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Want To Travel Europe In Near Future? Here’s Our Recommendations For Splendid Offbeat Vacations

Every travelling enthusiast aspires to visit Europe at least once in a lifetime. Mostly when people think about Europe, places that come to their mind are Paris, London, etc. However, these places are really costly and people now have turned towards other destinations where they can see the actual Europe and also do not require you spending a lot of money. If you are also one such enthusiast who do not wish to visit places like Paris, Rome, London and Venice, there are still other destinations you can fly off too. Explore some major destinations in Europe (one that not clichéd) and plan and enjoy your vacation of lifetime.


With rich culture, traditional cuisine, many architectural treasures preserving beautifully the history, Belarus is one of the top destinations in Europe. Getting its freedom not very long ago, this country emerged as a major tourist spot owing to its easy visa and obviously a large number of attractive destinations.

What to see when in Belarus?

Some top destinations in Belarus that catches the eyes of the visitors here are as follows:

  • Minsk: The capital city of Belarus is one the largest city and is itself a home to a number of popular destinations. You can visit the Belarusian State Museum, National Library of Belarus and Victory Square in Minsk.
  • Polatsk: In Belarus, you can find plenty of destinations with monuments and castles and monasteries. If you are someone who is fascinated by such kinds of things, Polatsk is the right place for you.
  • Mir: A place which perfectly preserves the history and culture of Belarus is the city of Mir. Here you can find Mir Castle Complex, a Gothic style castle from 15th century which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. The Shrine of Sviatapolk-Mirski, which is over a century old, is another main attraction of Mir.
  • Braslaw: If you are a fan of lakes and parks or say nature overall, the city you need to visit is Braslaw. You can visit the beautiful Dryvyaty Lake or the Ozero Strusto Lake where not only you can enjoy the beautiful scenery but can do fishing as well.
  • Narachanski National Park: Where can you find a national park with diverse mammals, birds & fish that also has lakes? Well, if you wish to spend your vacation near any such place, Narachanski National Park is the place for you.



Castles and mountains are the speciality of Slovakia and if you are a kind of person in love with both there can be no better destination for you in Europe. Some major castles of this country include Spiš Castle, Devin Castle and Brastislava Castle. For mountain enthusiasts who just love to ski Tatranská Lomnica, Jasná and Vysoké Tatry are some beautiful little towns to visit. However, the beauty of this country is not just limited to castles and mountains. When in Slovakia, you can also visit the Domica cave, the Botanical Garden in Košice, the Slovak National Theatre, the Važecká Jaskyňa Cave and the Liptovská Mara Dam.

Accommodation in Slovakia is also not much costly and you can find a number of budget hotels are resorts here. If you are visiting with family and are in need to large space, you can also book apartments and enjoy like from the comfort of home. So just determine your need and budget and there is not a single thing that you cannot find in this country.


Romania is one of the best countries to visit while you are on a trip to Europe. The country is best known for its forested region of Transylvania and has also carefully preserved medial towns with churches and castles. Few sites that you might try and visit in Romania are listed below.

Places to visit in Romania

  • Bran Castle: A national monument and landmark in Romania, the Bran Castle is commonly known outside Romania as Dracula’s Castle. This magnificent castle is a major tourist spot and those interested can purchase the ticket to visit this castle.
  • Corvins’ Castle: One of the largest castles of Europe, the Corvins’ Castle or Castelul Corvinilor was built back in 1446 by the Voivode of Transylvania John Hunyadi. Old legends relate this castle to the very famous Dracula and also many horror movies have been casted here at this castle.
  • Salina Turda: Salina Turda is a actually a salt mine that also turns out to be a great tourist spot with facilities like mini golf, Ferris wheel, bowling lanes, amphitheatre, underground lake and spa.


Estonia is a very beautiful country in the north-eastern Europe that includes more than 1,500 islands and islets. Tallinn Town Hall in the Tallinn city of Estonia is a Gothic design town hall where many festivals and concerts are organized. This town hall visited by a large number of tourists every year is also a great market place where one can find traditional Estonian items and souvenirs. While visiting Estonia you can also go and see the famous Lahemaa National Park. Whether you are up for hiking or just want to see nature and its creature real close, you can visit the Lahemaa. This country is also a home to many museums, churches, castles, forts, etc with numerous of events and activities and if you are interested in any or all of these things, Estonia is a must-visit country for you. So, when you decide to go to Estonia, make sure that you do in the month of June to August where the beauty of this country is at its peak.


In this brief list of the places to visit in Europe, the last name is Albania. Various castles and archaeological sites are the major points of attraction in this country along with the magnificent lakes and mountains. For the lovers of castles, cathedrals and museums, some of the places to visit include Gjirokaster, Buthrotum, Krujë District and Korçë. For those who seem to have an interest in nature you can visit Theth, Dhërmi, Himarë, Valbonë, Lake Prespa, Pogradec, etc. One major benefit of visiting this place is that it is not very costly. If you want to see the beauty of Europe but you do not want to spend a lot of money, Albania is the perfect destination for you.