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The Most Ethereal Treasure Islands/Atolls in the World

If you are tired of exhausting your mind and body with a truckload of work, it’s time to remind yourself to take a break to an idyllic spot where you can rejuvenate yourself once again. Our world is full of gorgeous places that are screaming for attention. There are, however, places that are simply out-of-our reach and cannot be visited for spending laid-back vacations or any purpose whatsoever. The aura of mystery surrounded by such places interests us and forces us to research them. If you also fall into the category of people who love thrill and mystery, you’d be super-excited to know about these treasure islands of the world that are no less than Hollywood movie unfolding. We bring you information on some of the exotic destinations the beauty of which is bound to capture your heart and steal your soul within a matter of time.

  • Lighthouse Reef

Lighthouse reef is a popular diving site in Belize and is one of the best-known atolls due to the great blue hole at its center. The glossy view of the reef alone is enough to make you fall madly in love with it. Guess what you would do when you actually visit the place. The great blue hole gives you fascinating views of limestone moulding its walls and bizarre stalactites.  It is one of the most sought-after diving destinations in the world. Those who are looking beyond adventure will find the lighthouse reef a welcoming change. The unblemished beauty of the lighthouse reef makes it the #1 tropical vacation places in the world.

  • Tikehau

Talk about stunning islands in the world and we cannot forget to include Tikehau to this list. Abode to abundant marine life, Tikehau is a part of the Tuamotu Archipelago spanned across the vast area of the Pacific Ocean. This postcard-perfect destination encompasses sandy pink beaches, shady palm groves, and turquoise lagoon, greenery that can put even the most visited tropical destinations to shame. The transparent water of lagoon pulls divers and photographers from every nook and corner of the world to hone their skills.

  • Caroline Island

Abode of one of the largest coconut crab populations in the world, Caroline island promises way more than that. With abundant and diversified flora and fauna thriving in it, the island is also considered a wildlife sanctuary. Since the island stands only 6m above the sea, it is predicted to get submerged in the coming 5 years. Therefore Caroline island should be on your bucket list and travelled once in this lifetime before it gets swallowed by the ocean. The tropical waters of the island rich in vegetation are worth capturing on your camera. It’s indeed a paradise for sunbathers, swimmers, divers and solitude-seekers.

  • Funafuti

Funafuti is a tiny coral atoll and the capital of Tuvalu Island (located midway between Hawaii and Australia) that witness only a few tourists throughout the year. The remote location of Funafuti makes an ideal spot for low-key vacations to rejuvenate body, mind and soul. The island most-certainly is a surreal sight to behold. After Vatican City, Tuvalu is the second-least populated country in the world. Stepping on Funafuti Island makes one feel like stepping into heaven. There are water sports like surfing, scuba diving (the deeper you dive, the clearer the water gets showcasing more of its hidden secrets) to be pursued to make your day an unparalleled one.

  • Aitutaki

South Pacific Ocean is known for its different shades of blue and mesmerizing atolls that offer you nothing but breathtaking insta-worthy views and scenic beauties of nature. Aitutaki island is one of the most visited islands in the world that gives you value for money vacation.  It’s a perfect place for people needing their space to relax from the stress of hectic everyday life in the cities. Located more than 3000 KM northeast of New Zealand, Aitutaki has lagoons that have underwater visibility exceeding 50 meters! Sounds interesting no? Why not plan your tropical vacation beforehand and prepare for a life-altering journey?

  • Tarawa

Have you ever wished to travel to the least explored places on earth? If yes, then the remote coral island of Tarawa located amidst Pacific Ocean will amaze your eyeballs. It has everything you need for a laid-back vacation. Stretching over an area of 500 square kilometers, the bluish lagoon of Tarawa abundant in fish and shellfish of all kinds are a magnificent sight to behold. Besides that, there are activities to get involved in. From sailing to barbequing freshly-caught fish, the experiences will leave its footprint in your heart.  The place has deep ties to World War II and explorers from all over the world come to discover the remnants of the Great War. Don’t be amused to stumble upon a cracked skeleton when exploring the nook and crannies of the coral island.  It might belong to one of the thousands of soldiers who died during WWII.

  • Diego Garcia

Situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Diego Garcia is a remote atoll that was settled by French but later on passed to British rule. The atoll is a secretive US military base that serves as a launch pad for military operations carried forward by the US. It is a controversial island that has always been on the radar of international bodies like the United Nations. Aside from being a refueling spot for Air Force Patrols heading to the South China Sea, Diego Garcia is an absolutely gorgeous place on the earth which unfortunately cannot be explored by people even for tropical retreats. Access to the island is only permitted to military personnel or to the territories administration. Despite this, the island seems to capture the attention of people who cannot resist mysteries and force them to Google the place.

  • Palmyra Atoll

Who doesn’t wish to spend their holidays in seclusion when things in life become too difficult to comprehend or tolerate? Palmyra atoll is an uninhabited coral island located between Hawaii and Samoa that is popular for coconut trees, scaevola plants and pisonia plants aside being the secluded spot for a vacation. The crystal clear water with thriving marine animals presents a soul-soothing sight that will captivate your heart. There’s a huge scope of water sports and adventure activities. Palmyra atoll is undoubtedly a hidden treasure of nature that is waiting to be discovered and explored.

  • Nukumanu

Nukumanu is an atoll in Papua New Guinea in the southwestern Pacific Ocean with islets surrounding a large lagoon and is one of the remotest corners of the world that is not thronged with tourists and commercialization. The coral landmass barely gets a bunch of tourists a month owing to its location. Surprisingly Nukumanu is a treasure island that is waiting for much-needed recognition owing to its pristine blue surroundings, natural beauty, vivid marine lives and secluded shores. It is, in fact, a perfect place for wanderlust looking for solitude and time away from social life.

  • Cayo Bolivar

In these days of travel and over-tourism, people are looking for destinations that are far away from the noise of cities where they can simply enjoy simple pleasures of life.  The Colombian coral island of Cayo Bolivar promises to give everything you need to re-energize yourself. The island is uninhabited and full of rich natural wonders (clean beaches, sandy shores, blue-green water, abundant flora and fauna) and biodiversity encompassing marine lives. This might probably be the reason why this island is included by most of the travel junkies in their bucket list.