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7 Beautiful Reasons to fall in Love with Varanasi

Varanasi is among the few cities in the world that are older than time. In the days of yore, it was a land where the Vedic culture thrived. This city of scholars is home to one of the largest universities in Asia i.e. Banaras Hindu University. It is a popular tourist destination for those seeking solace in life or wants a break from their hectic life in the cities. Even though the place is bustling with shopkeepers selling tiny figurines of Lord Shiva, locals drinking tea in a thimble-sized cup and involved in interesting discussions, pilgrims walking barefoot through the alleys, the sound of birds chirping, the magical charm of this place is simply irresistible. Here are some reasons why you need to break the monotony of life and bask in everything this beautiful city has to offer.

Awestrucking view of sunset and sunrise: While sunset and sunrise can be witnessed anywhere, but in Varanasi, it is a little more special. Sunset and sunrise are two of the most important things that you mustn’t miss when touring the spiritual capital of India. When the glowing rays of sun fall on you at 5 am, all you’re left with is a feeling of absolute bliss. The breathtaking and mesmerising view of sunset after the evening aarti can leave you spellbound. You’ll spot people offering prayers to the sun god and the holy river during sunset and sunrise. A boat ride in the evening is a dream come true to many tourists and photography enthusiast. The playful rays of the sun making beautiful contrast alongside the ghats will make you fall in love with this ageless city. Varanasi is a great place where you can simply admire the indescribable view of this oldest city and lose yourself in its magnetic charm.

Ganga aarti on the Ghats: Visiting the city of Varanasi can be an overwhelming experience for you at first. But there is indeed one thing that will always keep you calling to this charismatic city of Sadhus (sages). The aarti of the holy river Ganga on the Ghats which soothes one’s soul is one of the main reasons why people from across the world come to this holy land. The pleasant fragrance of incense burning nearby the temples and the ghats will take to another dimension free from stress and worldly possessions. People taking a dip in river Ganga, kids running across the ghats, fisherman catching fishes, snake charmers showing their skills, womenfolk offering prayers and floating candles in the river are a real treat to the eyes that cannot be felt anywhere else.

Banarasi saree and handicrafts: Famous for Zari and brocade styled embroidery, Varanasi is also loved by people for unique Banarasi saree and handicrafts ranging from brassware, copperware, ivory work, glass bangles, carpets, wood and stone to name a few. One look at these amazing items will make the shopaholic inside you buy them. As funny as it might sound, this is also the reason that compels people from every nook and corner of the country to visit this mysterious place.

Mouth-watering street food: If you are a foodie who loves to gorge upon street food then there is no place better than Varanasi to relish spicy delicacies. The narrow lanes of Varanasi brimming with small shops selling a variety of street food like pani-puri, pav-bhaji, aloo tikki, dahi bhalla, samosa, and pakodas will enhance your taste buds. Litti-choka is a popular dish without tasting which your trip to this heavenly place is incomplete. The famous pan of Banaras is something you mustn’t miss under any circumstance.

A deep insight into life and death: The complexity of life and death can be understood clearly once you step on the soil of Varanasi. Varanasi is a famous place where people in their final stage of life anxiously wait to get cremated. It is said that whoever dies or gets cremated here will attain moksha (salvation). Varanasi has its fair share of myths and legends that keep on attracting people from every corner of the world. Manikarnika ghat is one of the famous ghats where people wait in line to get cremated. Fascinating isn’t it? Varanasi is your one-stop destination to know about dharma, yoga, karma and other core philosophies guiding and shaping a man’s destiny and life.

Artist’s paradise: Another reason why you’d love Varanasi is the colourful and chaotic streets laden with interesting arts. Varanasi can be called heaven for artists who are seeking inspiration and yearn to sharpen their skills. Every corner of the city has its own tale to tell and if you are lucky enough, you might be able to discover some of the phenomenal artworks ever. It has some of the fascinating galleries showcasing different artworks that you simply won’t be able to resist visiting.

Relaxation and Spirituality: Varanasi is a retreat to those seeking relaxation in life and wants to understand their life from a fresh perspective. People from all over the world come to this place to seek the age-old wisdom written in our Vedas and other religious books. It’s a great place to invoke your spirituality and sort out the messes of life without worrying about the past, present and future. If you seek a break from your hectic life, then you might find this place ideal to travel.