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20 Best Islands to Add in Bucket List| Underrated Islands You Have Been Neglecting All These Years

Since New Year has already started, you might have prepared or updated your travel bucket list. If you haven’t added these exotic islands for vacation, you are going to miss so much in life. Today, we bring you the list of best islands to visit in this life that is worth every penny you’ve earned so far. These islands are virtually unexplored and unspoiled. They are not that popular as other ones but make no mistake, these underrated islands are the best place to spend time with yourself or with family and friends and are going to flood you with memories and experience you wouldn’t want to forget ever! They are indeed nature’s best-kept secrets. Let’s find out where you should be heading next for your adventurous or tranquility-loaded vacations. 


Situated on the Spice Island that supplies almost 20% of the world’s nutmeg, Grenada is a magical place to spend holidays away from the hustle and bustle of cities. If you cannot bear people-littered beaches, Grenada is going to be a welcoming change for you. This secluded part of Spice Island is a hidden gem that is virtually unspoiled and utterly gorgeous paradise. You can snorkel your way tearing the sharp waves or stamp your feet on grounds to the sounds of Jab Jab and Soca music of its carnival celebration, there are endless possibilities here to spend a fabulous time with yourself or your loved ones.

Saba Island

Want to head for a Caribbean vacation? Why not go to Saba Island and capture the beauty of nature achieving new heights?  With no commercialization or presence of cruise ships, the island is truly a magnificent place for those seeking solitude and bliss amidst nature. Saba is an island that is basically about nature and water. If you fancy spending your holidays considering these key elements, think no further and pack your bags to Saba Island. You won’t be disappointed. Vibrant corals, sea turtles, sandy shores, rose-gold beaches with plenty of fauna and flora will serve as a balm to give you the relaxation and peace of mind you need.


Don’t confuse Dominica with Dominic Republic since Dominica is a Caribbean Island packed with natural hot springs, tropical rainforests, sandy beaches, aquatic wildlife, natural swimming holes, and the world’s second-largest actively boiling lake. The geothermal spring here makes hot bubbles, a dive into which makes one feel like bathing in champagne. Dominica is a perfect place for you if you are more inclined towards vacations with unusual experiences including mud bath, walking past volcanoes to name a few.

Cocos Keeling

Cocos Keeling is a place where you come face to face with the unknown and get lost in the beauty of the place in a blink of an eye. You might not be realizing it, but cocos keeling might actually be the island of your dreams. The coral island belongs to Australia and houses a handful of residents who love the peaceful life on the island. There is more to cocos keeling than sunbathing and sea bathing. You can visit the shallow lagoon or head to the nearby Prison Island known for its fascinating history of putting prisoners and stranding them in isolation.

Nosy Be

Madagascar….when you hear the name, you cannot imagine anything but lush greenery, abundant wildlife, unspoiled terrain, dramatic surroundings and less human interference. Nosy Be Island is an ideal place for you if you wish to escape the chaotic life of cities and feel the need to recharge yourself. Celebrate your life at a place where time seems to stand still. Visit Nosy Be and unlock a new and better version of yourself.


Forget Bali when Sumba is there to give you the feel-good ambiance amidst lush treasures of nature. Sumba in Indonesia is one of the best islands to visit when you are tired of your busy life routines and wish to spend time with yourself away from worries and problems. You can hop beaches, surf in the challenging tidal waves of Sumba, drive past through rich paddy fields and enjoy the scenic beauty the island offers.


Barbuda joins this list of the underrated island from across the world owing to the overshadowing of Antigua’s other islands. The island is more relaxing and calming than adrenaline pumping. There are pristine beaches where you can stay and gaze at the sea for hours. It’s the best place to spend a laid-back vacation. If you feel overwhelmed by nature, Barbuda is the destination waiting for you to arrive. 


The French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe boasts of good food, ambiance, warm weather, picturesque views, secluded swimming holes, underwater volcanoes, cultural diversity and vibrancy. You name it and Guadeloupe has got it.  Soaking up Vitamin D all day long on a beach, who would miss such an opportunity? If you favor cheap thrills and simple activities of life, Guadeloupe is the place screaming out your name.


Untapped by tourists and preserved by locals, Raiatea island in French Polynesia literally means ‘faraway heaven’ and takes pride in its jade peaks, dancing palm trees, water with 50 shades of blue, jaw-dropping views and rich wildness. The aroma of hibiscus flower greets you everywhere you go. There are UNESCO approved heritage sites you can visit to dig a little history of the land. You can hike to the verdant mountains or stroll through the jungles and capture wild fauna in action. Not only this, you can unleash your wild side by diving to the shipwreck nearby, but be aware of the black–tip sharks waiting to pounce on you.  

Isla Mujeres

Away from the chaotic Cancun, Isla Mujeres is rich in white sand beaches, swaying palm trees, turquoise sea water, wind-worn cliff and mesmerizing landscapes that have the power to cast its magical spell on you as soon as you step on the island. Here you can stargaze to your heart’s content, listen to the calming sound of waves at night, walk along the shores, devour Cuban salsa, mingle with locals and know their culture and traditions. Isla Mujeres is the ultimate destination for you if you yearn for secluded holidays and wish to lose yourself in the beauty of nature.

Bluff Island

Contrary to its name, bluff Island in Hong Kong is a real island (not bluff!) but an isolated one that has never got the attention it deserved and is certainly underrated too. When you look at the island from above, it appears to be shaped like a turtle with four extended legs. With plenty of greenery, natural rocks, scenic beauties, the island is certainly a hidden paradise that is tucked away from human touch and must be visited at least once in this lifetime.


Looking for a lightly populated island where you can spend vacations the way you want without any prejudices or stress? Head straight to Naoshima and you’d know why it has been included in this list. Naoshima is one of the many tiny islands adorning Japan’s glassy Seto inland sea. The island is home to one of artist Yayoi Kusama’s famous yellow pumpkins which is well-recognized all over the world. It is one of the safest places on earth to travel and explore the surrounding no matter what gender you belong to.

Vancouver Island

Located in Canada, Vancouver Island is one of the most underrated islands across the globe that is decorated with Oceanside farmer markets, brewery to tingle your tongue, heritage bookstores for bookworms, and lip-smacking cuisines aside from the obvious magical sceneries of the island. It’s a nice place to spend a cozy vacation with your loved ones. Vancouver Island is also the best island to visit for solo travelers who yearn to experience something new to fuel the wanderlust inside them.

Lord Howe Island

A hidden jewel off the coast of Australia, Lord Howe Island is a secluded island truly in the middle of nowhere (check Google if you don’t believe) that speaks volumes about why it is preserved by nature from human interference. Hike to Mt. Gower to see some of the rare and once-considered-extinct species of plants and animals. Lounge on the low-key beaches and gaze the endless sky and sea till your heart get enough of it. Lord Howe Island is certainly a place to be for offbeat travelers who love stepping into unknown territories.

Isle of Skye

The unrivaled wilderness of Isle of Skye in Scotland will take you to a magical place where mountains disappear in the mist in the blink of an eye, where pastel-colored cottages by the sea pull you to dreamland and where the sun plays hide and seek. Jump in fairy pools, walk past the fairy glens and simply absorb the stunning beauty of the island which is eye-soothing as well as soul-satisfying. The Isle of Skye is a gorgeous place to rediscover and reenergize yourself and throw yourself into the lap of nature to trap a part of its soul into you.  


You might have heard of Borneo’s jungle where mischievous orangutans look adorable playing in their natural habitat. But have you ever visited it? If not, then adding Borneo to your travel bucket list is the first thing you should do. Borneo is an exciting and adventurous place that rewards you in terms of experiences. You’ll find yourself stretching your legs and challenging your lungs on a hike to the summit of Bukit Lambir, exploring the Mulu caves and the underground heaven inside it and plenty of adventurous excursions that are sure to keep you occupied.

Guacalito De La Isla

Located on the coast of Nicaragua, Guacalito De La Isla is an untouched beauty of nature with fairy-tale beaches, lush greenery and ‘bohios’ that offers a pleasant view of sunset and sunrise. It is a paradise for solitude seekers who wish for some time away from home and rejuvenate themselves. Walk down the pristine jungles, volcanoes, or follow the tropical birds, there is nothing more that will bring you a feeling of content. You can also revel in the beauty of panoramic sceneries or simply lay back and enjoy as time flies by. The island is absolutely gorgeous and must to visit once in this life.


The archipelago of Lakshadweep is home to 30+ atolls and coral reefs off the coast of Kerala, India that is a hidden treasure of nature. Hydrophilic travelers and wanderlusts would love the place is surrounded by turquoise green and blue waters of the Laccadive sea. There are island like Agatti, Kavaratti, Kadmat, Minicoy etc that makes one lost in the post-card perfect sceneries of nature. Lakshadweep is loaded with extremely beautiful marine creatures, sandy beaches, gorgeous lagoons, unspoiled corals, and water sports activities to keep you entertained and calm at the same time. Even though you can explore only five islands but that should not make you think twice about visiting it.


The Greek island of Alonissos gives you the best the Aegean Sea has to offer, be it- its raw beaches, cobblestone streets, old towns, olive groves, aquatic life and a handful of other things as well. If you wish to slow down in life and enjoy simple pleasure of it, then visiting Alonissos is definitely the best thing you will ever do. There are plenty of things to do in Alonissos, you can soak the essence of Greek culture when touring the old towns, capture the gorgeousness of the place that creates a mirage of photoshopped pictures and devour the yummiest sea food to satiate your hunger.


Cavallo lies in the middle of Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Corsica in France and is a private island popularly used for sailing, golfing and living a good French life. Though the place has zero nightlife, it’s honestly a great one for those looking to spend quiet time away from the crowd. Bicycle through the island and explore the preserved form of nature which is a treat to the eyes. You might have to pull a few strings if you wish to see the enchanting beauty of the island, but it’s totally worth it. Cavallo is one of the many hidden destinations you will never regret visiting.

Nature has nurtured many wonderful destinations of which some are hidden and some got unraveled owing to the involvement of humans. It’s not feasible to explore all the hidden places tucked in the core of our universe. But who says that you cannot visit these islands in this life? Put them in your bucket list and start ticking off the places as you cover them (no matter how long it takes). You will thank your stars, sun, moon etc when you travel to such places.