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Top things to Take Care Before you Travel! The 6th One is Life Changing!

‘If you wish to travel far and fast, travel light.’ Lighter is the keyword here which inspires us to travel more without any inconvenience. Think of you going somewhere to trek or in mountains like Dehradun, Nepal, Mussoorie or Arunachal Pradesh, you don’t want your luggage to be heavy that cause problem for you. Instead, if you keep it light, you can always feel feather-like. Well, not literally, but lighter bags helps move you fast. Some top things to take care before you travel ! The 6th one is life changing! You should have known these earlier which must be followed now to make your journey easy and care-free are shared here.

Essential things you must do on your next trip.

  1. Choose back seat of plane.

Aisle at plane

Whenever you travel through plane, you choose the front seats to have eating preferences. But you would not be knowing that it is just not an ideal thing you would want. Better choose back seat where you get better assistance of air-hostess and management is better, that’s true. The next time you travel by air, you know what to do!


2. Avoid sitting near a baby.

Child crying

You see all your mood was hunky-dory but got ruined due to a baby was travelling next to you. You cannot do anything or complain of the baby crying and which spoils the entire mood. Do not hesitate asking for a change of seat and go freely with a fresh mood. Good suggestion? Thank us later!


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3. Do not take heavy bag but lesser clothes.

Heavy bag

The more your clothes will be, the more weight you will have to lift all the way. It is better to take just basic things and keep aside all others. Keep less clothes which can also be reused after washing. Keep the shampoo, conditioner and sunscreen in small pouches which can help reduce weight of the luggage. Put luggage on diet!


4. Roll up the clothes to save space.roll clothes

‘On a long journey, even a straw weighs heavy.’ True, Isn’t it?  You should have one bag which should be carrying all your necessities. The clothes should be put in a way which does not carry much space. Fold your clothes round so that the space is saved for keeping other things. This is a good hack for keeping clothes in a right way! Light is the right way!


5. Scan your passport.

Passport scan

Dont get a victim of theft rather keep yourself secured. It is always better to email yourself the scanned copy of passport and other important documents. You never know the when any theft or mishappening takes place but don’t let it ruin the enjoyment. What have you to lose? When you are genuine!


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6. Book tickets in incognito mode.

incogneto mode

A great hack that can save lives and prove to be The Ultimate Travel Checklist point is to stay away from the expensive ticket fares. Higher percentage of people does not know this fact that they should search their flights in a private or incognito mode. The reason behind it is that the flights websites track cookies which highers the price as you search more for the flight fares. So, you better browse through incognito mode and give yourself a treat of the saved money.


7. Empty water bottle.

water bottle

You would face the security charges if you travel with filled water bottle on flight. Why to spend more when you can just empty your bottle before checking through security and refill after you have passed through it.


8. Wear cargo pants while travelling.

cargo pants

When you go out to experience something great, the best thing to do is to travel comfortably. You must preferably wear Cargo which has six to eight pockets which can be used as your carrier for basic things like tickets, boarding pass, keys, shades or specs holder and other small items required and used while travelling. Cargo, while travelling, is the best option to wear.


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9. Mark your baggage as fragile.

 fragile baggage

Even if it is not delicate stuff ! Wait a lot for your luggage after you arrive? Well, the easiest way not to wait a lot is just mark your luggage as ‘Fragile’ meaning ‘To be handled very carefully.’ It will surely be handled nicely and main concern factor is that it will come earlier than the normal bags. So, this is a win-win situation. Try it!


10. Keep a jacket.


The cabin luggage allows just a small bag in plane but if you have a lot more things to keep. Keep a jacket so that you can put more of your essential things in it. Now, problem of being restricted to particular weight does not matter to you.


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11.Use ATMs for local currency.


Make sure your bank has a branch in the other country you are travelling and your problem of converting currency is gone. The service charge on the conversion money can be hectic and mind boggling but you can always use ATM after reaching the country and withdraw without any service charge.


12. Fight jet lag with exercise.

Exercise the Jet-lag

The problem of Jet lag can make your days sluggish and lazy. This is due to the fact that when you travel, your internal and external cues does not match You can always go for a jog and do exercise to bring the clock of body on track when your body gets tired and lag behind.


13. Bury your belongings. Stay care free!

Bury your belongings

Going on a beach, making castles with family or putting on a shack with a pint of beer seems fun. What if you want to go to the water and have more fun? Do not worry about the precious stuff like money or keys you have back in your bag. You can always bury them in the sand to prevent them from theft. Just do not forget to put some mark on it so they don’t get lost. Now you know what to, go and have fun!


14. Wrap headphones around binder clips from tangling.

Binder clip earphones

Tangled headphones are not only your headache but everyone go through the same difficulty untangling them. Do something they do not get haywire at the first place. We have got a good idea! Tangle them with binder clip round and round and tuck the last piece stuck to the binder. It is a good thing you can do and stay hassle free.

The more you want to enjoy the trip, you have got to prepare yourself more nicely. Forget the unnecessary things, do things that lessen the stress and makes the journey real beautiful. These hacks are just a way you should carry your luggage in a smarter way!