You have been hearing Lake Como in the tabloids because of the celebrity weddings happening there and you might wonder why the great aristocrats leave all the places in the world and choose Italy to go for a romantic spree. Whether it is a romantic first honeymoon, a mini-honeymoon or simply getting time off of the regular humdrum to spend those memorable private moments, Italy has always been people’s favorite land that entices romanticism.

But Lake Como has not been the only place where you can make promises in the lap of the region where amalgamation of nature and human history along with its evolution take place. There are other beautiful lakes throughout Italy where you can spend some romantic time.



One of the largest lakes in all of Italy, Lago di carda is a charm to the tourist eyes and a beautiful destination in this state. Situated between Brassica and Verona, it attracts a lot of tourists all the time of the year. Considering Verona, the homeland for Juliet has an interest in a lot of visitors in Italy. There are a lot of means of transport to reach the captivating shores. You can choose between bus, train or ferries or you can simply combine them.

Being the largest lake in the area, you can choose between visiting the northern shores to southern shores and simply see the change in the culture of the villages situated on the shores. Plan a relaxing trip to Garda Thermal Park where you can soothe your body a little bit, or simply treat yourself with few of the best Italian wines in the world. And if by any chance you are a fan of literature and travel then you are most welcome at the home of the Great poet and writer Gabrielle D’annunzio

The colorful houses on the side, the trailing cart which goes over your head gives you a complete look at the landscape which Lake Carda is. But above everything, you would like to stay here for a while for its engaging views and tranquility that it brings to your heart.



Colorful houses on the side and falling mists from the mountains feel like a white giant engulfing the profuse flora of the steeping mountains. That is how I would define the winter beauty of Lake Maggiore. Apart from the breathtaking views that this lake offers, there is a lot to explore in the mainland.

You would love the group of smallest islands which Borromean island is with one big island enough to settle a hotel and two smaller islets for exploration purposes. Stay at one of the leading resorts of the lake that STRESA is. A stay here can make you in the middle of the buffet of dance, singing, clubs, restaurants, and other cultural events followed by the cable car ride.

Enjoy the fine diner at the local stay at the fashion capital of Milan for just an evening as you might want to return to the serene experience which the botanical gardens of Verbania offer. A sunlit afternoon among the tulips can freshen up your soul.

Get a taste of history by roaming around the castle of Rocca D’ Angera which can brighten up your eyes with frescoes, walls, paintings, architecture, etc, or have a stroll in the nearby museum of toys and dolls. This would also offer you a terrific view of the lake as it is situated on the topmost mountain in the region.



If you have already visited Lake Maggiore, then take a one day leap to visit Lake Orta which is scenic in its ways. For the people who are the sky, gazers can simply be astounded by the beauty that Lake Orta offers irrespective of the season in which you visit this land. It has also been called The Cinderella Lake by the local Italians considering the tourism that it follows as it is a kind of hidden gem in the lap of Italy.

A treat to the eyes and perilous meditation to the soul is what a visit to the Benedictine Monastery is. Apart from the visit, you can talk to the local nuns as well for some guidance. For hiking lovers, lake Orta is a paradise as you can climb up to the Sacro Monte and relax your sore muscles by taking a hot bath at Orta Beach Club.

You might unexpectedly be a guest at a wedding if you will visit the yellow marveled churches as local weddings take place here. But if you are a literature lover and might find yourself writing a few lines amidst the beauty of Orta, then the festival of literature and art is the perfect food for you. Italians have been known for their creation of stories on papers, but something equally magical that they are lesser known for is their gelato. You would love to delight your taste buds with double scoops of gelato at Pan Vino.


Lake Como has been brought on the map of the world by the celebrities or shall I say the power couples of the entertainment industry. Whether it is a four-day celebration of the Clooney marriage, personal affair marriage of Deepika and Ranveer, or before that of Virat and Anushka, Lake Como is one Italian destination which has not only been common among all but been favorite out of every other wedding destinations in the world. But what is so special about Lake Como? Let’s find out.

Lake Como could be a celebrity favorite but it is mostly quieter than any other tourist spot in the world. Maybe because it is mostly a home for the wealthy and aristocratic population of the world. Many power couples have bought a full-fledged property here considering the beauty that this region of Italy proves to be. But apart from the one in a million villas that you can explore here, you can stay at equally beautiful Muchosol.

For the different places, follow the high tower in the east which signifies Lecco an architectural wonder on the shores of the Lake, and compliments the reflection in the water with white walls and mountains in the background. Moving on to Clorico where you can perform adventure sports like paragliding, water surfing, etc. The Villagio will give you beautiful flowers on the railing with stone carved balconies and floors.

Take a ferry to visit Varenna for the picturesque village, on the opposite of the Bellagio coast, or simply turn the ferry to Tremezzo to visit the old nineteenth-century gifted palace to the Charlotte of Prussia. This castle becomes a must-visit for its aesthetically pleasing walls and freshly meadowed gardens. After that, you can have a stride in medieval times by visiting Menaggio in the remains of the castle which is located on a small distance to a local village.



Situated on the Italian speaking land of Switzerland, Lake Lugano is more than beautiful if we talk about the natural beauty that it holds. Furthermore, the aura expands by the man-made artistic creations that this land is armored with. It is known as the glacial lake situated between northern Switzerland and southern Italy. Hence, it has the beauty of both Swiss and Italian culture.

Lugano lakefront is a spectacular view both in a day with high mountains and sunlit waves dancing on the water surface and the nights when the little lamps on the borders give it an artistic view. Settle down with your partner on one of the wooden benches on a full moon night and I promise that would be a memory for the soulmates. Be fascinated by the colors in the village of Gandria and simply enjoy the milky waterfall of Gole della Breggia.

For more adventure-loving hearts, step on to the para-gliding spree at Lugano and have a top view at the mountains and location around. If you are afraid of heights, you can just visit the Monte Tamaro which is an adventure park for ground-level fun or play with water at swim and splash. Follow the path allocated with olive trees with your beloved and move towards the sunset at Monte Bre. Spend one whole day of shopping at a Fox town and for a relaxing evening move towards Parco Ciani.



Another romantic and memorable spot is around Lake Iseo I understand when you think that you haven’t heard of it and that makes it even more untouched and more private than any other beaches in Italy. Located in the home of Milan, in Northern Italy. So if you are looking for a lesser crowded spot for some alone time with your partner, visiting Lake Iseo just after visiting the fashion capital of Millan would be one hell of a getaway.

A must visit is the Monte Isola which is a separate small island in the middle of the lake inhabiting almost 2000 people and you can roam around with a local bus. What you will find on your bus ride exploring around is a country in itself filled with churches, sanctuaries, flora, fauna, and freshly prepared wine to taste in the countryside. How does that feel like for a mini- honeymoon?

And when your attention moves towards the water, look out for sports like kayaking, windsurfing, wakeboarding, stand up paddleboarding, swimming, diving, and fishing. When you are tired, look for a luxurious stay and a stomach full of delicacies in the older towns of Sulzano, Iseo, Sarnico, Louvre, etc. Visit the vineyards of Franciacorta, the Pisogne Tower for a fine touch of history and the church of Santa Maria for a touch of serenity.