You are currently viewing Top Night-out Places in Delhi for Insomniacs and Night Owls: Discover Everything about Nightlife in Delhi

Top Night-out Places in Delhi for Insomniacs and Night Owls: Discover Everything about Nightlife in Delhi

Delhi, the heart of the country needs no introduction when it comes to nightlife. There are two shades of this bustling city, one where people simply explore different places keeping in mind the safety and the other where insomniacs and youngsters venture outside to have a good time partying and boozing. As the night unfolds, the vibrant side of Delhi starts showing up.

Witnessing the city at night, without the noise of the crowds, is a unique and different experience that everyone should experience. Delhi has earned quite a reputation with an interesting nightlife. If you often run of options to explore Delhi at night, then this quick guide will help you decide your next adventure. Here’s all you need to know about nightlife in Delhi i.e. from the night out places in the city to joints for foodies, late-night drives and so much more.

Places for Night Walks

Contrary to popular belief that Delhi is unsafe to venture out at night, there are many places in Delhi where you can enjoy night walks without fear of being mugged, or otherwise.

  • India Gate: Whether your purpose is seeking a romantic getaway or to spend time with friends, India Gate is the place you can hang out and walk. The place is open 24 X 7and is guarded well at night.
  • Connaught Place: To feel the vibe of nightlife in Delhi, there couldn’t be a better option than visiting CP. There are plenty of things to do, places to visit and surreal experiences to have while exploring CP at odd hours.
  • Chanakyapuri: With tight security, this posh locality in Delhi is a place where you can walk hand in hand in parks and enjoy your partner’s company with endless talks.

Fine Dine Experience

Delhi is a hidden gem of fine dining places where you can experience luxury no matter its day or night. These finest hotels in the capital of the country are no doubt the places to go for a late-night date or dinner for that matter.

  • The Leela Palace: Situated in Chanakyapuri, this luxury retreat is the only modern palace hotel that offers a range of accommodation, fine dining experience and luxurious services like spa and massage, swimming pool, and wellness center to name a few. 
  • The Ashok: The Ashok hotel is a 5-star hotel located in the capital’s diplomatic area offering a plethora of luxury services. Go for a late-night date to experience the incomparable hospitality of the hotel. Don’t forget to taste butter croissant with a classic cup of tea to end your date perfectly.
  • Radisson Blue: One of the upscale hotels in the city, Radisson blue is not only popular for its amazing international cuisine but also for relaxing therapeutic spa where you can rejuvenate yourself. The first-class amenities will make you feel as if you have landed straight into wonderland.
  • The Oberoi: If good wine, scrumptious food and faint music in the background are what you seek, the Oberoi is where you should be heading for a night out.
  • JW Marriot: First class amenities, drool-worthy food and calming ambience are what make JW Marriot competing with the best hotels in the town.
  • Hyatt Regency: Enjoy candlelight dinner with global cuisines in the open terrace of Hyatt Regency for an unforgettable memory.

Sink Into Mouthwatering Street Food

Delhi is not only popular for historical places but also for its scrumptious street food that is simply unparalleled. Being a paradise for foodies, Delhi is lined up with tons of places serving lip-smacking street food like chole chaat, dahi bhalla, gol-gappe, paranthey, and what not! Night owls can try these places to calm their late-night cravings-

  • Moolchand Parantha: Located in bustling Lajpat Nagar, this tiny shop is popular for serving butter-dripped paranthas of all variety and fillings. Even though there are ample of Parantha joints in every nook and corner of Delhi, some hold prominence owing to their unique and satiating taste. You can easily taste the finger-licking paranthas till 11:30 PM as that’s the time when the shop closes.
  • Patel Chest Chai Wala, North Campus: One of the favorite spots of youngsters, this tiny shop serves hot Maggie, eggs, chai and a wide array of street food. The joint stays open throughout the night till 5 AM.
  • Jain Chawal Wale, CP: JCW is a popular spot for nightcrawlers where they can spend a good time exploring the city whilst indulging in street food. The shop opens till 12:30 AM and serves amazing Rajma Rice that can even beat the ones served in 5 star hotels of Delhi. If you don’t fancy Rajma rice, you can also devour a variety of north Indian spicy and tangy dishes to enhance your taste buds.
  • Ganga Dhaba, JNU: For a late-night getaway, Ganga dhaba is another option where foodies can relish street food 24 X 7.  From samosa to bread rolls, butter-dripping paranthas to different types of Maggie, Ganga dhaba is a quintessential place for gossip mongers where they can chill and have fun while enjoying these dishes.
  • Bukhara: Feast upon the famous dal bukhara the taste of which will not leave your tongue anytime sooner. Located in ITC Maurya, Bukhara is a must-visit place for foodies out there to satiate their hunger and appetite.

Nightclubs to Unleash Your Free Spirit

Delhi never fails to catch insomniacs by surprise owing to ample of nightclubs to experience the nightlife of the city. With so many night out places in Delhi, you can call your gang and start exploring these nightclubs right away! These vibrant nightclubs will make you forget everything and your feet will start dancing to the music. Release your spirit and revel in the pumped-up aura of these nightclubs-

  • The Blue Bar: If high-end décor and good ambience are what you seek, the blue bar is a good choice to enjoy the nightlife of Delhi with friends. The bar is open from 5 PM till 12:45 AM and is located in Taj Palace, Chanakyapuri.
  • Agni: Agni is a contemporary styled bar and lounge that is good for clubbing and late-night parties. Located in The Park in Connaught Place, the bar opens from 3 PM till 12 AM.
  • Imperfecto: Imperfecto bar in Hauz Khas is the epitome of live music, European cuisine, and funky ambience all rolled into one. Don’t get shocked when your feet start tapping to the music played by the DJ.
  • Kitty Su: For a sophisticated party place, Kitty Su is the best bar to unleash the wild spirit inside you. All-night parties are a specialty of this high-end bar. Located in The Lalit Hotel, Kitty Su is a go-to place to experience nightlife in Delhi.
  • Ghugroo: For a night full of glitz and glamour, Ghungroo club and bar is the best place to be in Delhi after dusk. The heart-pumping club music, global cuisines and infinite dancing will make your adrenaline rock like never before.

Ideal Bar Hopping Places

Bar hopping is also a thing many of us enjoy with friends. Thankfully, Delhi is loaded with bars and pubs (safe for all) where you can chill, relax and chitchat endlessly. From impressive food to live music, the bars and pubs in Delhi have an eccentric vibe that will compel you to stay there for as long as possible.

  • Connaught Place: CP is a hub of bars and cafes where people come to drink ample booze, spend good time with friends and talk for hours. With plenty of bars, one can easily hop from one to another in CP. Be it My Bar Headquarters, Local, Tamasha, Lord of the Drinks, Farzi Café, The luggage room, Knight Rider, Connaught place is one of the ultimate night out places in  Delhi for party freaks which comes alive at night.
  • Rajouri Garden: Rajouri garden is a mecca for booze lovers who love good ambience and freshly prepared brews. There is not a single club that won’t attract you with its buzzing music, live performance and aromatic food. AM PM Café,   Boom Box Café Reloaded, Duty Free, Decode, The Beer Café, National Highway 44, Common Room are some of the popular bars to enjoy nightlife of Delhi.
  • Hauz Khas: Another famous hub is Hauz Khas Village that is jam-packed with wonderful pubs, bars and café’s that are no less than a paradise for liquor lovers and party mongers. Party all night with these pubs for an ultimate experience of nightlife in Delhi- Social, Garage Inc, Capsule, Kaffeine, Fork You, Mia Bella, My Bar Grill, Rabbit Hole, Matchbox etc.

Spooky Tours in Delhi

Delhi is loaded with spooky places to bring out the daredevil in you. These ghostly places are not meant for faint-hearted but are good to take with friends especially during the night. A late-night visit to these places definitely makes up a good story you can tell in the future.  Here are the haunted places for fearless souls to unravel the madness and strange encounter with ghosts, spirits, and paranormal activities.

  • Delhi Cantt: Ever heard of a lady clad in white saree following a car rushing at maximum speed? This is the place where the infamous ghost of a lady haunts a particular stretch of the land. The pitch-black darkness of the place makes it scarier to travel at night.
  • Dwarka sector-9 Metro Station: Who would have thought that a metro station will make headlines due to paranormal experiences people have witnessed. A lady appearing out of nowhere disturbs commuters and suddenly disappears. As per speculation, these unusual experiences happen especially at midnight.
  • Jamali Kamali Masjid: This Mausoleum is speculated to be haunted as people have heard strange noises calling out to them, and felt a negative presence making them uneasy. The place brings out the feeling of being followed by an invisible entity.
  • Sanjay Van: The dense forest of Sanjay Van at night gives a vibe of being on the set of haunted movies. Teemed with enormous paranormal energy, people have heard strange noises at night. Do you have guts to tour this scary forest at night? Go with your friends and you’ll find the answer.