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Astonishing Places Hidden In Plain Sight That You Would Have Never Noticed, Until Now

Just because a place seems convenient to reach, you often settle for experiences that you either have had before or because you friends made you change your mind. Doesn’t it get boring when you visit a place over and over again? If the charm of clichéd destinations has worn you out, then why keep on torturing yourself and others to explore those places? Why not embark upon adventures that challenge you and bring you out of your comfort zone? Why not explore places you’ve never considered before?

Now that doesn’t imply that it can only happen when you trek to the mountains or convince yourself for scuba dive or bear the scorching heat of sun amidst a desert or take a road trip that fuel your adrenaline rush. There’s so much more to adventure and fun than these things. Here are some fascinating local attractions that’ll boggle your mind and give you a gentle push to explore unchartered and offbeat places in the world to understand real meaning of thrill and adventure. This way you’d not only embrace the local culture of that place but will get the memorable experiences the place has to offer.

  1. Forest Tower, Copenhagen

Merely one hour’s drive south of Copenhagen, there is a unique structure that gives visitors a splendid view of entire city. Forest tower in Copenhagen is a nearly 150-foot spiral tower that is nestled in the Gisselfeld Klosters Forest and provides visitors a sight to behold. The spiral walkway let people climb 140 meters above sea level and soak the breathtaking vistas of nature adorned with rolling hills, lakes, wetlands and meadows. Besides that, there are other things to enjoy that gives one a heavy dose of adrenaline rush. Visitors can enjoy treetop climbing and aerial zip lines among other adventurous activities. The new treetop walk and observation tower are part of Camp Adventure that provides ample of activities to enjoy while exploring the place.

  1. Ski Dubai Penguin Experience, Dubai

If you love penguins, you can not only see them for real but interact with them too! And for that, you need not make a trip to Arctic because, in Dubai, you get a close encounter with these cute little creatures. Ski Dubai offers a 40-minute meet-up with the most adorable penguins in the world. While Dubai has tons of great options to offer to a tourist, Ski Dubai is often missed by them. Watching penguins frolicking and swimming around the pool through underwater viewing windows is fun of another level, don’t you think so? Moreover, you get to learn a great deal about penguins and why they need to be protected.

  1. Micro Art Museum, Amsterdam

Your visit to Amsterdam is incomplete without the Micro Art Museum. This unique museum literally proves that seeing is believing. Exhibiting a vast collection of microscopic artwork, this museum is a must-to-visit place when exploring Amsterdam. The collection consists of portraits, skylines on grains and seeds and insect wings, 3D pieces of art from gold , hair, platinum and other objects so tiny that you cannot see with your naked eye. More like you need a microscope to see the collection displayed. The artists have breathed a new life to these tiny artworks that simply bewitches one’s mind. Imagine the painstaking methods used by them to carve an art of such a microscopic level. It’s something out of the world for sure and one thing you mustn’t miss out on.

  1. teamLab Planets, Tokyo

teamLab Planets in Tokyo offer visitors a unique ‘body-immersive’ experience wherein their entire body becomes immersed in the art and the boundaries between them and the artwork vanishes. The museum consists of 4 vast spaces at centre and 7 artworks. The artworks include floating in the falling universe of flowers, swirling neon galaxies, lush tropical forest, and mid bending effects. You’ll be wading through deep water in some places and enjoying splendid motion if the art as you pass through 7 digital effects.

  1. Zotter Chocolate Factory, Shanghai

The closest real life version of ‘charlie and the chocolate factory’, Zotter chocolate factory in Shanghai will take you back to the world of willy wonka and dive into a rich and tempting ride full of chocolates. There are liquid chocolate foundations, plates stacked with an assortment of chocolates and tasting parlor. Now who in the world wouldn’t like to indulge in this kind of experience? Just remind yourself to stay starved till you reach the spot.

  1. Fragonard Perfume Museum, Paris

Nestled in Paris 150 meters away from the Opéra Garnier, you will find a museum that will awaken your senses and olfactory memory. Fragonard perfume museum is unique of its kind and is absolutely worth a visit during your stay in Paris. The museum is named after a famous painter of Grasse ‘Jean -Honoré Fragonard and showcases various and precious perfume and related objects (including raw materials’ dating back to the 20th century.

You can create your own cologne by participating in the workshop and also discover the world of fragrance through a set design combining ancient archives, artefacts and videos. Don’t forget to wander around and take in the fragrant aroma and learn a few secrets of the trade. Lastly, do not miss the bottles made by famous early twentieth-century glassmakers in collaboration with haute-couture houses for Fragonard.

  1. Holyrood Distillery, Edinburg

If you happen to visit Edinburg, chances are that you might not even have included Holyrood distillery in your itinerary until you have come across this post or recommended by a local. The distillery was once used as railway goods shed. Considered as a heaven for alcohol aficionado, the distillery let you enjoy a whiskey tasting experience to challenge you taste buds. But the fun doesn’t stop here. Fresh and invigorating Gin and tonic will swirl your mind. Sniff, swirl, taste and see if you can pick out the different flavours used to make each spirit and find whether it is sweet, smoky, spicy or fruity. Moreover, you can also customize an entire cask or single malt to your taste and get hands-on experience of spirits tourism.