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Best guide to Sri Lanka ! Things you must know.

Sri LankaThe island called ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ & ‘Teardrop of India’ makes us want to go experience the land also called ‘The land of Serendipity’. We are talking about Sri lanka which is located in extremely south of India covered with rain forests, highlands and sandy beaches. So many nick names for a place show the realness and love it receives. People love to go to such calm and peaceful place in honeymoons and for family vacations.  Although you can also enjoy with friends at such picturesque destination. Here we are, Best guide to Sri Lanka sharing highlights & proving that you have plan to visit Sri Lanka now.


All about Sri Lanka | From Visa rules to  Points of Interest

When to go Sri Lanka

Perfect Time to Go Sri Lanka.

  1. The position of Sri Lanka is close to equator which means the climate of the place is constant throughout the year.
  2. The monsoon comes two time in the year here so you can visit the place anytime of the year but the weather is not predictable.
  3. The monsoon lovers are advised to visit Sri Lanka in July to September but the monsoon can be unpredictable at the same time with stronger, lighter or less rain. Sometimes there is no rain at all.
  4. The Best time to visit Sri Lanka if weather goes right is in January to April when the sun shines sweetly and weather is dry.

Sri Lanka conveyance

How to reach by train, sea & road.

  1. Sri Lanka is easily accessible by air. There are airlines operating to & from Sri Lanka.
  2. Sri Lanka has mainly two Airports in Katunayake and Hambantota.
  3. There is no road route to Sri Lanka as it is an island on Indian Ocean.
  4. People has an option to reach Sri Lanka by water route but it is time consuming and the ocean gets turbulent at times, so it is least recommended.


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Where to stay In Sri Lanka

Where to stay in Sri Lanka.

  1. There are a range of villas, homely guest houses & beautiful and comfortable hotels.
  2. Find one which is near to the coast and has wildlife view. Although almost all hotels has the same facilities but it is better to ask for a better view.
  3. If a couple or a family is going to Sri Lanka in holidays itself means they are looking for a luxurious stay.
  4. Different cities have different best hotels which can provide you wanted.
  5. Good hotels in Galle includes ‘The fortress Resort and Spa’, ‘Galle fort Hotel’.
  6. Colombo Hotels includes ‘Cinnamon Red Colombo’, ‘Galle face hotel’.
  7. Hotels in Kandy includes ‘Victoria Golf & Country Resort’, ‘Clingendael’.
  8. Hotels in Tangalle includes ‘The last house’, ‘Antara Tangalle.
  9. Other hotels in Sri Lanka are ‘Why House’, ‘Uga Bay’, ‘Kumbukgaha Villa’ in Sigiriya, Casa Colombo Collection Mirissa, Jungle Beach, Heritance Kandalama.

Note: Keep in mind that not all the hotels in Sri Lanka are to stay overnight, it is a common name for estaurant, cafes and bars. Better ask if they provide rooms to stay at night.

Sri lanka languages.

  1. Sri Lanka has some cities which can be seen and travelled as the map shows there are some common languages which are spoken there.
  2. The official language of Sri Lanka is Sinhalese & Tamil.
  3. The people also speak English to communicate.
  4. The language at the place will be no barrier and can be managed. Still there are some sentences you must know in order to have a less trouble telling people what you are saying.

things must know for Sri Lanka

Sentences you MUST know before you go to Sri Lanka.

Here are some sentences in Sinhalese you must know before going to Sri Lanka. Although you can let them know what you are saying by half English and half signs but it is always fun to know new language and speak. If you speak to kids, they might not get your language so this also helps when you come again to the same destination. Here are some common sentences.

  1. Yes : OWU.
  2. No : Nae.
  3. How are you? : KOHO MADHA?
  4. My name is ‘——–‘. : MAGE NAMA ‘——–‘.
  5. What is your name? : OYAAGE NAMA MOKAKDHA?
  6. I am Hungry : MATA BADA GINIYI.
  7. Please: KARUNNA KARALA.
  8. I don’t feel well : MATA SANEEPA NAE.
  9. Help me! : MATA UDHAUW KARANNA.
  10. I don’t understand : MATA THERENNE NAE.
  11. I want some water : MATA VATHURA ONE.
  12. Thank you : BOHOMA STHOOTHI.

visa for Indians

Visa rules to Sri Lanka.

  1. Getting a Visa for Sri Lanka is very easy and it is all online.
  2. Tourist visas are normally issued for 30 days.
  3. It is possible to get tourist visa after reaching Sri Lanka but it’s always better to get in hand before you travel.
  4. You will get ETA i.e. Electronic Travel Authorization which is a pass to enter the country.
  5. Keep in mind your passport is valid for a maximum period of 6 months from date of entry.
  6. You will need all the documents including ID proofs.
  7. If you have over stayed, you must report to Immigration department.


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Sri Lanka conveyance

Transport in Sri Lanka.

  1. Towns in Sri Lanka are small enough to have a walk around.
  2. For bigger towns, the basic transport in Sri Lanka is through buses and there are rail commuting systems also.
  3. You can find three-wheeler autos called ‘Tuk-Tuks’ at every corner and you can bargain for the fare. Keep in mind to be real good in it!

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Place to visit in Sri lanka.

There are certain things to do in Sri Lanka and places to visit which will soothe your mind with sobriety. Some exciting things to do in the ‘Land of Serendipity’ are.

Sigiriya Sri Lanka1. To climb Sigiriya.

How many wonders of the world have you seen till now? Well, this one is the eighth wonder of the world which attracts thousands of tourists and most visited tourist destination of Sri lanka.

  1. The place is known as Silgiriya meaning ‘Lion’s Rock’. The main entrance has huge stone lion whose feet can be seen but the face is destroyed.
  2. This place is a must see which has abandoned palaces, ponds, waterways, canals, stairs and walls. The sunset view is the best to see at this popular site. You can experience the whole vantage view from the rock. It looks perfect and tranquil.
  3. It is several thousand years old and one of the main feature of the rock is the Mirror wall where king could see his reflection in it.

Adam's hike Sri Lanka

2. Hike Adam’s peak.

  1. The name of the peak was put by the British colonists when the island was still called ‘Ceylon’.
  2. Also known as ‘Sri Pada’ which means ‘sacred footprints’ considered of different lords based on beliefs like Buddhists day it is Lord Buddha’s, Hindu’s feel it is Lord Shiva’s and Christian’s feel it is Adam’s footprints.
  3. Adam’s peak is 2243 m high which has stairs to climb the mountain. This is a strenuous and tedious climb which can only be covered with patience and at a steady and slow pace. The feeling after finally reaching at the mountain will cut all the exertion and the views will take you all in its arms.

Kaudalla National Park Sri Lanka

3. Safari in Kaudulla National Park.

  1. The national park in Sri Lanka has a diverse wildlife experience and a great place for photographers.
  2. You can see owls, monkeys and hundreds of elephants in herds playing with the baby elephants.

Sri Lanka Map


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Top cities of Sri Lanka to visit.

The travelers are eager to watch the scintillating cities and splendid natural beauty of Sri Lanka. Here are some cities of Sri Lanka which are must see.

Galle Sri Lanka1. Galle.

Galle has numerous temples, beautiful churches & unimaginable scenic beauty. This is a city with good transport and even if you like to walk and roam around, it is a pleasure.


Kandy city Sri Lanka

2. Kandy.

i. The tourists and travellers must watch Kandy which is the largest city in Sri Lanka. The city has its own beauty which will take your breath away ( Of course in a good way!).

ii. The city has Seenigama temple which is said to be lucky if you make donation and do prayers.

iii. You can also watch Esala Perahera Festival which has numerous and exciting dancers, musicians, so many decorated elephants, jugglers and things which will will be fun to experience.


3. Colombo.

i. Colombo is the capital of Srilanka which has to be majestic.

ii. You can visit Turtle conservation Villa and go to Nelum Pokuna Theatre for some performing arts.


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Nuwara Eliya.4. Nuwara Eliya.

i. Sri Lanka has a big business of Tea and the leading tea producer.

ii. This place has tea gardens all over the place which soothes the eyes and it is a lovable place for tea lovers.

iii. The place has the best golf course in Sri Lanka, have famous orchids and more than 10, 000 species of plants.


Sri Lanka Market

What to Buy in Sri Lanka.

We all take souvenirs so the we retain the place’s memories and yes it is the best thing after you roam around the places and finally go to your home. You think about the journey all throughout and remember all the places, people and feelings you had during the expedition. Here are some things to buy in Sri Lanka which will prove right to be bought.

  1. Sri Lanka has so many things to offer including attractive Gems and stones. Sri Lanka is the gemstone mine which make you buy the gems which are so attractive.
  2. You have to buy famous Ceylon Tea from the factories and you can also choose any flavor you like.
  3. Get wooden masks which are interesting and made from wood carving.
  4. Get Dumbara mats and cane boxes which are strong and good to use.
  5. For all those females, get a Sri Lankan saree which is a bit different from Indian saree and easier too.
  6. You can also get antiques and recycled paper baskets from Galle. Antiques are old stuff and recycled baskets are colourful and attractive as a showpiece.
  7. The stone art is a must Sri lanka souvenir which cannot be denied taking to your homes. These are painted stones which depicts elephants & dancers.
  8. Well, there are so many more things which includes paintings, bowls, tea cups etc.

What to eat In Sri Lanka

What to eat in Sri Lanka.

  1. Sri Lanka is a heaven for non-vegetarian food lovers where sea food plays an important role.
  2. You must try Fish ambul thiyal which is a sour fish curry.
  3. Rice and curry is must have, which is the heart of Sri Lankan cuisine.

Things to keep in Mind while travelling to Sri Lanka.

  1. If you are standing at the side of the road to get tuk-tuk, be aware that the person in the tuk-tuk just stopped is sober. The norms in the country are not as strict so choose the person you feel is not drunk and drop you safely.
  2. Do not drink tap water and check the expiration date of bottled water before buying.
  3. Sri Lanka travel cost will be expensive, so it is better to get around in train which is cost effective.
  4. Sunscreens are difficult to find in the cities so better take it along to avoid sun rays and its effect to your skin.


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Things must know about Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a mesmerizing place which is less travelled and is known for soothing beaches and its surfing conditions. People go there to relax and enjoy vacations. You can also experience the beautiful culture along with the nature and wildlife and of course the smiling faces at the place. It is safest place to visit which will respect you, it can be a little expensive but worth it. All you need to know is what are the places to visit in Sri Lanka and which beaches to visit in Sri Lanka. The angelic place gives you a grand treatment and is always inviting. The captivating landscapes and good company is all you need to spend you divine time.