amazing wine tasting experience combined with the adventurous ride will definitely give you unforgettable memories.
  • Dordogne Valley: Famous for Bergerac wine, this place is another popular route for the cyclists out there. One can experience the rich French culture by visiting the nearby villages. The route cuts through mesmerizing landscapes with forests, streams, chateaux that will take your breath away. The roads are biker-friendly and well-maintained throughout the valley and beyond.

India (Manali-Leh)

The route from Manali to Leh can be called the father of all cyclist expeditions. The Himalayan roads are extremely treacherous and certainly not meant for faint-hearted. Cycling on Manali-Khardung La route is one of a kind experience that any professional cyclists must take. The route will give you the best view of the region- barren landscape, overpowering mountains, greenery amidst the cold desert, and so on. India in this sense truly deserves a mention for being one of the ultimate cyclist destinations in the world.

New Zealand

Popular for its delectable wine, natural marvels, panoramic landscapes and heartwarming hospitality of the people, New Zealand is one of the most incredible biking destinations in the world. The biking tracks of the country are quite wide and open that cuts through the breathtakingly beautiful meadows, rivers, forests, and plains.

  • Otago Peninsula: An ideal place of adventure seekers, Otago Peninsula is loved by a majority of celebrity cyclists as the terrain is friendly to both the beginners and experienced bikers. The route is not overcrowded like some of the known destinations. So it gives plenty of time to the bicycle riders to work on their adrenaline rush. The scenic beauties one encounters on the way are enough to leave everlasting memories.
  • Molesworth Road: Stretching over the distance of 320 KM, the trail is accessible only four months a year. One can spot amazing landscapes, hot water spring, and green valley on the way adding remarkable memories. Although the route is quite challenging, this fact doesn’t deter the cyclists from taking it. That might be the reason why New Zealand worth a mention in the ultimate cyclist destination in the world.


  • La Route Verte: A nascent biking route spanning over 2400 miles across Quebec, La Route Verte is worth a mention here. Given the tough terrain of Canada, this cycling trail is biker friendly where you can enjoy the overpowering natural landscapes packed with pristine rivers, lush flora and fauna among others. Moreover, the trail is loaded with several pit-stops where you can take a break to appreciate the wonders of nature.
  • Cape Breton: Located in Nova Scotia, Cape Breton gives the ideal route to the bikers regardless of their status as a beginner or experienced. The route is full of ups and downs thereby giving you the ultimate workout. You can bask in the beauty of nature while riding a bicycle on the route full of lush flora and fauna.
  • Great Divide Mountain Bike Route: One the most intense biking route, Great Divide Mountain Bike Route will definitely give the chills that the adventure seeker in you yearns for. No wonder it has been given the moniker of being “world’s longest biking trail”.  The trail is ideally meant for experienced bikers and is a dream to the beginners.


  • Camino de Santiago: It is a sacred route of pilgrimage to reach the shrine of Apostle Saint James the Great in northwestern Spain and is quite popular among hikers and cyclists.  A direct journey to this place can take an average of 12-15 days when you start from St-.Jean-Pied-de-Port or Roncesvalles. While cycling on the trail, you can enjoy the lush countryside, open plains, and majestic mountains.
  • Girona: Located 60 miles northeast of Barcelona, Girona is a favorite route among cyclists all over the world. The climate, mixed terrain, and greenery are perfect for a cyclist looking for an adventurous ride. You can not only get a world-class experience of biking here but also get to know the rich history, culture and traditions of the place. Being a cyclist’s heaven, Girona is home to the world’s famous cyclists who are often found cycling here.
  • Majorca: Mixed terrain and lushed landscaped rich in diverse fauna and flora make Majorca one of the popular cycling destinations in the world. You should not take this place lightly as it has some dangerous curves that give a tough fight while riding.

In case you’re planning your next cycling adventure, do not forget to add these places to your bucket list. These places will certainly not disappoint you.