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12 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid When You Are Travelling With Your Partner

Newly married couples get super excited when planning their first trip together (which is normal by the way) that they often forget certain aspects of travelling as a couple (from behaviour to handling stressful situations) and suffer uneasiness. Your first time together as a travelling couple is meant to be comforting. The struggle of travelling can overwhelm you and your partner if these basic mistakes are avoided. So lovebirds, this is your chance to strengthen your bond the way its meant to be. With the tips given, you can easily step out of your comfort zone with poise and grace it demands and enjoy your vacation. Don’t be that person who’s partner complain to his/her friends about the struggle that your trip went through. For the sake of travelling, do ensure that you have got what it takes to make your partner feel loved, comfortable and upfront. We bring you the rookie mistakes you need to avoid when you are travelling with your beloved.

Not Planning Trip Together: Imagine a scenario where your partner has booked for a trip to Egypt without consulting you when you had wished for Prague. The result would either be an argument or compromising both of which are going to affect your relationship. Planning a trip together has profound advantages. You not only get to know each other’s preferences but get to know likes and dislikes. This way you can check if the destination offers everything both of you wanted and enjoy your vacation the way you have imagined. Another mistake on this front is planning an over-ambitious schedule. Keep your schedule easy and simple so that you can cover places without exhausting yourself and your partner.

Compromising: If you like something, let’s say ‘watching plays’ that doesn’t mean that your partner will also like that. So why force him/her to engage in something that he/she will resent later. You should rather ask him/her to explore things by himself/herself (it isn’t as bad as you imagine). Compromising in a relationship put a strain on it which is like extra baggage you’d not want to add to your first trip together. It’s totally alright to do things you love rather than just accompanying your partner for the sake of it. Try to rid yourselves of expectations and enjoy your trip with one another. If there are conflicting ideas and neither of you are willing to budge, spend some time apart there is no harm in that.

Not Discussing Budget: People don’t always have the same budgets and we all like to spend our money differently, so things can go awry when you don’t talk about the budget before you hit the road with your partner. It’s a good practice to discuss budget with your partner so that you both can spend money wisely and enjoy your vacation without any money constraint. Always keep extra cash for emergencies though. At the end of the day, everything comes down to communication. So be open with your partner about money and budget.

Arguing over little things: Relationships demand efforts, patience and tons of love, but we often forget that fighting is also an imperative part of it. A small argument can sometimes stretch to a greater extent and might spoil your mood when you are on a vacation. So you’d naturally want to avoid arguing over little things to sail your relationship’s boat. You don’t want to be a couple who fights in the middle of the market and earn unnecessary attention of strangers. To avoid such awkwardness and embarrassment, you can calm yourself down and have a mature conversation with your beloved whilst listening to their point of view. This way, you’d show that you care about your partner and want to make him/her happy no matter what. Try to put yourself in other’s shoes and talk to your partner to wipe off misunderstandings.  

Sticking to Smartphones: Call it selfie obsession or Smartphone obsession, but you know where are you going wrong if taking selfies matter to you more than taking time to know each other. If you take your work to your vacation, how are you even expecting your partner to enjoy? It’s not wrong to click pictures on a trip, but it’s not fair either to ignore the place and your partner after all this is supposed to be fun vacation. The best you can do is put your phone down, avoid social media and forget about life back at home and live in the moment with your partner.

Not giving time to rest and relax: Exploring more and more places in a short amount of time can be exhausting for both you and your partner. You’d not be able to enjoy the places and on the downside end up making your partner anguished. To make the most of your trip and enjoy each other’s company, you should give yourself and your partner a breather. Take a day off only to stay at the hotel and doing nothing but relaxing and talking. Who says that’s not fun anymore? If you think so, you definitely need to do that with your partner.

Falling into local scams: Scams have become an integral part of tourism sector. There are conmen and thugs waiting to pounce on couples who have no idea of the place. It is more likely that you’d get caught in their trap and ends up paying a fortune for even the cheapest things available there. If you encounter someone providing you goods or services that sound too-good-to-be-true, then move away from such people. Who knows that the taxi driver offering you a tour of the city actually intends to do that or not? Don’t be a victim of scams and research beforehand.

Overpacking: Overpacking is the most common mistake couples usually make as they think that they would be wearing outfits for all occasions and pack tons of it. Reality is that most of those outfits would not even see the light of the day and will remain tucked. Overpacking turns off your mood not to forget the backache it gives. Besides that, you’d not want to pay a hefty fee for extra baggage. So, before you head for your destination, pack wisely and don’t load your suitcase with unnecessary attires or accessories.

Avoiding the company of others: While there is no problem in spending time with your partner, there are times when things can go awkward (as it can be exhausting at a point to be together always, personal space matters a lot). You don’t want to be a couple who is always too much into themselves. Exchanging views and having friendly-chat with other people is goof exercise to understand each other more and know everything about your partner’s behaviour. It’s actually fun to talk to fellow couples and have some cool evening and hearty conversation over dinner.

Overspending: Money is the centre of problems that can make your travel experience a sour one. It is especially true to situations where you go overboard with shopping and your partner has to suffer the consequences. Forgetting the tabs on who is spending more can create misunderstandings. Which is why, you and your partner should keep tabs on the receipts. 

Ignoring personal space: Many couples don’t realise the importance of giving personal space to their partner. While it’s natural that you’d want to make your trip memorable and impress your better half, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore giving yourself or your partner a little space to do your/their thing. Let’s say if your partner is not keen on visiting nearby local market, you should let him/her be and go on your own. Giving personal space is an indicator of your healthy relationship with your partner.

Not assigning duties: Assigning or sharing duties is a healthy practice you and your partner can get involved it. This way you both would not only do things easily but also avoid headache of taking all the responsibility. Remember that travelling together doesn’t always mean that one partner has to overload himself/herself with responsibilities. You can talk it out with your beloved and give him/her the opportunity to create the trip he/she desires.