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The Best Airports in the World Globetrotters Can’t Ignore: Sneak Peek into Top 10 Airports

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We all have heard of the saying ‘first impression is the last impression’, whilst this may not hold true for everything but it definitely works on the airports across the world. A traveler gets the first impression of a country through its Airports. Airports especially international ones are judged by all in terms of cleanliness, service quality, food and shopping options aside from the ease of travelling they provide. If you fancy international trips, you must know about the top 10 airports in the world so that when you stumble on one, you can get the best of it- from shopping to food, relaxing lounge facilities to healthy conversations with strangers.

This list of best airports in the world illustrates the most fascinating airports that put luxurious 5-7 star hotels to shame. They are the ones where you’re practically guaranteed to start your adventurous journey on the right note. Open your eyes and walk past these airports through pictures or plan your travel gig to capture these remarkable airports (both in terms of jaw-dropping infrastructure and impeccable services). Here are the top 10 airports around the world you can add to your international travel bucket list.

Singapore Changi Airport

From seven years in a row, Singapore Changi Airport is reigning over the airports around the world. The iconic 10 story mammoth of entertainment complex anchored by world’s largest indoor waterfall makes it the most appealing and happening airport in the world. On top of that, butterfly gardens, movie theatres, rooftop swimming pool, open air-deck, restaurants, and shopping outlets adorn the airport thereby loved by all who travel to Singapore for a laid-back vacation or those waiting for their flights and wish to have a dreamy layover. Singapore Changi Airport with its futuristic services, artistic wonders and cleanliness has earned no.1 spot in the Top 10 airports list.

Tokyo Haneda International Airport

Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) has earned the moniker of being the world’s cleanest airport and is by far one of the most spectacular airports in the world. Haneda Airport is a popular port of entry for business travelers and tourist with compelling infrastructure, efficient services, and glittery shops selling everything from books to jewelry. The eating joints at the airport serve the best cuisines of the world, a taste of which will linger in your mouth till the end of time. 

Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport is the main airport of Seoul primarily serving two main airlines- Korean and Asiana is also regarded for spacious VIP lounges, an indoor skating rink, a cultural street where you can enjoy cultural dance and local cuisine. With an array of delightful shopping and dining options, this magnificent airport is well placed in the list of the World’s top 10 airports.

Dubai International Airport

Surpassing London Heathrow Airport, Dubai International Airport is one of the most-busiest airports in the world handing 100+ airlines every day. The airports have dozens of amenities like food court, prayer rooms, duty-free shops, comfortable relaxing rooms, VIP lounges etc that will keep you busy that you won’t even notice how time flew by during your layover. Dubai is a magnet of a destination that keeps pulling travelers from every nook and corner of the world. Dubai International Airport gives you a tiny peek into what this fabulous place has to offer.

Hong Kong International Airport

Recognised for its fantastic infrastructure, presence of luxury shopping brands, IMAX theatres, nap rooms, premium lounges, indoor golf club, spa and other remarkable services, Hong Kong International Airport is counted among the best airports in the world. Home of one of the top-rated airlines in the world ‘Cathay Pacific’, the airport connects 40+ destinations of mainland china alone. The airport has been awarded as world’s best airport dining and world’s best airport immigration service. Hong Kong is one of the hottest destinations in the world with vibrant nightlife, exotic clubs, shopping centers, temples, street food and so much more. The sheer beauty of Hong Kong International Airport will compel you to capture the lively environment on your camera.

Munich Airport

The International Airport of Munich is one of the largest airports in Germany with splendid services, shopping retail outlets, great lighting, decorations, selection of food, cozy atmosphere, and premium lounges enchanting travelers looking ahead to their adventurous journey. There is so much to do in the make sure to click insta-worthy pictures at the airport. It’s a perfect airport for a stopover where you can relax in the comfortable nap rooms or explore the premises of the airport and shop cool stuff for your loved ones.

Doha Hamad Airport

Talk about the best airports in the world, Doha stands apart from the rest for its uniqueness and awesome services. Home to the famous ‘Qatar Airways’, Doha Hamad International Airport has the most architecturally significant terminals in the world with infrastructure that is simply outstanding and give neck-to-neck competition to the luxurious hotels in the world. The airport has several amenities and services including- exclusive VIP lounges, child entertainment zones, shopping brands that enhance your overall experience of travelling.

Amsterdam Airport Schipol

Amsterdam Airport Schipol is a vast, modern, and international air transport hub with duty-free shops, premium lounges, awe-strucking interiors, ample rooftop area to dine, restaurants and bookstores, all the necessary ingredients needed for an amazing stopover. It is the most beautiful airport with outstanding architecture competing with even the top hotels in the world. The services rendered by Amsterdam Airport Schipol is simply commendable so much so that you won’t be able to resist visiting the country again and again only to get exclusive perks given at the airport. Don’t be surprised if you have already started researching for Amsterdam travel.

Zurich Airport

The largest international airport in Switzerland, Zurich Airport connects the dreamland of Switzerland to the rest of the world. It is home to one of the most luxurious ‘Swiss International Airlines’ and is known for utter cleanliness, extremely comfortable nap rooms, grand lounges (not a joke!) with bars, duty-free Swiss chocolates and so much more. The lively environment of the airport is must to capture when on vacation to this ethereal land. The airport also offers bicycles on rent service to the passengers who are there for a layover. Zurich Airport is one of the contributing factors that will make you want to visit this place time and again.

Tokyo Narita

Located outside 35 miles of Tokyo, the capital city of Japan, Narita International Airport is a major hub for All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines. The airport renders phenomenal security services apart from efficient management. You can find people shopping their heart out in the premises alone, passengers devouring yummiest food across the food stall present at the airport. The vibrant buzz of the airport is maddening. Comfortable rooms for relaxation, clean rest rooms, endless dining options, entertainment facilities make it all more appealing that you’d feel as if you have entered a high-end mall. No doubt, it has been included in the list of top airports in the world.