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Exploring Best Winter Vacations In Europe- Winter Destinations That Will Haunt You Forever!

The magical charm of winters makes everyone bask in merriment. It is especially true to Europe when the continent gets a new lease of life. Europe makes a magical winter destination to travellers with Christmas around the corner, snow-covered cities, glittering frost, warm good smell of hot cookies being baked, kids throwing snow at each other jauntily, their infectious laugh, the cheerful environment transforming the land into a living fairy tale.

These places are so ethereal during winters that one visit to them wouldn’t do any justice. You won’t get tired of exploring these places as each of them have their own story to tell and interesting history to be known. The enchanting land of Europe is no less than a Pandora’s box when it comes to spending winter vacations. We bring you the best winter holidays in Europe that will bring out the child inside you and take you back in your childhood memories.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a city that comes alive during winters. The glittering lights on christmas trees, sound of carols, kids building a snowman, people sipping hot chocolate, frozen lakes, cobblestone alley, snow-clad peaks, houses covered in snow make it look like a scene of a typical Disney movie. If you want to enjoy a memorable winter vacation, then Prague is one city that you must consider. There are ample of activities to revel in- sightseeing, castle tour, sledge ride, wander along Saint James bridge, café hopping, challenging your taste buds, relish the traditional wine, or you can simply lose yourself in the beauty of the city while sipping a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Free your soul and take a tour of ghostly Peal of bohemia- a medieval town in Prague where the movie “hostel” was shot, book a train ticket on your way back to the hotel to see the best Prague has to offer.

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you wish to make your winter vacation a special and memorable one, then Copenhagen will not disappoint you. The place gets spellbound during winters when snow starts falling and covers everything getting in its way. Moreover, in winter you get a plenty of discounts on accommodation, shopping, and basically everything which will make you fall in love again, if not already. The view of the city with roofs dusted by snow, cobbled streets, colorful buildings, Ferris wheel, kids enjoying ice-skating, vintage cars, and people basking in the festivities presents a beautiful picture. If the sugary aroma of cinnamon cookies and pastries, beer in big mugs, freshly baked doughnuts, roasted almond chocolate and several drool-worthy dishes doesn’t call out to the foodie inside you, then you are missing something big in life.  Copenhagen is also a paradise for foodies where they can dive into the lip-smacking savories and stop their sweet-tooth’s cravings.

Bergen, Norway

Bergen in Norway is a place that has the power to charm you with its vivacious energy in winters. A perfect winter escapade, this coastal city has all the ideal settings needed to enjoy an unforgettable winter vacation in Europe. Snow-covered streets, chilled weather, scenic harbor, wooden buildings, view of pine-clad mountains, the aroma of freshly baked gingerbread cookies will make you go nuts. Not only this, during peak season, you can count yourself blessed enough to see bewitching northern lights from your eyes. The place is loaded with fun activities like- hiking through the woods, bask in ice-skating, gorge upon scrumptious food to calm your appetite, take a tour of the city and shop endlessly to enjoy your perfect winter holidays in Europe. It is no wonder that Disney got its inspiration for the movie “Frozen” from Bergen. One visit to this magical city won’t be enough to quench your travel-hungry soul.

Lake Bled, Slovenia

A vacation in Lake Bled is dream come true for many. The view of majestic castle standing tall amidst the alpine lake during snowfall is truly spellbinding. Lake Bled is also an ideal romantic getaway to reignite the spark in your relationship with your partner. During winters, it gets a new life which is a perfect setting to click some postcard pictures and selfies. To put an icing on your vacation, don’t forget to indulge in Bled cream cake by the edges of the lake. Lake Bled is a place where you can walk around the lakefront, spend romantic time with your beloved, and hop on a boat to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the place.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Drenched in the festivities of christmas and new year, Edinburgh is one place where you should be heading next for your winter vacation in Europe. Outdoor concerts, remarkable fireworks, and traditional Scottish dance are reasons enough to book a holiday in Edinburgh. Winters bring magic in the air of Edinburgh when people come out to celebrate new year festival with full zeal and exchange gifts, children build snowman and dance around it, café’s and bars offer unlimited beer and whiskey in large mugs, Edinburgh castle wakes up in its full glory, and the highlands calling out to travelers seeking solitude.

Budapest, Hungary

Exploring Budapest in winters is the best thing you could ever do in this life. Thermal baths, grand cafes serving drool-worthy dishes, history-rich museums, magnificent architecture, relaxing spa’s, frozen Danube river, picturesque views and pulsating nightlife are enough to satisfy your soul. Hopping café’s and indulging in the best sweet dishes ever is something not to be missed when in Budapest. You can do plenty of things on your vacation to this enchanting land, be it- soaking up warm sun rays in winters, savoring hot soup or chocolate, venturing out to see famous landmarks and spots, pamper yourself in shopping, and take a long walk to soak the happy vibes of the capital city.

Tallinn, Estonia

The capital city Tallinn is unrecognizable in winters when the festivities are at full swing warming the heart of people, the breathtaking view of christmas decoration will mellow your soul and you’d want to bask in everything this magical fairytale-like place has to offer. In the spine-chilling cold weather of Tallinn, you can bring out the adventure junkie in you and experience the thrill of ice-skating, and snowboarding. After a hectic tour, nothing can beat a good sauna bath and spa. Watching snow fall is an absolute delight you can ever have. There are amazing café’s and pubs where you can drink beer like a fish. Tallinn is a must to visit place to have fun and frolic laced winter vacation in Europe.

Barcelona, Spain

If you want to spend your winter holidays in a less-crowded place, then there is no better option than visiting Barcelona. Barcelona celebrates new year with full energy that is unmatchable. The atmosphere during christmas and new year get throbbing when people come together to celebrate and revel in the beginning of a new year.  Here you can immerse yourself in the snowy stillness of the place. You can explore the wilderness and click memorable pictures to remember your time in Barcelona.

Transylvania, Romania

Home of Vlad- the impaler, Transylvania has always attracted tourists from across the globe. The fascinating legend of Dracula keeps on calling travelers to this place. No matter how scary the Carpathian mountain may look while venturing to this place, the adrenaline rush you get is incomparable. Transylvania is your go-to winter destination if you are a big fan of mystery, vampire, myths and legends. If you are up for a thrilling holiday, then you should visit Transylvania in winter when fog engulfs it.  Luckily, Transylvania is comparatively cheaper than other winter destinations in Europe where you can unravel the mysteries all by yourself. Don’t be surprised to see majestic castles and cathedral with gothic architecture that is deeply embedded in the soul of Transylvania.

Sicily, Italy

Being the only region in Italy with the influence of Arabian, French, Greek, Byzantine, and Spanish culture, Sicily makes a perfect winter vacation to spend quality time with loved ones or simply some “me” time. The place experiences mild winters giving where you can easily catch some bewildering view of sunset and sunrise, or taste the authentic local cuisines, or simply walk around and explore the place. The magnificent view from Mount Etna cannot be described in words. If you love the countryside, then you’d love Sicily too.