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Weird Places in the World- The Ultimate Travel Bucket List Ideas

Everyone loves travelling. No scratch that! Not everyone loves it, that’s the truth. Travelling is a life-altering thing which you do for several reasons. Doesn’t matter if you want to find yourself, or dig the best places on earth to travel or meet people or learn about different cultures. The bottom line is you travel because that gives you a sense of achievement and a wider perspective on things. If you are a travel freak who constantly yearns to explore offbeat and unusual places (packed with the ultimate thrill), then you must have prepared a travel bucket list jotting down the places you’d like to cover. Here we have compiled a list (more like travel bucket list ideas) which will make you rip your typical bucket list and make a fresh one with these weird places in the world. These strange places in the world will without a doubt bedazzle your mind and are perfect to capture instagram-worthy moments.

Giant’s causeway, Ireland

A testament to nature’s marvel, Giant’s Causeway is a naturally carved rock formation in Northern Ireland that makes your imagination run wild. Dating back to the volcanic age, these near-perfect hexagonal-shaped pillars are a geological wonder of nature surrounded by myths and legend of giants rushing over the sea to Scotland. It’s a place that connects our present to our past which is probably why UNESCO listed it in its famous list of world’s heritage sites. These 40,000 or so interlinked basalt columns are a sight to behold and a perfect place to capture great shots.

Easter Island, Chile

Shrouded in mystery, easter island has earned quite a reputation among travel mongers. This remote island in Polynesia is a wonder for travelers who cross countries just to see the iconic “moai” statues (human figures with oversized heads). The question why these statues were built in the first place is a topic of debate among researchers. Nonetheless, the mysterious eastern island deserves to be in your bucket list after all who would want to miss a chance to drop by this strange place on earth?

Nazca Lines, Peru

Nazca lines are a collection of pre-Columbian geoglyphs engraved in the ground in the southern part of Peru. For a long time, these lines have puzzled mankind as the mystery behind their constructing is not known yet. Stretching over 30 miles, these lines were created by pre-Inca people and are in various shapes and figures. The inception, purpose and accuracy of the figures have invited numerous conspiracy theories, from alien communication to worshipping the sun god. No wonder Nazca lines are a favorite spot of offbeat travelers.  

Lake Hillier, Australia

Located in the remotest part of Australia, Lake hillier is popular for its bubblegum pink hue unlike other lakes. This colored lake is quite small when compared with other lakes in the region. Scientist believes that the pinkish color of the lake is due to the presence of salt-loving algae and pink bacteria that causes the change in color (nothing has been proven yet!). A breathtaking and eye-pleasing sight, lake hillier is something you wouldn’t want to miss storing in your camera. The lake is not open for the public as the island is situated on the edges of the continent and it is not feasible to travel the island (apart from research work and special circumstances). The only way you can capture the magnificent view of the lake is through a helicopter ride.

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

In south-west Bolivia lies the world’s largest salt flat with glittering white salt that can make anyone lose their senses. It is the surreal beauty of Salar de uyuni that attracts travelers from all over the world. This beauty of Salar de uyuni gets doubled during the rainy season when this place turns into the world’s largest mirror. So much so that you won’t know when the land stops and sky begins. A thin layer of water makes Salar de uyuni an amazingly reflective canvas. It’s a place where you can play with perspectives and polish your photography skills. Nonetheless, Salar de uyuni deserves to be in your travel bucket list and we bet you won’t regret it.

Red Beach, China

China is a country that keeps on surprising travelers with phenomenal destinations that can boggle their minds. But what will surprise you the most is the red beach which is not at all covered by sand but by a type of seepweed that stays green during summers and turn red in autumn. This hard-to-believe landscape is indeed a paradise for love birds where they can bask in the romantic red hue of reed marsh. Visiting this unique habitat in the world is going to leave you in wonder. Red beach is an ideal place for wildlife photographers and nature lovers who are keen on capturing strange yet fascinating places in the world.

Dead Sea, Asia

Don’t fancy swimming in the sea? Fret not, Dead Sea won’t engulf you. The dense water of the sea is extremely saline rendering people to float in the sea. High salinity of water leaves no room for life except bacteria. Another reason to travel this weird place in the world can be contributed to the fact that saline water and mud are believed to cure skin problems. Many medical facilities have made their base on the edges of the sea to extract medicinal mud. So no matter if you have skin issues to fix or simply want to see this mineral-rich sea then make sure to include it in your travel bucket list.

Travertine pools, Turkey

Located in Pamukkale, travertine pools are the iconic marvel of nature that is not only a treat to the eyes but also a place to rejuvenate your soul. If you fancy a dip in these soul-soothing thermal pools filled with calcium, be sure to include it in your travel wish list. Indeed a hidden gem in Turkey, the place attracts tourists from across the globe. Bathing in this hot spring is not the only reason why people come here. Witnessing the contrasting view between the pools and travertine (white limestone deposit) is also what appeals to people. No wonder the place might put a spell on you leaving your imagination run wild.

Lake Khiluk, Canada

Named as ‘the most mineralized lake in the world’, the water of Lake Khiluk in summers evaporates and leaves behind canonical-shaped rings (each composing unique chemical). Abundant in minerals, this lake presents a breathtaking sight when the water reflects different shades of green and blue. A sacred site for native Okanagan (Syilx) people, the magical properties of water is believed to cure several skin diseases like warts, rashes, wounds, boils etc. Lake Khiluk is a challenging place to travel, but it’s totally worth capturing on your camera. Add it to your travel wish list and get ready for a magical journey.

Tunnel of love, Ukraine

Tunnel of love is basically a railway track surrounded by green arches located between Klevan and the village of Orzhiv on the Kovel-Rivne line in Ukraine. It is popular among couples owing to the romantic setting the place exhibits. With the onset of spring, trees start expanding their branches forming an arch-shaped tunnel.  Interestingly, locals believe that if a couple visits this tunnel with a sincere heart then the tunnel makes their wish come true. Want to try your luck? Stop wasting time and book your tickets to Ukraine right now!

Though there are plethoras of strange places to visit in the world, they cannot be revealed in a single post.  These weird places have their unique charm that lures wanderlusts from every nook and corner of the world. Why visit places that are already flocked with people, why not venture into these unusual and less-travelled road? If you are a daredevil who wants to explore a different side of nature, mark these places for your next adventure trip and let nature startle you!