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Why Taj Mahal Should Be Visited During Full Moon Nights

The eternal tale of love and history seeped into the marvellous architecture of the Taj Mahal pulls everyone towards it no matter the season. You might have had the chance to witness its indescribable beauty during daylight. But have you ever visited Taj Mahal at night especially during full moon ones? We bet you haven’t. So folks! This is the perfect year to experience things from a different perspective. Why not free your adventurous soul and soothe your eyes with drop-dead gorgeous night view at Taj Mahal which is bound to make you sleepless.  The glowing, unreal and sparkling white wonder of the world will leave you mesmerised. Are you ready to see the monument of never-ending love from a fresh pair of lenses?  

Taj Mahal Night View Schedule For 2020

The vision of Taj Mahal you see on a day is priceless, but the view at night when the white marbled structure illuminates under the white light of the moon and radiates blue colour is something extraordinary and beyond comprehension. Here’s the complete schedule for night view of Taj Mahal for 2020. So plan your trip to Agra beforehand and enjoy the ethereal creation of mankind.

Month Date Day
January 10-01-2020 Friday
February 09-02-2020 Sunday
March 09-03-2020 Monday
April 08-04-2020 Wednesday
May N/A N/A
June 05-06-2020 Friday
July 05-07-2020 Sunday
August 03-08-2020 Monday
September 02-09-2020 Wednesday
October 01-10-2020, 30-10-2020 Thursday, Saturday
November 30-11-2020 Sunday
December 30-12-2020 Wednesday

Ticket Details and Timings

Ticket for Taj Mahal night view can be purchased one day before the specified date from the counter at ASI office, 22 Mall Road, Agra from 10 AM to 6 PM. To view Taj Mahal at night, you must react at Shilpgram (near eastern gate of Taj Mahal) an hour before the scheduled time for security checks. Here are the prices for the tickets:

  • Adults: Indian adult needs to pay INR 510/- whereas a foreigner needs to pay INR 750/- for the same.
  • Child: The Ticket price for children between 3 years and 15 years for both Indians and Foreigners is INR 500/-.

Important Pointers

Tourists will be organised into 8 batches wherein each batch will have a maximum of 50 people. Each batch will get 30 minutes to witness Taj Mahal at night. The night view usually takes place between 8:30 PM to 12:30 PM. Visitors cannot enter the premises at night but can view Taj Mahal from a distance. Video camera and belongings are not allowed inside the monument during the night viewing. You can however submit your luggage and belonging at the security counter during security checks. During Ramzan month, no night viewing will be scheduled.