You are currently viewing 10 Largest Malls in India 2018 that put smaller ones to shame!

10 Largest Malls in India 2018 that put smaller ones to shame!

It feels stupendous to roam around in huge mall with decorated interior. You can roam around deluge of outlets and mass of people hither and thither. What if you knew all the 10 Largest Malls in India 2018 and visit them to discover new things. You can do shopping and can also window shop for a while. India has manifold of malls, small and big, with oodles of ways to have fun and enjoy with family & friends. These malls are worth putting them in you bucket list. Check them whenever you have a chance to do shopping from here. Here are the largest malls in India which must be visited whenever you travel to the cities.

Top 10 largest Malls for fun and Best Shopping Experience.

1. Lulu International Mall in Kochi.

Lulu International Mall

Lulu Mall in Kochi, Kerela is all about fashion, food, fun, film and what not. The mall, built on 17 acres of land, has anything and everything to offer, just say the name! Different events are organized in the every mall. Lulu shopping festival is enjoyed where biggest sale of the season is relished. It gives you different offers on multitude of entertainment activities and gives you a reason  to be happy and frolic.

Lulu, also, has a Online shopping store which delivers items at home from grocery to mobile and electronics. The place has a footfall of around 80, 000 and is a premium tourist destination in KerelaMore reason to visit Lulu Mall? well, it is one of the 10 Largest Malls in India 2018. The name of Lulu mall has been put in Asia Book of Records & India Book of Records.The mall employees, at mall premises, lit Diwali lamps to pay tribute to the soldiers.


2. Select City walk in New Delhi.

Select City

Select city Mall in Saket, Delhi  comes in 10 Largest Malls in India 2018. This mall gives you a lifestyle which includes fine-dine, entertainment, leisure activities and everything you want. The Mall is covered in around 6 acres of land with long multiplex, offices and public spaces. The Select city was started in the year 2008. The growth and fame of the mall has just increased since then. Big brands like Charles & Keith, Armani, La Senza, Mango, Zara, Tommy Hilfiger and so many famous and big brands has been sticking to the place. thousands of footfall at the mall is the proof of the fondness of it.

You can spend hours of your time here while going to different outlets of clothing, buying. You can also just window shopping will make you happy. Your hunger pangs after long time of shopping can be put to an end in food court which has every cuisine you would want to have, just name it! You have cinema theatre, spa centres, gaming places and everything you require to spend the day and create memories with family and friends. The outer area of the mall is decorates in festivals and bands are also seen performing the mall. You would love the time spent here. Come and have fun!


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3. Phoenix Market City in Mumbai.

Phoenix Market

Gone are the days when people used to go to gardens and parks to entertain themselves on holidays. This is the era when throng of people move to Top malls in India all around the world. The reason is that malls has everything at their reach, from entertainment section to clothing, food and relaxing section. In a place like Mumbai, it is impossible ‘not’ to have such kind of malls, in fact Mumbai has more malls than any other city. You can go to Phoenix mall and spend great time.

Even if you do not have any more nerves to roam, you can just have caramel & cheese popcorns, sit somewhere you see people and just enjoy the view.  Phoenix market city in Mumbai is must visit when you visit ‘the city of dreams’ or else your trip is incomplete.


4. Elante Mall in Chandigarh.

Elante Mall

‘The City Beautiful: Chandigarh’ is as beautiful and clean as it can be. You have so many places to go in Chandigarh like Rose garden, Rock garden, Sukhna Lake and much more. You have ‘Elante Mall’ in Chandigarh which is considered one of the Top malls in India. Spend hours and hours with your friends and family. Moreover, you can do enjoy shopping and the quote of ‘Shop till you drop’ might become true here. When you visit the place, get everything here from pubs and bars to cloth outlets, restaurants, food court, BlueO bowling and video gaming center. You can watch events at the place from International to local, watch movies at Cineplex, be it Punjabi, Hindi or English. Different offers are provided so you enjoy the best time here to create memories. Elante Mall in Chandigarh is highly recommended for friends, family or office colleagues.


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5. Phoenix Market City in Chennai.

Phoenix Mall, Chennai

Chennai is a beautiful place to visit from Beaches to temples, museums to national parks and churches. Phoenix Mall in Chennai is one of the must visit place where you can enjoy the time to be with friends and family. You can pass your time by doing leisure and entertainment activities. You don’t get to know where the time passed.

The Phoenix Market City was started in the year 2013 and is one of the largest mall in India. The mall has 11 screen multiplex, Luxe cinema, IMAX theatre and you can do crazy things which feels delighted to go through. Mall is decorated when there is any occasion or festive season going on. Different events and festivals are celebrated and the mall is decorated from all the corners. The view of the mall at night is breathtaking and amazing along with some band playing live music. This can be the best vacation you spend in Chennai.


6. Fun Republic Mall in Lucknow.

Fun Republic Mall


Fun Republic Mall in Lucknow is one of the largest mall in Uttar Pradesh. The mall is well planned and has a huge area with retail outlets, gaming zones and boutique hotels. If you are going from private car or any other vehicle, park it in the parking area. The footfall of people on weekdays are high and weekends are higher. You will enjoy the time spend here to the full with different brands available, amazing food court and variety of cuisines.


7. Mantri Square Mall in Bengaluru.

Mantri Square Mall, Bengaluru

The capital of Karnataka, Benguluru has many places to roam and many beautiful places to visit like Christ University. Bengaluru, also, has one of the greatest mall in India which is Mantri Square Mall. This which is most delightful places for tourists and locals, as well. From eateries to clothing, from accessories to footwear, everything is available here. For kids, you can have sports games and soft toys also. Books section and buying gifts is easier for the people. Have something to eat when you feel tiresome of roaming all around. The mall offers everything you can even dream of. You must visit the Mantri Square mall in Bengaluru. When you visit there, this can prove to be your best vacation destination.


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8. Sahara Ganj Mall in Lucknow.

Sahara Ganj Mall, Lucknow

Sahara Ganj Mall is one of the major shopping districts which is in the ‘city of Nawabs’. This mall comes in 10 Largest Malls in India 2018. You can have all the possible brands here with great interior and architecture inside the mall. If you have your own vehicle, you can park in the parking area. Otherwise you  can get cabs from the mall easily and local transportation is running every time.

You can enjoy every brand in this largest mall including Reebok, Guess, Lee Cooper, Pepe & Rado etc. Big Bazaar, Pantaloons are also available at the mall.  Clothes of men and women, both can be purchased. After all the tired time during shopping, you can sit relaxed in the food court. You can have your favorite cuisine  and different outlets and enjoy with friends.


9. Z Square Mall in Kanpur.

Z Square Mall in Kanpur

The shopping mall in Kanpur is one of the 10 Largest Malls in India 2018. The mall has more than 150 national and international brands. The one is in the most expensive areas at the Mall road at Bada Chauraha Crossing. The mall has everything one would need, people from all walks of life come here with age no bar. All amenities like escalators, travelators and lifts are available for the people. Banks, market places, government offices nearby and every necessity is available here.

The Z Square Mall in Kanpur is a great place to hangout for friends and family. You can find the place decorated and with oddles of lights in the mall and it looks awesome at night. You must visit this mall which can make your vacation go the best vacation.

10. Neptune Magnet Mall in Mumbai.

Neptune Magnet Mall in Mumbai.

Mumbai has plethora of malls but after Infinity and Phoenix, there is Neptune Magnet Mall in Mumbai which has to be seen and visited by tourists as well as locals. The mall in Bhandup, Mumbai has 6 towers, 22 stories which is a must sight to see. The mall has brands like Biba, Jack & Jones, Only, Vero Moda, Pepe Jeans, Spykar, Woodland, UCB, Marie Claire, Beverly Hills Polo Club, Donear, Louis Phillipe, and Van Heusen and what not. After all the shopping spree, you can go to food court which is Mumbai‘s biggest two level food court.

The growth of malls in India has spread so swiftly, you can see a mall in every small or big city. India has come to the level that the top 10 Largest Malls in India 2018 are searched on google in heavy amount. The good thing about these malls is that it gives full satisfaction to the buyer. People can also come and chill with friends. These are the largest and most awesome malls which offers you everything you can dream of. Travelling in mountains, deserts, forests in different places is becoming common. when you want to have a relaxed yet fulfilling day, you must visit these malls. These great malls will give you the best experience ever.