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All about Arunachal Pradesh. Must Read!

The magnificent views, exotic flora and fauna, fresh cool air and innumerable places to explore. What more do you ask? India is a country which has every season and every terrain with different topography. From plains to mountains, desserts to steppe and swamp. Every place is worth watching and wherever you go, how much you travel, it is still not more to explore and know more about places. You must have heard about north-east people, places, their culture, dance forms, what they wear and their lifestyle. Each and everything is worth knowing and knowing them feels so ecstatic. This article tells you all about Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal Pradesh

The seven sisters of India is in east which includes seven states including Meghalaya, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Himachal Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim. You must know why it is called 7 sisters of India and the reason is that these beautiful states were ‘united’ earlier except Tripura and which was just call ‘Assam’. After the independence, Assam got divided and got separated. So the states have the same past and are from same mother, so they are called seven sisters of India. We are going to talk about Arunachal Pradesh as it is a place which comes first from the map and shares borders with Assam, Nagaland, Bhutan, Mynamar and China.

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Dance forms in Arunachal Pradesh.

Arunachal Pradesh dance

Dance has been an activity from ancient times in our country which shows how the people communicated and enjoy while entertaining themselves. People dance in weddings and occasions when people get together and share their happiness.  Arunachal Pradesh has do many dance forms including Aji Lamu, Chalo, Hiri Khaning, Lion and Peacock dance, Pasi Kongki, Ponung , Popir which have different songs, all the people listen them in chorus. These are dances of different tribes which get together in a group and dance. They have their proper traditional moves which shows the decency and sophistication of the dance and tribes. They wear different clothes for different dance forms which varies state to state and tribe to tribe.


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Places to travel in Arunachal Pradesh.

Namdapha National Park

1. Namdapha National Park

Namdapha National Park is a park with rainforest reserve and tiger habitat. It is on the eastern Himalaya Biodiversity hot-spot. This is a must place to visit which gives you beautiful forest view with lake in between. The dominant flora and fauna in Namdapha National Park attracts you to the level you want to visit again.

Arunachal Pradesh wakro

2. Wakro.

If you are in search of solace from your busy routine, this is just the place for you. This is Wakro which is a pristine place specially for the people who wants silence. Wakro gives you the best views of mountains, river and mesmerizing weather. You can also stay in The circuit House in Wakro which is the only one place for tourists where you can book in advance. This place is very cheap to travel to and enjoy yourself.


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 Arunachal Pradesh Roing

3. Roing.

Must visit place is Roing which is a lovable place to visit. It is a place with river to sit and enjoy with your group or just alone.You can just  sit here for hours and listen to the music of water.

Arunachal Pradesh tezu

4. More places.

Arunachal Pradesh has more places to visit and love including Texu, Namsai, Nangpong, Khosna, Bhaiabkhuda, Sakteng Wildlife santuary, Bordumsa, Parsuram Kund and so many place which would make you fall in love with them.


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What to eat in Arunachal Pradesh.

eat rice in Arunachal Pradesh.1. Staple Food.

Food is essential in every culture and holds much important place. Arunachal Pradesh does not has much spicy food to eat but rice is a staple food here along with lettuce and green chillies, coriander and ginger. The food in Arunachal Pradesh is mild and simple.

Arunachal Pradesh bamboo shoot 2. Bamboo shoot.

Bamboo Shoot is also a popular dish in Arunachal Pradesh which has a mild flavour that people like and use in every almost food. People boil vegetables, cooked meat and chutney.


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Arunachal Pradesh Pika Pila 3. Pika Pila.

Pika pila is a famous pickle which people loves by Apatani tribe in Arunachal Pradesh. You can eat it along with everything people eat as it has a tangy and something different taste.

Lukter Arunachal Pradesh

4. Lukter.

Heaven for non-veg lovers and people who loves to try something new must try Lukter. It is cooked dry meat and chilly flakes eaten along with rice.


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Arunachal Pradesh Marua

3. Rice beer.

Something that makes you feel relaxed an d a bit dizzy is rice beer. The traditional drink of Arunachal Pradesh which is made at home and without any chemicals. People relish it and it also helps in this cold place to stay warm. This is a lighter version and fun to have. Another alcohol drink type in Arunachal Pradesh is Marua which is also had in occasions.

Arunachal Pradesh chura sabzi 4. Chura sabzi.

Chura sabzi is a sabzi which is fermented cheese curry with yak’s milk. This tastes really good and tempting and you can also eat it alone or with rice or chapati.

5. Chicken, mutton, beef.

The most common food in mountains is momos which can be of chicken, mutton, beef and vegetarian with cabbage, potato or carrot. These are served with chutney which has to be tried everywhere you go as you might find any difference in the taste and you become fan of them.


The most important dish in Arunachal Pradesh is meat. You will find non-veg people all around the Arunachal Pradesh due to the taste of meat. It is prepared with patience and love. This is a must try dish which which you will love and want to have more.


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People of Arunachal Pradesh

The people in Arunachal Pradesh are kind and best in hospitality and you can also stay at their home as paying guest for a while. They will give you the best advice and might take you to places. You can have good home cooked food and every dish to try. Its not just fun to roam throughout the country but it is a great adventure to know about the locality and traditions of different areas. In India, be it language or tradition or food, it changes from every kilometer. This is to emphasize the fact that there are so many different types of food, traditions, customs according to people that it becomes interesting to compare analyse different cultures.