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Mumbai Dabbawala: Amazing food delivery in India.

DabbawalaWho doesn’t want to have scrumptious food when you are out of home in any metropolitan like Mumbai working day-in and day-out. Home food has always been a successor to junk or outside food. Imagine you are working in a city and there is no time to prepare food in the fast and busy life. How convenient it is when you have someone who showers love when you are no chef! Well, if we talk about state like Maharashtra, people have Mumbai Dabbawala for that matter.

The Story of Mumbai Dabbawalas.

Dabbawalas has become world’s known tiffin system which has been awarded to have the best system and discipline. Dabba people has been nourishing people from more than 125 years which is a great achievement and one of a kind success.

How Mumbai Dabbawala started? Who is Mumbai Dabbawala ?

This all started in 1980 when a lunch delivery service with about hundred men started providing people with lunch boxes.
After years of successfully running, the commercial union got registered themselves as ‘Mumbai Tiffin Box Supplier’s Association’. Since then, Dabbawalas are heartthrob of people who delivers food in every season, be it summers, winters or monsoon through cycles, trains or on foot. We have gathered some facts about Dabbawalas which are must read and followed as an inspiration.


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Facts about Mumbai Dabbawalas.

1. Prince Charles and Richard Branson met Dabbawalas and discussed about the disciplinary way of taking tiffins to people. They discussed how they symbolize and mark to make it reach its destination. This showed how Dabbawalas has world-wide reach inspiring everyone from their management skills.

2. The Dabbawalas sent turban for Prince Charles at his wedding and a Maharashtrian Saree for wife Camilla Parker Bowles.

3. The Dabbawalas are illiterate but the way of managing time and delivering accurately on the right address at the right time doesn’t need any degree but sense of motivation which these Dabbawalas have.

4. The Dabbawalas are not employees of any organization and not working for anyone but are equal partners and entrepreneurs in Dabbawala Trust.

5. The organization has earned six-sigma rating meaning they have 1 error in 6 million transactions which is incredible and deserves a great applaud. That error was also made during heavy rains in 2005 when Dabbawalas were unable to deliver the food.

Mumbai Dabbawala Salary.

1. The Dabba people earn about Rs. 12, 000/- a month and do other jobs after the 9 hour shift of delivering Tiffin in the city.

2. Everyone has same salary and they are happy performing their work with all the hardwork and heart. They have maintained the reputation throughout the start.

Mumbai Dabbawala Case Study.

1. The Business Schools from IIM-Ahmedabad to Harvard have been using the topic of Dabbawalas as case study and have guest lecturers to teach students what can happen through the unity & willpower and discipline.

2. Several documentaries has been made on Dabbawalas which showed their system as how the work is taken place every day. They have been featured in publications including Forbes, NYT and TV Shows like Ripley’s believe it or not.

3. Global and famous companies like HUL & Microsoft also came in contact with the Dabbawalas to seek assistance and distribute ad materials & flyers through their effective network.

4. Dabbawalas helped Coca cola to promote its campaign by distributing free samples of its orange juice brand and they also helped Radio Mirchi to promote its morning show for a long span of 4 years. The Dabbawalas earn through medium so that their work is not affected.

Dabbawala Tffins numbers and symbols.

All the dabbawalas are literate just at the level of reading the symbols and so tiffins have abbreviations for collection points, color code for starting station, number for destination and marking for building and floor. The Dabbawalas are so accurate to write and read the symbols and are sent to different areas to different persons in different buildings.


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How Dabbawala works.

1. Dabbawalas have early morning departure and late night arrivals and the whole routine takes place tirelessly to start again for the next day.

2. The procedure how the Dabbawalas work is when a Dabbawala takes tiffins and boards the train, every Dabbawala in each station keeps on adding with the carts of tiffins.

3. Finally, they take tiffins from the start to end of the train to Nariman Point. They have a unique identity with the white Kurtas and a Gandhi topi which people leave ways to. Everyone knows about them and is a very common sight to watch them take tiffins on wodden carts.

DabbawalaMumbai Dabbawala motto.

1. Work is worship.
2. Customer is God.
3. No alternate to Hardwork.
4. Importance of Human values.

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DabbawalaDabbawalas are an epitome of timeliness, customer care and quality of service. Colleges invite them to share their journey with students as they can get to know how business can do good with time management, punctuality and willingness. There are fines on Dabbawalas for alcohol or tabacoo consumption, also id they are not in uniform and absenteeism and they are too strict about it. The level of professionalism and hard work is at a high rate and so they continue to be the inspiration of start-ups, business and people world-wide.