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Bali has been a tourist spot for years and has become a getaway for honeymooners. Because this Indonesian island gives all the reasons to have a relaxing time in nature and culture. Hence, giving space to humans to enjoy every single scoop of both simultaneously. It has everything from the beaches to cliffs, from adventure sports to more placid destinations. And is full of culture and Indonesian heritage. What else would be the reason that this place survives on tourism throughout the year?But with so many places to go and so much to see with so little time on any Bali trip, it is not fair to leave one or two and is very confusing to decide which one to visit and which one to leave. Here is the list of 11 of the best places to visit in Bali to be included in your itinerary so that you can enjoy every piece of this magnificent place.




Bali being an island has multiple beautiful beaches all around the piece of land and Blue Point Beach comes in the list of these beaches. Also known as the Suluban beach, it offers lush green vegetation on one side settled on white limestone rocks and soft white sandy beaches. The best time to visit this island is around November to March when the beauty of this exquisite island freshens up with lighter showers of rain all around. However, if you prefer a sunny beach day, you are most welcome to visit this island around April to October.Apart from a sunlit beach, if you fall in love with this island there are multiple spas and resorts lined up on the beach outlines, you can stay here and enjoy the regional delicacies of Bali, the drinks from time to time while watching the sunsets on the horizon from the beach. As Bali is known as the honeymoon destination, many of the couples prefer these resorts for their private times in Bali.




Ubud is very famous among tourists and visitors of Bali and this place is full of culture, history, art, and the most unique forms of nature all around. A glimpse of Ubud for what all surprises that it has in its belly are as following:


Ubud can be famous for its temples and markets but above all, it is famous for its floury nature and ravishing surroundings. If you want to see Nature at its best then a visit to Ubud is a must. And that is the reason that tourists and visitors prefer Ubud as their ultimate destination for stays. Here is where you will visit the main culture of Bali consisting of paddy fields, Indonesian dance, life-styles, temples, and museums.

While you enjoy the nature of Bali, don’t forget to do a bike ride here, taking a stroll in the rice fields of Bali, watch the flocking herons at Petulu, watching the monkeys in the monkey park, enjoy an elephant safari or stay at one of the treehouses or cabins.


Indonesian culture is one of its kind and has an abundance of art, architecture, various forms of design, and traditions. If you are lucky enough you might hear tales of lovers here and watch dancing girls in the traditional Bali dresses. But, above everything, if you by any means you simply don’t want to capture all this in your camera and your memories, instead keep a part of Bali in your own pockets, you have to visit the art market of Ubud.

Here you will not only find the specific art and craft decoratives but the locals also buy several things from the same market when they celebrate their regional festivals and give the same items in their gatherings. All you need to do is to take a walk around this place to window shop the scarves, bags, baskets, statues, kites, and other especially handcrafted goods.


Bali is full of greenery and vegetation and therefore it has a lot of forests all around its land. One of the most significant forests in Ubud Monkey Forests situated in the jungles of Ubud away from any noise of the city and purely in nature. This forest is named after the long-tailed monkeys found here which have also been worshipped by some. It also has 3 different temples situated in the lap of the forest which depicts the old culture and the mythological importance of the monkeys. Ubud Monkey Forest is pure Indonesian forest and has all species of plants and vegetation in its land. It has been estimated that it has over 186 species of trees and plants spread in its area. Apart from that, it has a waterfall as well to add to its natural beauty. Having a stroll in these forests might make you feel that you might have been on the sets of Ong Bak.


As Bali is the island full of beaches there is a beach with black sand over it and is famously known as black sand beach. Most of the tourists visit the southern part of Bali as it is filled with many tourist attractions all around the land. But this surprising gem is placed on the northern coast of Bali. Anyone who looks forward to personal time in comparatively quiet and unique places in Bali, Lovina is a beach for them. With resorts and spas on the sidelines, Lovina becomes a perfect sunset spot, with black beaches, a table filled with dinner and champagne along with a reddish setting sun on the horizon.


As Lovina is known for its black sand, Kuta beach is known for its white sand and situated in the western part of Bali. The specific activities that you can perform on this beach apart from gazing at the melting sun in water and sun rays in the sand are watching 3D trick art at Dream Museum Zone, take a vintage ride on roads beside the beach, spending some time at Turtle Conservation site, etc.


Experience the huge tides washing the walls of the seaside temple of Tanah Lot. It is known for the most exquisite Bali touristic location for visitors and photographers. Tanah Lot means Land in the sea in the Balinese language. It is a group of 7 temples and the main deities worshiped here are Dewa Baruna who is known as the God of Sea. Other stories are spread around in this region. All you need to do is to visit the place and listen to all those stories by the locals. Apart from that, you can also enjoy surfing and swimming here..


If you visit land near the sea or an island and do not dive deep into the water world then your trip is not complete at all. Tulamben in Bali is here to complete your trip by giving you a once in a lifetime experience of the world below the blue surface. Starting off your journey from the Tulamben remains of the shipwreck, and further ranging from the bio rock reef and finally ending at Pemuteran. You can enjoy the deep-diving adventures here along with a deep seawater bath. Shining and floating fishes and water creatures around you will be so radiant as a sight that it definitely will etch in your heart and soul for an entire lifetime.


Such a naturally rich land consists of a lot of waterfalls as well. And there is a lot that you can visit, but the nungnung waterfall lies in the depth of the jungle and is between Bedugul and Ubud. Located around 900 meters above the sea level, this waterfall is one of its kind and surrounded by the lush green environment with all kinds of rainforest vegetation which can grow in the Indonesian soils.  This waterfall is so fetching to watch and refresh the ears and soul. The sedateness of the surroundings can make you fall in love with it.


There is a beautiful park in the Badung Region of Bali which is full of Indonesian culture and heritage. This park serves as the perfect amalgamation of history, culture, peace, harmony, and love spread around in all corners of it. And this serves as the home for the tallest Indonesian statue Garuda Wisnu Kencana which is being worshipped by many in the region. It is 120 meters tall and is a symbol of peace and Hinduism. The story behind this statue makes space in Hindu Mythology. It has been said that Guarana agreed to be ridden by the Lord Vishnu in exchange for Elixir or Amrita to revive his dying mother. You need to visit this place for more stories.


If you are a true wanderlust and want to quench your thirst for adventure then you are most welcome to the Treetop Adventure water Park which has numerous adventures running around all its area. The tall eucalyptus trees combined make a fine fun and game for all the fun lovers. There are various activities designed with ropes, tires, wooden blocks, etc. in the middle of the air so you can sing along and perform as many physical workouts as you want to. Tall trees to the sky and lovely botanical garden on the ground make a perfect picturesque surrounding to have fun in. If you are with your family and children then this place has the potential for a perfect getaway for an entire day of the adventurous retreat.


At a distance of just 6 km from Ubud, Goa Gajah is a phenomenal place to visit for its Buddhist carvings and many of the history and art lovers would prefer this place at least once when they visit Bali. Goa Gajah means the Elephant Cave and suits the fine carvings all around the walls of this secluded place. As soon as you enter the cave a giant carving over the cave entrance welcomes you and simply gives you a glimpse of the wonderful things that you are going to see.

After moving a few steps inside there is a fine water stream making a pool to complete the tranquility of the place and giving music to this cave. The main attraction of this place is the Buddhist carvings along with elephants which depict the rich and cultural flourishing heritage of Indonesia. Delicately cut rocks and their placements on the walls seems like telling a story of the forgotten decades and times when it was being made.


I am a true coffee lover and prefer my coffee with a lot of foam and artistic designs over the surface of my coffee. And for people like me who start their morning from a mug of coffee, Yellow Flower House is a paradise to visit. Located near the Palestinian hills and surrounded by a lush green environment, there is a cave that has been converted into a natural coffee house by the Oval family who is native.

The seatings are arranged in the environment as well so it makes a perfect spot for a fresh morning breakfast. As they grow their vegetables following the eco- friendly rules of the community, you are simply going to get the fresh taste, the kind that you have never had before.

Finely graded coffee, stirred with cream, and formed with the accurate amount of temperature is what you will find here. You might have heard about the coffee of different places but this is the special Indonesian coffee made with Indonesian style. You might not want to miss it.


When was the last time you sat on a swing and let your hairs fly in the air, probably when you were so young that you don’t even remember now? Well, if you are on a vacation to Bali then this place will allow you to relive those childhood memories and allow your feet to leave the ground and let them be in the air for a while. It has become the most visited place in the last few years especially among the honeymoon couples who visit Bali. Won’t it be wonderful and once in a lifetime experience to swing in love with your beloved and your partner in crime while taking the pictures for your social media accounts. I am pretty sure that you are going to boast about this surprising experience and make everyone aware of your adventurous trip to Bali.