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Andaman & Nicobar Island Travel Guide!

Andaman and Nicobar Island Cover PicHow about an attractive, peaceful and pleasing trip to an island? Summers are here and those who are not meant for this hot weather and starts melting due to heat would definitely read this. Don’t let the fence become a weakness, rather cut it off and move out of the boundary. We are talking of the spectacular Andaman & Nicobar Islands which is located in Bay of Bengal. Andaman & Nicobar Island Travel Guide is here. Let’s go!


All About Andaman & Nicobar Islands : Facts about Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands are also called ‘Mini’ Islands. The place is a group of 3000 islands with surreal beaches for vacation, which means a heaven for Beach lovers. The charming place has lush green forests and coral reefs, marine life is seen here extensively to increase the charisma of nature. Andaman and Nicobar Islands are best for travelers, family trip as tourists as well as honeymoon trips. If you haven’t seen this, put it in your bucket list and go for this beautiful place.


Days of Trip.

Not recommended for a short holiday, more days is equal to more fun in Andaman & Nicobar Islands!


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How to reach the place?

  1. By Air: Direct flight to Port Blair from Delhi Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore which takes about 2-5 hours.
  2. By Ship: Sailings from Chennai, Vizag & Kolkata which take about 60-70 hours.


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Where to reach?

Port Blair is the capital of Andaman & Nicobar Island where Plane or the ship will arrive.



  1. The travellers who plan to make it for the first time must take anti-vomit medicine to be on a safer side.  
  2. You might experience heavy rain in Andaman Islands, be prepared for it!
  3. As per census, Andaman & Nicobar Island Crime rate is less, but still we advice you to be careful and alert.


Where to stay?

  1. If you have good budget, its great as good hotels with good service are your thing.
  2. If you want to cost-cut and relax, that is also great as you can also stay at ECO Huts which are clean and very basic and non-AC.


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Best time to visit in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

The best time to Visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands is.

  1. Summer time- July to September.
  2. Monsoon time- July to September.
  3. Winter time- October to March.


Destination to Visit!

Once you reach Port Blair, you will be in a different aura of beautiful and amazing view of water and greenery once you come out of the plane or ship. Settle your luggage and bags in the hotel and get refreshed for the tranquillity and undisturbed journey you are going to have.

Port Blair has a then cellular jail & now a memorial to Indian Independence activists which is a touristy place to start with. Then you have Viper Island to chill in the beach near crystal clear water or Corbyn’s island which is just 7Kms from Port Blair. Some other Islands are.

Cellular Jail

  1. Havelock Island (Largest Island in Andaman. Must See!).

  2. Jolly Buoy Island.

  3. Ross Island.

  4. Little Andaman Island.

  5. North Bay Island.

Andaman & Nicobar places.

These are the best place to let go the fatigue of the travel. More places to satisfy the wanderlust are.

  1. Chidiya Tapu– It is a famous tiny village which is just 25 Km from Port Blair. The speciality of the place are Birds and lush green forest. Corals are seen in the water.
  2. Andaman Water Sports Complex– This is also known as Rajiv Gandhi Water sports complex which is near to cellular jail. The complex has various activities to do such as sail boating, parasailing, paddle boating, water scooters, rowing, water skiing and much more.
  3. Gandhi Park– As the name says, it is a park with full greenery including amusement rides, water sports.
  4. Sea Link Adventures– The Sea walk on the place is mind boggling as you would be going under water with oxygen cylinder and the life guards. Fishes, corals and other sea creatures can be seen. The colourful under water life is what you would have ever wanted to be in. You could have been in there if you were a mermaid!


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Andaman & Nicobar places

Things to do at Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

  1. Scuba Diving.

  2. Sea walk.

  3. Snorkelling.

  4. Trekking

  5. Kayaking.

  6. Andaman Dolphin Glass Boat ride.

  7. Coral safari.

  8. TSG Bella Bay.

  9. Trip to Barren Island.

Everything here is so much fun that you will not even get time to think where the time flies. These are some all-embracing views you will experience!

Something new in Port Blair.

TSG Bella Bay

TSG Bella Bay is the latest travel product that has launched in the islands. It is a 2 hours luxury dinner in cruise with the amazing nigh view of the islands. It takes 138 people at once and makes the experience memorable. This is done all through the week, so you better go to this ferry and fill your stomach with food as well as the panoramic views of mainly Ross & North Bay which are south Andamans. Fulfilling & exciting short tour!


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Fun Facts about Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

Rs. 20 Note.

  1. 20 Rupee note shows scenery from the place, if you ever noticed! This is a place in Andaman which is parallel to the Rs. 20 Note. Interesting much?

Rs. 20/- landscape.

  1. The main language spoken in this exotic destination is Bengali followed by Hindi, Tamil, Telegu & Malayalam. That’s a fact!

Biggest Turtle

  1. This is a place for marine turtles to nest and World’s largest sea turtles. It is huge, something never seen!

State Animal

  1. Every country has a national animal or Bird. Guess what these mini Island has! A state animal which is a gentle sea cow, people also call it ‘Dugong’. This is also the ‘Angel of the Sea’! You got to see that!
  2. India has only one active Volcano called ‘The Barren Land’ which is in this gentle Island. Chartered boat or ship is the way to go and experience.

The international feel of this place is awe-inspiring. This is a family destination and you can come in groups also. The place is perfect for honeymoon delight too as it gives proper privacy if romance is in your mind. Having spa, peaceful strolling on beaches, go under-water and adventures, luxurious cruise dinner, perfect landscapes, that’s what we all long for! So what are you waiting for? Make a plan as… Far away is far away only if you don’t go there. Have a safe journey!