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30 Things to Accomplish in Life Before You Turn 30

Remember the time when you use to be 16 and think of doing things that you’d do when you grow older? While childhood is the most precious time of human life, adulthood is the one when you actually get to do things you have always desired. Your journey from childhood to adulthood seems to go quickly in a blink of an eye. During this phase, your life goes through so many happy, emotional, traumatic, heart-wrenching and mushy moments. Then there are the moments when you sulk in the corner of your room and think often of how your life has turned out to be.

If you consider yourself trapped in the endless cycle of monotonous life and feel the need to reshape it, or transform it, here are the ideas concerning 30 things you should do before you turn 30.  After all, you should wind up your 20s with a bang! Tick off the checklist to help you hit your 30s in ways you can’t even imagine.

Take a Solo Trip

If you’ve always postponed your plan for a solo trip, now would be a great time to indulge in that. Solo trips are the newest wrinkle in travelling world that has seen a sharp upsurge lately. Travelers involving college-goers and professionals are taking their time out to embark on a life-altering trip offering a fresh perspective on life. Going on a solo trip has its advantages. On a solo trip, you get to make new friends, get to share your views, get to know different cultures and most importantly, you become closer to yourself which isn’t possible in the hustle and bustle of cities. So before you turn 30, make sure to tick off ‘solo trip’ from your bucket list.

Try out Adventure Sports You’ve Always Yearned to Do

Who doesn’t love adventures? Somewhere inside, we all want to do things we have never tried before. If you are someone who hasn’t made his/her entry to the arena of adventure, fret not. You can catch-up with your fellow mates even now. 20s is usually the time when you are at the most energetic phase of your life. Then why miss on adventure sports you’ve thought you would participate in the future? Don’t wait for ‘that’ day and plan your adventures today! Go paragliding, river-rafting, bungee-jumping, mountaineering, there are hundreds of options to try.

Invest in your health

Take control of your physical and mental health before turning 30. Investing in things that could benefit your health is the smartest thing to do in late 20s. Join gym, yoga classes, zumba classes, dance class etc to shed extra kilos off your body and stay in shape. What matters the most is you should stay fit and active in your 30s. Therefore, start preparing your body and soul for a healthier future right away!  

Read at least 30 life-changing books on life, adventure, travel etc

Books have their way of changing the lives of people to some extent. They shape their personalities and outlook on different aspects of life. Interestingly, one of the genius minds on earth, Bill gates read about 50 books a year. He also stress on the importance of reading book. Reading not only makes you rich in knowledge but gives you ideas on making your life better, sharpen your brain, boost your imagination, help you learn new things and improve your communication skills. So, make a list of good books to read, buy them and start reading at your own pace (don’t forget to finish them before your 29th birthday!).

Binge-Watch All the TV Series/Movies You’ve Always Wanted to See

Talk about things to accomplish in life, binge-watching sitcoms cannot exactly be put into that category, but it is an essential thing to do before turning 30. If you have devoted your life to your career, now is the time to take a break (not necessarily as weekends will work fine as well) and enjoy everything the world of entertainment has to offer. You might already have a list of movies and TV series you’d love to watch someday. Don’t wait for that ‘someday’, simply turn on your laptop and start taking the epic dose of laughter, horror, mystery, romance etc. Here are some sitcoms worth watching in this life: Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Dexter, Sherlock and The Big Bang Theory.

Learn an International language

If you have a soft spot for learning new languages, learn one before you turn 30 as your memory is most likely to play hide and seek after that. International languages are not only fun but help you immensely during your international trips as well. Join online courses or a language learning institute to learn Spanish, French, Mandarin, Arabic or any other language you wish to have a good command over. Make sure to get your friends enrolled for a language course too, if not already.

Go For an International Trip with Friends

You might be yearning for an international trip with your friends. Why let expenses interfere with your travel plans? Before you hit your 30s, it’s imperative to explore remarkable international destinations and enjoy experiences or things you’ve never had done. Get this idea on your travel radar and plan your adventurous international holidays with friends before time runs out. Go eat that authentic pasta from Italy, or noodles from China, hike to Macchu Picchu or enjoy a relaxing day at a cruise, the possibilities are endless.

Start Writing Your Experiences of Life

You don’t need to be a professional writer to jot down your experiences of life in a notebook. But writing your memoirs is a healthy practice. You can write about plenty of things associated with your life be it- your first date, your first trip, your first job, adventures and your dreams even. Writing is a great expression of your feelings involving emotional outburst, sadness, happiness and a bunch of other emotions that either inspires you or makes you crush you. There is no limit for expressing yourself through the means of a diary.

Stop Living for Social Media

Your 20s should be marked special by leaving behind the craziness over social media. We are not implying that you should close your social media accounts and go to Himalayas. But we are simply stressing on the point that by the time you reach your 30s, you should leave behind the ills of social media involving obsession over likes and posts. Set new priorities for yourself and use social media responsibly rather than being glued to it all day and night. Unfollowing or blocking people who bring negativity in your life are good things to begin with. You’d be amazed to see that real life is way more interesting and surprising.

Change your Wardrobe: Try Different Outfits You’ve Never Worn

As you are about to enter 30s club, a little change in wardrobe is required. Ditch those tacky clothes you’d often buy from local market and invest your money in clothes that not only look elegant but amplify your beauty as well. You should wear outfits you have never tried before. Now would be the right time to change your taste in clothing and wear classy outfits.

Attend a Live Music Concert

Watch your favorite artist/band hit the floor with his/their heart-thumping hits. Attending a live music concert should be listed on your bucket list, if not already. Book your tickets in advance and tap to the rhythmic song sung by the artist/band. The experience of listening to live songs or watching a live performance is simply out-of-the-world. It has to be experienced before you hit your 30s.

Run a Marathon

Running a marathon is an exhilarating experience to have when you are in your 20s. Join a marathon event happening in your city and prepare yourself for a new experience. You don’t even need to run the marathon as there are some events where you only need to walk for a cause. So even if you don’t want to push your limits, you can go for walks, either way the experience is something to be cherished.

Go to Disneyworld

Who says Disneyworld is only meant for kids? Interestingly, it is explored more by people in their 20s than families. If meeting Disney princesses was your dream back in childhood, 20s would be the right time to do so. Save bucks to visit the enchanting Disneyland and catch Disney characters come alive. Disneyland by all means, deserves to be on this list of 30 things to do accomplish in life before turning 30.

Start your dream job or business

While it’s really difficult to get out of a menial job where you can barely survive, doing so is a daring thing if you wish to achieve better things in life. If you are not happy with the way things are moving for you and you are not happy with your job, work for better job prospects by honing your skills so that you can land your dream job or even start a business. Things are not always complicated as we often perceive them to be. Working for your dream job or establishing your business is a risk worth taking before hitting 30 (when you most likely think about settling down).

Volunteer for a social cause

Our world is already shackled by so many social, economic, environmental issues that choosing one would not be that easy. As you move closer to your 30s, you are likely to feel inclined towards causes and your contribution to society. Volunteering for a social or environmental or any cause in general is the best thing you can do ever. You can sponsor a child’s education, spread awareness on global warming, and provide aid to elderly people abandoned by their children and tons of other things.   Identify a cause you feel connected to and work for it. It’s that simple!

Enjoy Meal at a Michelin Star Restaurant

You might have devoured local cuisines (which have their specialties) all your life, by the time you reach 30, you must for once enjoy a meal at a Michelin star restaurant and eat heartily. The delectable food and soul-touching meal by a Michelin chef is worth every penny. Take the foodie inside you for an amazing meal session you won’t be able to forget ever.

Learn About Politics and Have a Strong Opinion

Reaching 30s bring responsibilities and it is expected from you to possess political knowledge (enough to form an opinion on matters affecting nation) to advocate for a cause you believe in. A well-rounded opinion on political affairs of the country and beyond makes you stand out from the crowd. Therefore, by the time you reach your 30s, you should be able to differentiate between the role of state government and that of central government.

Throw Yourself a Quirky Theme Birthday Party

Who says that you cannot throw yourself a peppy party in your 20s? In fact this is the thing you must do before you turn 30. Just pick an outlandish theme, invite your friends and get ready to rock and roll. Make your birthday truly special and memorable with dance, booze, laughter and good food. Take a chance to burn a hole in your pockets because it’s worth doing once in this life.

Learn To Cook a Dish

No, you don’t necessarily have to force yourself to cook delicious meals, you can just master one before you turn 30. Be it pizza, pasta, or any dish, cooking is an interesting thing to try if you have never even chopped vegetables. Believe us! You will love the experience.

Get a Pet

Pets are human’s best and loyal friends. Getting a furry little munchkin is likely to bring positive changes in your life. Dogs/cats are a fun company to have who always keep you occupied with their mischievous activities, funny noises and not to forget that famous ‘puppy-eyes’ when you don’t give them their favorite cookies. Having a pet can indeed transform your life and make you feel really special. So it’s totally your call to either adopt one or buy one.

Develop a Taste for Good Alcohol

It’s time to level up your taste in alcohol. Why stick to same old beer and restrict yourself from trying out new drinks? In your late 20s, you should at least try some good alcohol like Chardonnay, Jack Daniels, Greater Than, Romanov, Malibu, Ron Matusalem, Sula Rasa. If you can’t handle strong alcoholic drinks and spirits, stick to breezers. It’s not at all necessary to try out alcohol if you are not into it. However, if you want to at least have once in a lifetime, no one’s going to judge you. You are an adult and you can do whatever you like.

Bike Trip to Leh-Ladakh

Only the people who have visited Leh-Ladakh know what kind of heaven the place is. A bike trip to Leh-ladakh is a dream of many. Why not make this dream come true before you turn 30? The serenity and calm of the land are bound to cast its magical spell on you. Leh-ladakh is a place that makes you feel as if time has stopped. With amazing landscape, panoramic views, steep valleys, glowing mountains and the mysterious aura, the place successfully beguile everyone.

Go For Skydiving and Scuba Diving

Talk about thrilling experiences then why not try skydiving and scuba diving to challenge your limits. India has some popular places like Bangalore, Mysore and Rajasthan to skydive (fly like an eagle). For scuba diving, the calm water of Andaman and Nicobar and that of Goa are considered the best options. Discover corals and life beneath the sea or shoot like a star from a height of 3000 ft, either way, the experience is rewarding and worth having once.

Party in Goa

If you have never explored Goa, you haven’t seen India at all. Goa is the perfect destination for party animals that provides a perfect beach backdrop, head-banging music, appetizing seafood and cheap alcohol. To experience the extravaganza of Goa, book your tickets in advance for Goa carnival and rush to the city. When in Goa, you’ve got to party hard like Goans!

Be Financially Independent

In your 20s, our typical Indian society expects you to be focused on your career and make yourself financially independent so that you can settle down in your 30s and start your family. While the point of being financially independent in your late 20s is valid, we cannot comment on latter part. It’s all up to you to decide your future plans leaving the society to think whatever it wishes. Gaining financial independence has its advantages. You can pamper yourself to the fullest, prepare for your future, or simply invest in your present. Practicality says when you have money, you can make your dreams come true or at least come close to it. You might want to be finally independent for your sake.

Camping in the Himalayas

Create your ‘yeh-jawani-hai-diwani’ moments by rushing to the Himalayas and setting up camp there. The wilderness, raw beauty, simple thrills and joys of life are likely to give you life goals. At least take a trip of the following places with your friends to create amazing and unforgettable memories: Auli, Kedarkanth, Chopta, Khajiar, Ooty and Manali. Hike to the top of the mountains, scream like a madman, devour local food as you won’t get an opportunity like this once you settle down in life. These are the memories that will stay with you throughout your life.

Learn swimming

Required or not, learning how to swim is an important thing to do in life as you never know when lightning might strike and demand your swimming skills. Besides that, swimming has got many advantages. By learning swimming, you can hit two birds with one stone. Swimming not only helps you maintain your health but also release your stress. Don’t forget you can also use your skills in scuba diving too!

Get Ayurvedic Massage in Kerala

If you want to take a break from your sedentary yet busy life in the city, take a trip to Kerala and enroll yourself for a soul-rejuvenating ayurvedic massage therapy session. Kerala is extremely popular for its revitalizing ayurvedic massages throughout the world. So taking a session is not going to hurt you in the least. On the contrary, it can make you addicted. No matter what, an ayurvedic massage session deserved to be on this list of things to accomplish in life before you turn 30. 

Survive Heartbreak

Break-ups are not easy. It can tear your soul apart especially when you were emotionally attached to a person. But the tender age of 20s is all about embracing heartbreaks and recovering from them. If you are hung up on the past, you cannot see what you are missing in your present. Surviving heartbreak not only makes you emotionally strong but also keeps you focused on important things in life. For example- devoting time for your parents, loving yourself rather than searching for love, doing things you love etc. As you reach your 30s, you reach a stage of maturity where you know what you want from life and have a clear picture of things. So the experience of surviving a breakup is essential to reach that ‘ladder of maturity’.

Stay at a Heritage Hotel and Feel like a Royal

Last but not least, the thing you should do before turning 30 is staying at a lavish heritage hotel and enjoy a day or two feeling like royalty. You ought to experience royal treatment once in this lifetime and the late 20s would be the right time to do so. Take your special someone for a romantic escapade away from the noise of cities and spend quality time at a royal accommodation with suites that boast of grand furnishings, luxurious décor, century-old artifacts, lavish furniture and more.