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Top Skiing Retreats in Himachal Pradesh for a Perfect Winter Escapade

If you are intrigued by the idea of hitting the slopes of Himachal Pradesh as soon as winter expands its wings in India, you are not alone! Himachal Pradesh is the most-loved and preferred hilly-destination for spending awesome winter getaways. It is also a perfect place for adventure seekers where they can not only get to work on their adrenaline rush but get to enjoy their vacation the way they intended to. While India is a country where filtering out skiing destinations is no less than climbing Mt. Everest, there are a few places that need no introduction at all. If you wish to slide down the mountain covered with a thick blanket of snow and soak the tranquility in the cold breeze of the mountains, we bring you the best skiing resorts in Himachal that fulfill every criteria you seek.


Solang Valley is located nearly 14 KM northwest of Manali and is known to pull tourists from every corner of the world owing to its eye-pleasing landscapes, sparkling river beas, tiny timber houses, and tranquility that cannot be felt or experienced anywhere else. It is the next best skiing destination after Manali where snow conditions are good for skiing. You can rent ski equipments including clothes from plenty of shops here and enjoy the sport without any problems whatsoever. As far as resorts are concerned, you won’t find it difficult to book one no matter if you wish for valley view or river view. Many resorts in Solang also offer skiing gears and related services at much cheaper rates. You can spot people unleashing their inner child enjoying skiing, sledging, paragliding, zip lining, Gondola rides to name a few.


Tucked in the lap of Himalaya, Narkanda is an unusual and offbeat destination to enjoy both a laid-back winter holiday and adventurous one. If you are an experienced skier seeking ‘fresh powder’, Narkanda in Himachal Pradesh is the place to be. The place boasts of its untouched natural beauty that screams to be seen. Situated 65 KM away from Shimla, Narkanda receives a fair amount of snowfall (sometimes even more than Kufri) and is a hidden paradise holding secrets and phenomenal places inside it that can make anyone fall hard for it. As far as skiing is concerned, Narkanda is an extremely safe place to unleash the snow-lover inside you. Slide through the gorgeous slopes of Narkanda once and you’ll know the difference.


Kufri is another popular skiing retreat in Himachal Pradesh that offers a good time to the adventure junkies to flush the adrenaline out of their system and secluded romantic getaway to the lovebirds. There is nothing much to see in Kufri except enjoying adventure sports or laying back in your hotel bed and soaking the mesmerizing views of the valley. You might even catch snowfall from the misty climate of Kufri. The place provides an ideal setting for skiing and other winter sports including tobogganing due to heavy snowfall. The spectacular view of tiny houses scattered along the hills and covered in a white thick sheet of snow is enough to please your eyes. Kufri’s proximity to Shimla (13 KM away) is another reason why tourists love visiting it again and again.


With perfect conditions and climate for winter sports, Manali beats the well-known places in the country when it comes to skiing destinations that give you an extreme level of excitement, fun and thrill. The undulated slopes of Rohtang pass and Solang Valley provides the perfect terrain for people of all age to enjoy and learn different winter sports including skiing seamlessly. This snow paradise has it all that makes it the #1 place to be during winters. From spine-tingling slopes to the easy ones, you can find all sorts of trails in Manali. The view of the snow-capped Himalayas engulfing regional vegetation, chilled water of the river making scary noises, wildlife roaming freely and cold breeze sending a shiver down your spine will add spice to your adventurous trip to Manali.


Fagu is another popular skiing destination in Himachal Pradesh that houses plenty of resorts known for providing a comprehensive adventure loaded packages at affordable prices. Though the hill station receives comparatively less snowfall, but it still gets enough to enjoy the adventure to its fullest capacity. The breathtaking white sheet of snow and eye-soothing landscapes can melt the heart of anyone who travels to Fagu. Apart from basking in Fagu’s natural beauty, you can ski and sledge in the undulated slopes of Fagu to refresh yourself. The rush you get when sliding down the snow-covered peaks of this ethereal hill station cannot be compared with anything else.  Without a doubt, Fagu makes the best skiing retreats in the country to absorb the beauty of nature into your soul and rejuvenate it.