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7 Breathtaking Places In Spain You Must See Before You Die

Often dubbed as a paradise for love birds, Spain is not only one of the most visited countries in Europe but utterly captivating holiday destination that it may actually be hard for you to decide where to head next! From lip-smacking food to vibrant culture, deep rich history to dramatic landscapes, you’ll find this European country hard to miss out on. All the places in Spain offer plenty sights for tourists to see and hundreds of things to do while enjoying your Mediterranean vacation.

No matter whether you are a beach lover or mountain lover, Spain has everything rolled in one. So even if you are choosy about destinations to explore, you will be surprised with things Spain has to offer. The magic of this country is so powerful that you’d want to come back time and time again. Every nook and cranny of this country is practically pulsating with passion that you simply cannot resist visiting it. But if you are unsure where to go while on a trip to Spain– read on to discover best known places to explore in Spain.

  1. Valencia

Barely four-hour drive from Madrid, Valencia is the beach town of Madrid and all for good reasons. It pride itself for being one of Spain’s greatest achievement in modern architecture including the Ciutatat de les Arts i les Ciences. Every year, in August, the small town of Bunol holds the biggest battle of tomatoes ‘La Tomatine’ wherein people throw tomatoes at each other and indulge in hilariousness the festival offers.

Malvarrosa beach must be visited when holidaying in Spain and you’ll get to know what true bliss feels like. Enjoy medieval castles and modern tower as you explore winding streets of Valencia. Take a tour of central market and feast upon delicious Paella. Beaches in Valencia are unspoilt that are an absolute treat to your eyes. You’ll not only have a splendid time here, but will get tons of things to take inspiration for life.

  1. Granada

The city of Granada boasts its nightlife and is absolutely gorgeous place to enjoy music, dance, booze and food. It is an ultimate place for party animals where they can revel in the pulsating environment and obsess over drool-worthy Spanish delights. The place is blessed with snow-capped mountains, cobblestone streets and magnificent ancient castles and fortress that you’d feel as if you have landed into some other time where everything appears like a fairy tale. Alhambra will make you enjoy a spectacular view of the city.

Besides the palaces and party places, you’ll also feel an Arabic influence pretty much everywhere you go. This is because Granada was once a historical capital of Muslim Spain. Just outside the city, there lies Sacromonte, visiting which you cannot resist as you’ll find white caves built into hillside where once gypsies thrived and music and flamenco dance got its wings. When you feel like taking a break, sit down to an unrushed meal at nearby restaurants overlooking Alhambra and mountains blanketed by snow.

  1. Seville

Seville is a quintessential Andalucían city brimmed with sun-soaked plazas, alleyways, Moorish monuments and buzzing bars.  Head to the Cathedral of Sevilla and immerse yourself in the beauty of one of the largest churches in the world. In case you fancy seeing royal palaces, Real Alcazar would be the best place to be. There is so much of history and culture when exploring Seville. You can also try your hand at traditional flamenco dance and tap your feet to Spanish music. Stroll through lush green gardens if you want to breathe fresh air. After a delicious Spanish dinner, remind yourself to enjoy some popping nightlife that the city is so famous for!

  1. Toledo

On your trip to Spain, you wouldn’t like to just visit famous places and see equally famous monuments, right? Heading to Toledo will add spice to your vacation in Spain. It is the perfect place for adventure seekers as it offers a plethora of options in terms of adventurous activities. Moreover, it’s also an outstanding place to learn some Spanish history, art and architecture dating back to the Roman Empire. The main Cathedral is a popular UNESCO World Heritage Site built in gothic and baroque style. Besides that, there are plenty of shops to buy souvenirs for your loved ones.

  1. Ibiza

Groovy music, sensuous dancing and festivities that last all night, this is probably how we can describe Ibiza. The party capital of Europe, Ibiza must be on your travel radar as you explore Spain. Known for its wild and crazy nightlife adorned with mega clubs, beach parties and boat events, Ibiza is a dream come true for party animals. As you visit the island, you’ll forget sleeping since there are loads of things to do and see that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Ibiza has more to offer other than partying all night. You can swim in the turquoise water or soak vitamin D on its unspoiled beaches and relax yourself.  Ibiza is packed round the year with tourists, but don’t let this fact make changes in your travel itinerary. You’ll love getting your blood pumping while soaking in the sun and racing around the wide-open ocean.

  1. Barcelona

The most favourite city of tourists, Barcelona is not only interesting but full of characters. There are so many sights and experiences to explore here that it’s okay to be confused. From historic gothic architectural marvels to sandy beaches, arts galleries to mouth-watering food and nightlife to culture, there is no dearth of things you cannot do in this city. Admire the work of Gaudi at the Sagrada Familia. Immerse yourself in the thrill of hiking up to Mt. Tibidabo. Take a long walk along La Rambla to soak the vibe of the city. For a more relaxed day, kick back at Barceloneta beach. Free your adventurous soul by indulging in parasailing, hot air ballooning or helicopter tour of the city.

  1. Madrid

You cannot but visit the capital city of Spain, Madrid whose charm cannot be described in words alone. Loaded with posh locality, sophisticated shops, long boulevards, and world-class soccer team, Madrid is the heart of Spain. It is also an awesome place for some outdoor adventures and fun. You can go on rock climbing excursions, soar through the air on a paraglide or admire the city below from a hot air balloon. A tour through the Palacio Real, the official residence of the Spanish royal family is worth spending time. On your way, you see impressive artworks by some renowned artists like Picasso, Goya and Van Gogh at different art museums and galleries.