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Thinking of Travelling to Bali Alone? – Check out a Wayfarer’s Way to Explore Bali

When you think of Bali, do you always picture clean beaches, Balinese temples, volcanoes, coffee plantations and not to forget a romantic candlelight dinner by the beach? Do you want to travel this charming land all by yourself but somehow cancel the plan because you think it’s only meant for couples? Well, Bali is more than a honeymoon hotspot. It is indeed a great place to begin your international solo travel adventure. Dubbed as the “most romantic” place to be with your beloved, interestingly, this enchanting land is also a favourite spot of adventure junkies and solo travellers.

From luxurious resorts to the fun-filled water sports, from sightseeing to indulging in an aromatic massage session, Bali is a soul-fulfilling place catering to the needs of all, be it- a nature lover, adventure sports enthusiast, or a tired soul seeking relaxation and inspiration. Every nook and corner of this Indonesian island has a unique appeal to it and is laden with a history that begs to be heard. Now no more dilly-dallying and let’s jump straight to the point which is “How to plan a trip to Bali alone?”

Bali Solo Trip with a Travel Agency

The easiest way to solo travel Bali is by booking your entire trip from a travel agent. There are numerous deals and discounts on Bali tour packages available online from which you can choose the one fitting your requirements and budget.  Some travel agencies provide Bali trip for solo travellers in a group too, so you might want to check on that too. Here’s a step by step description of planning a solo trip to Bali-

  • Step 1: Search for a reliable travel agency and explain your plans and budget
  • Step 2: Have a thorough look at your itinerary designed by the agent and Book your flight
  • Step 3: Check and book affordable accommodation online (if not included in Bali travel package)
  • Step 4: Land into Bali and stick to your itinerary
  • Step 5: Explore the best of Bali

Bali Solo Trip without a Travel Agency

If you are not particularly fond of travel touts, then you can also explore Bali without one. However, this might cost you an itty-bitty extra sum, so be ready for that. Travelling to Bali without any specific itinerary can add extra spice to your trip as you are always curious to find out “what going to happen next”, “where to go next” “what to eat now”. You find the answers all by yourself which somewhere gives you confidence. The best part of solo travelling Bali without the help of a travel agency is that you get to explore and capture the soul of this island which might not be possible with a travel agency (as they have a strict schedule to follow). You can talk to the locals, learn more about their culture and traditions, catch-up with their history, unearth the secret and unexplored places on the island, the possibilities are endless.

Estimated Budget for Bali Solo trip

  • Accommodation: A decent accommodation might cost you between 1300 INR and 1500 INR per night.
  • Overall Bali Budget: The entire trip of Bali including the airfare, sightseeing, accommodation, and food can cost you somewhere around 30,000 INR to 50,000 INR.

Places You Mustn’t Miss

  • Ubud: Ubud is a place with modern “Urban vibe” sprawled with cafes, music playing in the background, bookworms engrossed in books, and echoes of people chattering. Don’t forget to drop by at “Paradiso Ubud” – world’s first vegan cinema encompassing live music, movie-theater, vegan bar and café to have a good time. Go to Yoga Barn to make friends with some like-minded people and enjoy acro yoga jams, workshops, dance, and other engaging events.
  • Kuta: Located in south Bali, Kuta is a beach famous among party animals and surf enthusiasts. The vibrant nightlife of Kuta is something you should be a part of when travelling the place. You can also meet like-minded people or solo traveler and gain some useful insight on Bali trip.
  • Batur: Mount Batur is one place that mustn’t be missed by you at any cost. The breathtaking view of lake Batur is an absolute treat to the eyes. Don’t forget to walk through the paddy-fields in Batur (parking fee might be charged though). Batur undoubtedly will surprise you in every step.
  • Seminyak: Talk about nightlife, temples, beaches, water-sports, luxurious spa, endless shopping, Seminyak is the place where can absorb Bali in your soul. This high-end beach resort area is popular among tourists for its rich ambience, luxurious amenities and scrumptious food. Make sure to carry extra cash when visiting this place as you might get carried away with shopping. It is indeed a perfect spot to click some cool selfies.

Things to Do In Bali

  • Enjoy traditional Balinese massage: No one massage like the way Balinese do. The intoxicating aroma of hibiscus and other exotic massage oils will no doubt boggle your mind. When in Bali, make sure to pamper yourself with a nice therapeutic massage.  
  • Visit a healer: This enchanting island is home to age-old healers that are highly regarded for their healing powers. With the ancient knowledge of herbs and wisdom, these healers can heal any wound be it a physical one or a mental one. If you need solace, a visit to a healer can work a miracle for you! However, you need to be careful of the scamsters also.
  • Gorge upon drool-worthy food and tropical drink: Bali is soaked up in the most-yummiest cuisines to give you a dilemma on what to eat first. The Balinese food with secret spices can make you go nuts! To tantalize your taste buds, you might want to try mie goreng, nasi goring, sate, nasi campur, spring rolls, gado-gado, and other drool-worthy dishes.
  • Embrace your spiritual side by visiting temples and yoga centers: Flocked with several notable yoga centers, Bali is a great place to enlighten your spirit and feel connected with yourself. There are temples that have positive aura and magical atmosphere to calm your nerves and soothe your mind. A visit to these temples and yoga centers is worthy if your aim is to get a peace of mind and discover yourself.
  • Evoke your wild side with water sports: Bali goes synonymous with water sports that are the fun-side of the island. It has some of the most amazing water sports activities to boost your adrenaline rush.  You can surf in the crystal clear water, or snorkel your way in the cool waters amidst the exotic water animals and coral reefs, or scuba dive to penetrate the deep waters of Bali, or enjoy an unforgettable fly boarding adventure, the choices are abundant.
  • Have a profound love for coffee? Then visiting coffee plantations is Must: If you haven’t visited coffee plantations on your solo trip to Bali, then you haven’t really explored it. Taste world’s most expensive coffee Luwak on your tour to the coffee plantations. A typical tour of coffee plantation includes- showcasing the processing of coffees, sample taste from a wide variety of coffees, among others. You can also buy your favorite coffee from these plantations.


Let’s first talk about accommodation in Bali- There are great resorts, hotels to have a nice stay on the island. Contrary to the popular belief that accommodation in Bali is a scam in itself, it’s quite the opposite. There are places where you can enjoy your stay that not only fall within your budget but also give you the comfort of home.  For a budgeted trip, you might want to book a room in a hostel or guesthouse which is a relatively cheaper option for accommodation. However, if your aim is to revel in luxurious spa, massages, and other lavish services, then feel free to shell out extra bucks and book a nice room with a great hotel. To discover the true beauty of Bali, you can also opt for homestays.

Access to Internet

Being a popular tourist destination, Bali is fully equipped to cater to the needs of digital nomads. As far the connectivity is concerned, hotels, taxis and major spots on the island provide access to the internet. So you need not worry about how will I post my pictures without internet? or what if my instagram or facebook doesn’t work? However, cell phone reception is abysmal in some areas so you should plan your excursion accordingly.


Even though most of the accommodations in Bali provide airport shuttle service, but you can also rent a scooter to discover Bali in its best form. Cycling is another great option, but you should go for it only if you are planning on travelling short routes. You can also opt for “GoJek” application, which is basically a driver service app in the island. There are taxi services which you can take to explore this tiny Indonesian island.

Are you still thinking about Bali? Then stop thinking and start planning your soul-fulfilling vacation aka solo trip to Bali right now! Have a happy self-discovery!!!!