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Cleanest Beaches in India You Won’t Be Able To Resist

If you think that India doesn’t have a single beach left that is not polluted, then you couldn’t be more wrong. India has its fair share of clean beaches that are competing with the best ones in the world. Travelers and tourists these days are turning their attention towards the incredibly clean beaches in India that offer them a sanctuary for solitude. 

From adventure to total tranquility, these beaches have got everything covered that you might need, be it- peace of mind, relaxing holiday or romantic getaway.  These untouched and unspoiled beaches of India are perfect for those who want an escape from the chaotic urban life and seek a quiet vacation. They indeed are the cleanest beaches in India you will fall in love with.

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Island

Situated on serene Havelock Island in Andaman and Nicobar Island, Radhanagar beach is popular for its bright blue still water, coral views and grainy white sand. It is one of the most famous beaches in the world and has once earned the moniker of being “Asia’s best beach” by Time Magazine. The beach can easily be reached by the government and private ferries that run between Port Blair and Havelock. It’s a well-maintained beach with changing room facilities and bathrooms.

The refreshing air of Radhanagar beach is pristine enough to soothe your soul. Here you can enjoy sea bathing, and sun-basking to rejuvenate yourself. It is also a favorite spot of honeymooners where they get to spend some quality time amidst nature and capture everlasting memories.

Radhanagar beach is one of the ideal places for photographers to capture the breathtaking tropical setting and the best nature has to offer. Radhanagar beach is indeed an exotic beach that will certainly live up to your expectations.

Kalapathar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Island

Yet another beach located on Havelock Island, Kalapathar deserves a special mention in this list of cleanest beaches in India. The beach is named “Kalapathar beach” as it is surrounded by the big black rocks and lush forest that enhances its enchanting beauty. Kalapathar is sparsely populated and serves as a haven for those seeking solitude. Mesmerising greenery, fresh oxygen and clear turquoise water add beauty to the beach. However, caution is advised when visiting the beach as the rocks are very sharp and can hurt you seriously.

To make the most of this place, you can rent a bike or four-wheeler. Since the beach isn’t much swarmed with tourists therefore, you won’t find trash on it. The authorities keep checks on the cleanliness of the beach. This makes Kalapathar beach one of the cleanest beaches in India. On a lazy day, you can take a swim here or simply soak vitamin D. 

Marari Beach, Kerala

One of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in India, Marari beach in Allepey district is no less than any foreign beach. The hypnotizing landscape, greenery, backwaters, gives the magical feeling of being in a place filled with serenity and peace. Indeed a paradise for nature lovers, this beach is a gem that makes you stress vanish the moment you step on it. The beach isn’t commercialized yet and is in the crude form that is extremely appealing. This might be the reason why its maintenance is left to nature. One visit to Marari beach will make you yearn for more opportunities to visit it again.

Baga Beach, Goa

Baga beach is a lively beach packed with action and thrills. Even though the place is visited by an ample number of people, yet it is no less than the best beaches in the country in terms of cleanliness. Baga beach has it all when it comes to a place where one can seek adventure, relaxation, solitude. You can enjoy water sports, parasailing, sightseeing, sunbathing, music or fine dining at the fancy local restaurants on the coast. The rich ambience, culture and exoticness of the beach are enough to give you a perfect vacation vibes. The unforgettable taste of mouth-watering seafood will surely add great memories to your trip.

Agatti Island Beach, Lakshadweep

Agatti Island in Lakshadweep is famous for its coral reefs, sparkling blue water, marine life, and dense flora and fauna. It is one of the best places to swim in the world. You can enjoy water sports like snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving and much more. The place is a treat to the eyes of wanderlusts looking for a place to feel the ultimate bliss. To experience the delights nature has to offer, you need a special permit to reach this island.

Agatti Island Beach is one of the few beaches in the world that are not flocked with people. The island is utterly clean and the environment is so pristine that you will lose yourself in the warmth of nature. The beach is not commercialized yet which is why it has been successful in retaining its magnificent natural beauty.

Yarada beach, Andhra Pradesh

Situated on the west coast of Bay of Bengal, Yarada beach needs no introduction when it comes to cleanliness. This beach is considered among the secluded beaches in the country where you can enjoy your privacy. The lush green forest, grainy brown sand and the sound of the water hitting the shores will make you forget your worries. Untouched by human interaction, Yarada beach is a treat to those looking for a perfect getaway from the messes of life and yearn for peace of mind.

Gokarna Beach, Karnataka

One of the most secluded beaches in India, Gokarna beach is also counted among the cleanest beaches in India. If Goa seems a bit overcrowded to you, then this beach will take to back to the glorious days of Goa where all of its beaches were unspoiled. It is a hidden gem of a beach that is not yet popular among the crowd. Gokarna beach is the only beach in the state where swimming is allowed. The place is ideal for relaxation and comfort one seeks from the busy routine of life. The spectacular view of the sunset from the beach is certainly a sight to behold.