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Best places to visit Chandigarh- The City Beautiful !

The city beautiful is as alluring as a blossomed flower. Chandigarh is also known as ‘The City Beautiful’ which is a perfect experiment of its time. The place has its own history and a bright future. Chandigarh is not just a place with greenery and beautiful places but has blessings of Chandi Mata from whom the name of the city is inspired meaning ‘The fort of Chandi’. The Urban planning and modern architecture of the beautiful city was done in 20th century by Le Corbusier in India. Chandigarh travel can be proved as the best destination for family and friends and best places to visit chandigarh.


The Union Territory is significant example of an escalated city which is greatly loved by the natives. The pretty, stylish girls and boys with Bullets are surely seen in Chandigarh Punjab. They are jolly in Nature, specially Punjabis. The city has altogether a different aura which only people living in the city can feel. Dense green trees, clean roads, structured roundabouts are soothing to eyes. Here are Chandigarh places to visit to know the lively city better and add to your Chandigarh trip plan visit.

Best Places to Visit in Chandigarh : Facts about Chandigarh.

Chandigarh places must visit.

1. Punjab University (PU).

Punjab Universityi. Punjab university is the first thing which you should must visit in Chandigarh.

ii. You will see Bullet bikes everywhere you go in PU, the sturdy sound of the bullet which is called ‘Bullt’ in Punjab gives another great feel.

iii. If you visit PU, stucy is a place to chill and relax. This is the canteen where all the students spend their free time where menu is so long and the price is very less and reasonable.

iv. The election rallies are worth seeing at the university and a sight must watch.

v. In all, the university is so neat and clean with a great atmosphere you would love and want to come again.


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2. Sukhna Lake.

Sukhna lakei. Sukhna Lake is not just a reservoir but the the centre of love and desperation.

ii. Couples come and stroll on the road of sukhna and sit on stairs looking at the lake and sunrise is the best view to experience in Chandigarh Sukhna Lake.

iii. Sukhna lake has a walking or jogging track which plays instrumental track early morning.

iv. Feeding ducks is a common sight and sitting on the rock cemented short walls facing the lake is engaging.

v. Click a selfie with the Chandigarh Peace Symbol at the starting of the track.

vi. The place has a CITCO cafeteria in Sukhna lake compound which has beautiful sitting area outside and inside.

vii. The place has shops which contains different antiques, jewellery, gift items and much more to buy as souvenir.

3. Garden of Silence.

Garden of Silencei. The Garden of Silence is financed by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

ii. When you visit Sukhna Lake, Garden of Silence is just behind it and can be taken tour of.

iii. The garden is quiet, silent and can be reached by completing the 1800m long track. The other way to reach Garden of Silence is by road through Kishangarh.

4. Elante mall Chandigarh.

Elante mall chdi. Chandigarh has the second largest shopping mall in Northern India.

ii. You can find any outlet in mall’s ambience and a great place to enjoy shopping.

iii. A surprise for the people of Chandigarh will be that Hotel Hyaat will be opening shortly in Elante Mall courtyard.

iv. There are 218 brands in the mall and the infrastructure is excellent.

5. Sec 17.

Sector17i. The ‘Pedestrian’s Paradise’ in Chandigarh is the best for shopping and roam around watching the compound.

ii. You can see peddlers selling colorful toys and bubbles maker and more over flash mobs and important events takes place at the big area of Sector 17.

iii. Must have heard of the sentence in songs ‘Kothia, karaa, sector sataran’ which shows the luxury living of the people in bunglows and BMWs & Jeeps and shopping in sector 17.

6. Rose garden.

Rose gardeni. Do you like rainbows, colors, attractive and all eye catchy things? Well then, you must look out for Rose Garden which has all the colorful flowers you can imagine.

ii. 30 acres of land full of colorful flowers is Zakir Hussain’s Rose Garden with maintained flower beds and lawns.

iii. You can stroll and take a walk at the garden and best for family picnics and playing around.

iv. This place holds an important role and when someone says ‘Rose garden’, Chandigarh is what one imagines.

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7. Rock garden.

Rock gardeni. Heard about Nek Chand’s Rock Garden? Nek Chand was a self-made artist who utilized 25 acre land with 2000 statues, sculpture & mosaic of art pieces.

ii. It has a great and interesting history as Initially Nek Chand started to work on his hobby illegally in 1957 and did this work for 18 years, but when government got to know about his work, inspite of being illegal and getting it demolished, they saved the work and given more labourers to work on the project. The park was then opened for public in 1976.

iii. The whole concept was to make things out of waste which the renowned artist did greatly.

iv. This creation is more over a symbol of imagination and the other part of Rock garden has waterfall which is also loved by the tourists and the locals.

v. The place has a cafeteria where you can satiate your hunger having what you love from samosas to patties and noodles to Manchurian. Enjoy the food!

8. Capital complex.

capital complexi. Capital complex Chandigarh is located in sector 1 which is UNESCO World Heritage Site.

ii. It has a large area of around 100 acres which comprises three buildings, three monuments and a lake.

iii. All the big events are which require great space for people are done here like Yoga day was celebrated in Capital complex where Prime Minister Narendra Modi also attended and performed yoga.

9. Eiffel tower.

Eiffel tower i. No, there is no mistake in including Eiffel tower in Chandigarh must visit list, but there is literally a desi Eiffel tower which is in Leisure Valley Sector 10C.

ii. Don’t forget to click a picture with the mini Eiffel tower which is 56 feet in height.

iii. It has a special connection with the people of all ages.

iv. This also comes in a place called ‘Gehri route’ which is shared next.


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10. Gehri route.

Gehri routei. Gehri route is famous in youth, boys and girls flaunts their luxurious and flashy cars and bikes.

ii. It is one famous road which is considered as a ramp for the cars and bikes to showcase themselves.

iii. The boys come hooting and enjoying with friends and the show goes on.

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11. Funcity.

Funcity CHDi. Fun city is a perfect hangout for family outing.

ii. It is an amusement park which has water rides like Wave Pool, Red Dragon Slide, Activity Pool, Typhoon Tunnel, Aqua Dance, Crazy Cruise and many more.

iii. It is just 20 kms from Chandigarh on the Panchkula-Barwala Nada Sahib Gurudwara Highway near Ramgarh.

iv. The Funpark is most exciting, hi-tech and people of any age feels rejoiced coming here.

v. The Fun city park in Chandigarh has some facilities like separate parking, banquet hall, restaurant & Beer bar & green lawns to relax.

12. Kala gram.

Kala Grami. As the name suggests, Kala Gram is a place where exhibitions related t art and crafts are held and this is a must watch place which shows a great culture of Chandigarh.

ii. It is also called ‘The Craft Village of Chandigarh’ which is mesmerizing with all the stalls displaying different crafts and people can buy them.

iii. The Kala gram carries a different tradition which has been running from decades and continuing to upgrade itself and people love coming here and enjoying the time.

13. Nada sahib.

Nada sahibi. A very famous Gurudwara on Panchkula district is Nada Sahib.

ii. You must visit the Gurudwara which gives you the peace with all those chanting of ‘Shabads’ at the background and the aura of the place is highest whenever you plan to visit.

iii. Film actors and celebrities are often spotted coming and taking blessings.

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14. Tagore Theatre.

Tagore Theateri. Tagore Theatre in Chandigarh sector 18 is a great place for intellectuals which holds different programs like musical, theatrical, stand up comedy, cultural programme, social seminars are taken place here.

ii. This is a great place to enjoy with what you like to see, there are different programmes and events taking pace everyday and the price of tickets are nominal.

15. Cricket matches at PCA.

PCA Mohalii. Check in advance, if there is any cricket match to enjoy in Mohali.

ii. This is a great place to enjoy in the famous cricket playground in Chandigarh watching your favourite cricketers win.

16. Pinjore garden.

Pinjore Gardeni. When you visit Chandigarh, Pinjore is a place to visit.

ii. Pinjore is also called Yadvindra Garden which is a Mughal garden of its time made in 17th century on Ambala- Shimla road and 22 kms from Chandigarh.

iii. The garden was made to grow roses for Maharaja’s perfume called ‘Ittr’.

iv. Special festivals are celebrated in Pinjore gardens like Pinjore Baisakhi festival and Pinjore Mango Mela & Pinjore Heritage Festival.

17. Iskon temple.

Iskcon Templei. Take a tour to Iskon Temple Chandigarh which is Lord Krishna’s temple.

ii. The place in Chandigarh is soo soothing and mind relaxing and specially during Aarti, the atmosphere is something different which takes you on a different level.

iii. Religious and spiritual people must attend the Aarti and take blessing of God.

iv. Some facilities like free parking, free food time to time, special programmes at various festivals comes handy.

v. It is a majestic place where you can see amazing and colourful sparkly clothes of deities where you feel not to stop watching at them.

18. Rehri markets in Sector 22,19 & 15.

Chandigarh marketi. Finally but not any less than others specified are markets in Chandigarh.

ii. Like Delhi or any other cities, Chandigarh has cheap markets where you can buy trending clothes, jewellery, footwears, basic commodities and what not.

iii. Best markets of Chandigarh for shopping are very famous such as sec 15 market, sec 19 market & sec 22 market.

Fun Fact about Chandigarh?

Well, there is no Sector 13 in Chandigarh as the number 13 is said to be unlucky and an inauspicious number in Christianity as the city was designed by French architect. Isn’t is interesting!

If you have not been to Chandigarh or these places till now, make a plan to go and enjoy the city from your own eyes. The city makes you feel refreshed and happy. This is also known as the most peaceful city which you can choose for your children to grow up. The quality of life is unparallel if compared to other cities. The beautiful city is pollution free and clean, the people take care and are clear of the basic concept to keep the city tidy make Chandigarh the must visit place. You might find your haven here, so come and see what you have missed so far.