When we think of holidays and vacations, the only means of transportation in our heads are flights and trains. But have you ever wondered in the land of so many rivers and the country whose more than half of the land is surrounded by water, an ocean in its name would have a never to be experienced water ride as well? For those travel enthusiasts who think the coast in India is only limited to Goa. Here’s A tiny surprise for you.

India has a wide variety of luxurious cruise lines that won’t pick and drop you at certain spots but instead, they will be with you throughout your journey taking care of your food, living, fun, and entertainment at the same time. Along with the never to be seen adventures, a sneak peeks into the tribes, endangered creatures, and ways of living. Here are 8 wonderful cruise lines that will give you a different meaning of luxury with adventure.


Yes, it is a part of our country, though, mostly forgotten at times, in all the news, bling and politics cause when was the last time sports or Hindi film stars emerged from this Island right? Now, when you know so little about a place which is so close to you, why can’t we just visit there and know more about it?

Lakshadweep cruise gives you that opportunity to reach this mysterious island and look out for some mind-boggling adventures. Cruise is a popular mode of transport to reach there apart from boats and yachts. You can board a cruise to Lakshadweep from Mangalore, Mumbai, Goa, Kochi, and Beypore.

When you are visiting an island you need to visit when the tides are high. Monsoon visits this 32 sq. km. of land in the latter half of May and continues till September. Considering the scorching heat that this part of the land experiences it will be best to visit during this season as the temperature remains between 22 degrees Celsius and 36-degree celsius.


HOW TO REACH: There are multiple governments and private cruise ships that go to the land, though the waiting list is always long.

WHAT TO DO: When you are on an island so near to the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean, water sports become a necessity. This cruise can be your dream when it comes to adventures. Rafting, Kayaking, Swimming, Scuba Diving, Canoeing, water skiing, etc. can be easily done on this land. Apart from these, you can easily get an opportunity to ride jet scooters and do deep-sea fishing anytime.

THE VIEWS: Lakshadweep is very close to nature, the coral reefs, the long horizons, deep-sea waters become a must-see. It is a group of islands, but only 10 are inhabited, which certainly gives you a variety of flora and fauna to experience. Multiple bird sanctuaries, the turtle walking experience, watching the fishes for long hours gives you an unmatchable experience, Something you might never have had before.



Andaman and Nicobar Islands, one of the lesser-known and least visited ecotourism by Indians themselves is again a source of peace, serenity, and lots of adventures mixed into one whole package. The long beaches as far as your eyes can see on your sides and long drop-dead beautiful gorgeous sea in front of your eyes which is dotted by many smaller islands and huge rocks in the middle. I promise it is a sight to behold.

The Andaman Islands cruise mostly organized by the government of India can be boarded to visit these Islands and swoon over its beauty. The hay made huts on the beaches, beautiful resorts, on the brink of the sea, and clear water with a perfect reflection of sky from time to time will give you experience away from any traffic or regular corporate life.

HOW TO REACH: Makruzz is known as the best cruise available to visit the Andaman Islands. Apart from this, there are a fewer number of cruises or ferries that go for this beautiful island. With 3 to 4 sailings per month, from Kolkata and Chennai to Port Blair, and 1 sailing per month from Visakhapatnam to Port Blair.

WHAT TO DO: There is a lot of stuff that can be done here on this island for enthusiasts apart from just lying in your favorite beach house and meditating on the music of waves. Deep-sea diving, scuba diving, fishing, visiting coral reefs, swim with your friends or swim with the long tusked elephants, and just pick up the pearls and make pearl pieces of jewelry which Andaman is famous for.

THE VISITS: You can do the bird watching at chidiya tapu, or listen to the shells at the red island, visit the cellular jail for an intense experience or have a drink at havelock where you can stay as well. Have a look into the nomadic culture at Samudrika Marine museum, Forest Museum, and Museum Circuit. Have a ride of elephants on elephant island, Mount Harriet and Madhuban. Float with turtles at Karmatang beach or pray at Karthikeyan temple. There is a lot more that this island offers if you want to experience it.



Let’s agree to disagree that you need to have a cruise ride to enjoy the beauty of Kerala. You might not have seen the beauty of Kerala in its complete view if you do not visit it by Kerala blackwater lines. Kerala has over 900 km of interconnected waterways, rivers, lakes, and inlets that accomplish Kerala backwaters completely.

If you are tired of running through various roadways in your city, this cruise will allow you to visit a tiny waterway through Kerala which goes through different towns and cities as an example of a magical ride from Kollam to Kottapuram.

The view during this ride will amaze you from all the exquisite creatures from kingfishers, terns, darters, cormorants like birds, insects like crabs and mudskippers, and animals like otters and turtles. Along with the lush green vegetation on the sidelines, it completes the view from paddy crops and huge bamboo trees.



Goa is your dream vacation destination and you always look for the flight tickets to reach the beautiful coast but have you ever given it a thought that Goa can be a cruise ride as well. And maybe more enjoyable than the air vessel. Goa cruise destination is here to give you that phenomenal experience.

Goa cruise destination can be an ultimate luxurious ride that offers multiple cruises ranging from simple evening cruises, elaborate and romantic dinner cruises, backwater cruises, and casino cruises. All these cruises start from Miramar beach in Panjim. These cruises would not only offer you a personal fun time with your friends and family but also offers a lot of fun activities while hovering over the water.

Apart from enjoying seafood and exquisite cocktails, you can have visited the most happening tourist places in goa which includes Statue of Abbe Faria, Municipal Gardens, casino, and the church of our lady of the immaculate conception adorned with white walls and colorful glass window on the inside.



The Luxury Vindra is another of the most beautiful; and luxurious cruise options apart from the blackwater Kerala cruise line to explore the same Kerala backwaters. The only difference is the kind of luxury both of these cruise lines offer which tries their best to serve their borders as they are at a cut-throat competition.

Indulge in high-end delicacies and mouth-watering cocktails while watching the scenic beauty of Kerala when your water vessel floats on the calm water of blackwater bay. It is a cruise of approximately 5 days and 4 nights and enjoys the houseboat ride in kettuvallam which is the prime attraction over Kerala backwater.



This is the best cruise line if you want to spend more on luxury as well as site seeing and frivolous adventures at the same time. The cruise line offers you a variety of rooms ranging from Superior Cabin and Deluxe Cabin to Luxury Cabin to Suite Cabin at affordable prices.

The cruise starts from Kolkata and takes its residents through Assam to Tezpur. It’s a long journey filled with adventure and luxuries of all sorts including, cocktail evenings, spa sessions, onboard fun activities, a meeting room, and delicacies of all sorts, from seafood to red meat, from vegetarian lovelies to vegan health diet. You will have it all on this road of enjoyment.

Meanwhile, enjoy the different tribes, monasteries, large tea plantation fields, wildlife creatures exploring in their natural habitat with eyes spying on you.



Since the dawn of time, River Ganges has always been our sacred river with many medicinal properties in its water and flowing through most of the major pilgrimage destinations of our country. So, if you want to visit the major historical places located on the banks of the river Ganga then this would be your cruise for sure.

Allow me to give you a literate view of the luxury that these cruise lines offer you while you are inside the ship. From colorfully architectured and painted bedrooms to halls, the fitness gym, a hot water jacuzzi, regular fitness sessions, with trained coaches and yoga instructors. Delve into the high-end cuisines and mouth-watering ingredients in it which won’t make you miss your home-cooked food. The wining and dining at the end of the day promises to give you sweet dreams while your vessel floats to a new morning every day.

A total of 260 km stretch of cruise line gives you a sneak peek on most of the heritage sites which are near the river Ganges. With beautiful sunsets and starry nights over the water, you are bound to experience something that you might never have imagined from the land anywhere near Ganga before.



This cruise ship could be your magic carpet to one of the most famous holiday destinations in the world i.e. Maldives. Started in December 2016, this cruise includes 654 rooms with sea view cabins and in-room balconies. A 6 days and 8 nights trip, this cruise offers you the definition of luxury.

For the people who are scared of airplanes and prefer to be connected to earth while traveling, this cruise is a must to experience. After all, what is a destination when the journey is not worth enjoying?

Taking care of every moment from morning to evening, this luxury cruise won’t give you the chance to think about your destination Maldives at once, but let you freshen up a little bit for your adventures there with its irresistible meals, services, and beautiful royal suites and cabins.