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Unusual Weekend Getaways from Delhi – Explore Offbeat Places

Delhiites never get to explore cities and places nearby and often shift their attention to the hill stations on weekends to escape the rush of cities. Hill stations today have become worse than fish markets swamped with tourists and have fallen into the crutches of commercialization. If you wish to steer clear of these commercialized places and want to feel connected to nature, then this guide will help you in making the best of the places free from jam-packed travelers and tourists. These offbeat destinations are hidden between the mountains or in close vicinity to the city where you can bask in the perfect weekend vibe and rejuvenate yourselves.

No one would like to pass on the opportunity to travel offbeat places nearby Delhi especially during weekends. If you are seeking a peaceful and relaxing weekend getaway with your loved ones, then you need no excuses to spend quality time with them. Here are some offbeat destinations to cure the workaholic inside you. These less-frequently visited places will undoubtedly breathe a new life into you. Let’s take a glimpse at these not-so-popular (yet) unusual travel destinations near Delhi for a real soul-soothing experience.


Peora is a small quaint village located in Kumaon hills at a distance of nearly 8 km from the Mukteshwar city. This sparsely populated place is covered in dense forest with sal, pine, oak, buruns, kaphal and rhododendron trees.  The main source of income of local residents comes from fruit cultivation including apple, plum, peach, apricot, chestnut, walnut and pear. Peora is also the starting point of various trekking adventures. The village has traditionally tilted roof huts lightly scattered over the slopes of the contoured valley which presents a breathtaking view that you must capture on your camera. Surrounded by pine forests, this gem of a place is the best place to spend your weekends. Don’t let slow-paced lives of locals deceive you as Peora is so much more than just a regular place to break the monotony of life.

Aside from the colorful mountain festivities, there are many things you can revel in here to make your trip a memorable one. Be it trekking, bird watching, game watching, and sightseeing, there is no moment which you won’t enjoy while staying in Peora. You can witness nature in its untouched and raw form brimming with river, lush greenery, fresh air, melodious chirping of birds, apple orchards, star-studded nights etc.

The beauty of this rustic yet alluring place cannot be described in words alone. You must experience it yourself to truly witness its magic. It would be right to say that Peora is a paradise for wildlife and bird enthusiasts since you can easily capture exotic birds and wild animals in your camera. There are two best ways to reach this place- 1) by car/bike 2) by train. If you want to spare time, then you can take the Kathgodam Shatabdi from Delhi, and a taxi from the railway station to reach this unspoiled place. You can start your day with a walk in the village and end it with stargazing or bonfire, the possibilities are endless. This fruit bowl of Uttarakhand will not disappoint you whether in terms of budget or time or anything else.


Located nearly 55 km away from Jaipur on national highway 11, Dausa is glazed with history and phenomenal architecture. The name “Dausa” has been derived from Sanskrit which means “beautiful like heaven”. Dausa is your weekend go-to place if you are a history buff or a person in love with Indian architecture. Whether you are an avid history lover or a traveler or just a person who wants to get away from the noise of bustling cities to experience the authentic rural lifestyle of Rajasthan, Dausa has everything you need for a perfect and relaxing weekend.

The place is the hometown of famous “Chand baori” a step well illustrated as ‘the pit’ in Christopher Nolan’s movie “Dark Knight Rises”.  It also houses historical marvels like Bhadrawati Palace and Khawaraoji.  While staying in this small ancient town, you can explore historical places, drive up to the nilkanth mahadev temple along with other temples, taste the authentic cuisine of Rajasthan, and buy colorful fabrics or handicrafts. The list simply does not stop here. Dausa is a place where traditions meet modernity. You can easily get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of the place, with compelling history embedded in every nook and corner of it. The city is well connected with local transport. A road trip to this place cannot beat anything as you can capture colorful Rajasthan on your way. So pack your bags and get ready to chill out this weekend!


Himachal Pradesh is flooded by tourists throughout the year where most of them get occupied with Shimla. However, if you wish to spend your weekend in a serene place away from the crowd to reenergize yourself then Shoghi is the answer to your prayer. This small town with abundant natural beauty and a wide variety of fauna and flora lie at a distance of about 13 km from Shimla on Shimla-Ambala highway. This small suburban town is surrounded by lush oak and rhododendron trees and is famous for its paradise-like surroundings and pleasant climate. This hill station can be visited any time in the year as the weather remains ideal and amiable. It is a quintessential place to relax and enjoy quality time with loved ones. Here you can relish organically grown fresh fruits and products like juices, jellies, pickles and syrups.

If you are a thrill-seeker or a daredevil who loves adventure sports, then Shoghi will not disappoint you. There are many adventurous activities organized here to keep you occupied. You can go for sightseeing, hiking, trekking, and camping in the woods. Wildlife enthusiasts can dive into an unparalleled bird watching experience and can capture wild animals in their natural habitat. Shoghi welcomes everyone with open arms, even if you are seeking a place to get a peace of mind.

Owing to the presence of temples like Tara Devi, hanuman temple and kali temple, this quaint village is also popular as a temple town and a great place to discover spirituality. The temple town of Shoghi is very well connected with transport such as- rail, bus, cab and taxis among others. You can take a trip to this beautiful town on wheels to create wonderful and everlasting memories.


Located in the neighboring state of Haryana, this birthplace of Bhagwad Gita needs no introduction when it comes to Hindu mythology. It is the land where the epic battle of Mahabharata was fought and Lord Krishna preached his philosophy of Karma enshrined in Bhagwad Gita. This place is a dream destination of history buffs and an ideal spot to enjoy a peaceful weekend trip. Situated 170 km north to Delhi and spread over a circuit of about 48 KOS, including holy places connected with the religious events/rituals, Aryan civilization and sacred river Saraswati, Kurukshetra is one of the oldest cities in India with a long-dated history.

The place is known for its association with the Vedas and the Vedic culture. Interestingly, archeological excavations reveal that this holy land had existed way before the Harappan civilization. Dotted with several temples, lakes, sacred tanks, Kurukshetra is the ideal weekend getaway to connect with Indian roots and history.  It is the land where the sage Manu wrote ‘Manusmriti’ and where learned ‘rishis’ compiled the Rig Veda and Sama Veda. If you are keen to know Hindu mythology, then this land of righteousness is a great place to begin with. Kurukshetra is also known to have been a centre of learning during the mighty Maurya Empire.

Exploring this holy place on wheels will give you a soul-fulfilling experience that you will never forget. The route from Delhi to Kurukshetra covers scenic beauty, lush green fields, Punjabi dhabas where you can eat scrumptious food. You can also have a great time visiting places like- Bhadrakali temple, Bhishma Kund, Pandav’s Haveli, Birla Mandir, Brahma Sarovar, Jyotisar etc.


Tucked away in the dark woods of Uttarakhand, Lansdowne is nearly 245 km away from Delhi and is more than just another hill station. This serene little place is an amazing spot for lazing around a weekend.  If enchanting mountains, spellbinding views, misty roads, greenery excites you, then this is your perfect weekend getaway. A drive to the peaceful town will not be tiring or too long and you can bask in the beauty of nature on your way. Lansdowne is a calm and peaceful little town cooped up in the hills where you can sit and relax for long hours away from the noise of the city.

This gorgeous destination is nestled between tall pine and oak trees, a place where one would want to sit back and bask in the sun and do absolutely “Nothing”.  It is one of the unspoiled hill stations of India and is associated with the memories of Britishers India. The place has many old buildings of colonial architecture and British history. Currently, Lansdowne is used by the Indian Army as the command office of Garhwal Rifles division. The entire place is maintained by the Indian Army.

Being close to the Jim Corbett National Park, this heavenly place is also an ideal site for bird watching and nature walks. You can also try your luck in capturing beautiful wild animals in your camera including tiger, sambhar, barking deer, porcupines etc. You can also enjoy wildlife photography, boating, rock climbing, trekking along the lush green forest to create some beautiful memories.

The place can be visited throughout the year as the weather remains pleasant all the time. You can spend some quality time with your kith and kin. Lansdowne is not over-populated or crowded but quite the reverse and is the ideal offbeat travel destination for a relaxing holiday. A short trip to this picturesque place is worth every dime. The pristine environment of this small town will surely leave an immortal footprint in your life and awaken your soul.